EMT® 250 Classic Electronic Reverb

EMT® 250 Classic Electronic Reverb

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EMT® 250 Classic Electronic Reverb

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H. Gutierrez

June 18, 2012

Never worked with the hardware version but names of the presets are a bit useless. I've recorded at Oceanway studios, but what exatly does that mean as a preset name? is this a good vocal preset, drum preset, or guitar preset? Same thing with the others.
It's best to just learn how to manage the parameters and avoid using the presets altogether, or you;ll find yourself going down the list everytime.
Good reverb though.

F. Rottier

March 29, 2013

So nice!

Contrairement aux Lexicon 480L et 224 que j'ai vues et entendues dans de nombreux studios, je n'ai jamais rencontré l'EMT 250... Et c'est bien dommage car avec son séduisant design à la "Star Trek", elle surprend par la beauté, la richesse, la diversité des sons et la simplicité de ses commandes.
J'ai un véritable coup de foudre pour ce plug-in d'une remarquable élégance sonore...et visuelle.


L. Tupý

January 13, 2013

oh yes

Super also for short reverbs. He filled my expectations

R. Boyd

February 5, 2013

i would love to review

i would love to review this product but my authourization doesn't work....and i paid for this product .....fun.....not so much!

M. Pagani

July 31, 2013

EMT 250

I do not use it yet, working with PT 11 wating AAX version

M. Abou-Alfa

October 11, 2015



I would like to publish my new song I dont love you no more online. I used the EMT 250 in Logic Pro X here is the link for the video :


Who wants the Preset can PM me.

M. Abou-Alfa

October 11, 2015



I would like to publish my new song I dont love you no more online. I used the EMT 250 in Logic Pro X here is the link for the video :


Who wants the Preset can PM me.

P. Coutin

January 13, 2015

Excellent but...

Like most of the stuff from UD. Too bad those guys didn't find a way to make us able to simply get rid of the plug ins we don't use, This would be elegant, And a time saver...

R. Elizondo

January 14, 2014


Great Reverb!!! A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

J. Vlahakis

November 16, 2017

Simply Brilliant Reproduction

Back in 2001, I was brought in from New York to engineer a record at studio time had forgotten in the heart of Cleveland. The studio was built in the mid 70's and it's last gear update was probably in the early 80's. Among the vast array of vintage gear in the facility, there sat a device that resembled a space heater with gear shifts on it. I was not familiar with it until the producer I was working with patched it in. It was almost immediate the way that my ears took to the sound of this unit. The reverb was able to sit so musically in the mix; the shimmer complimentary to all the surrounding instruments in the mix and it just seemed to reach corner to corner in the spectrum. The sound stayed with me for many years and while I tried to justify purchasing one, the availability and price tag made it not possible.... until now. While on the phone with a Universal Audio rep, I was informed of its upcoming release and I bought it that day. I found the old recording from 2001 and went back and forth, comparing the two. It was happening all over again... love at first listen! GREAT JOB UA!

Authorize the demo, blend it in with piano, acoustic guitar, vocal or my favorite application, a snare drum.

Finally... buy it!

Hope this helps anyone interested in this software.
Johnny Nice

R. Invernizzi

October 14, 2017

THE reverb!

This plugin is THE reverb. Amazing sound. very natural and powerful.
Also with chorus, echo and everything you need for ambient sound.
I use this with everything: guitar, bass, voice, drums... Everything in my mix. AMAZING!!!

UAD User

September 27, 2017

Pure and 100%

Absolutely awesome. Great emulation.... love it on snares and guitars.

UAD User

September 16, 2017

User friendly

I own most all of the UA verbs. This is my go to verb now. UA you did it again. T Stephens owner of The Family Room Studio

R. Cox

September 8, 2017

the best

simply put, this is the finest reverb ever made in my opinion! Of course I never owned the original unit but if you can not use this plugin and get amazing tones, you are doing something wrong! Simple and elegant. what more do you need!

B. Kearney

September 7, 2017


All the glitter and depth of the hardware. Well Done!


September 3, 2017

Very great !!!

This reverb is very very great !!! My next purchase on the site UAD !!! Thank you very much for this work !

J. Alanis

August 28, 2017

an amazing reverb classic

I cannot find a bad setting on this reverb... Everything is usable depending on what you are working on but you will find at least 2 or 3 settings for what you are working on. I like how it fits with the music you're creating. It's never overwhelming what you are doing... Love it!

UAD User

July 28, 2017

emt 250

awesome ...

A. Bouchard

July 13, 2017

Great for that nostalgic sound

I got this because it was a great part of the last records I made with Blue Oyster Cult but compared to some of the other reverbs I have like Real-verb, it's a little plain. Still I use it when I want THAT sound.

S. Gough

June 10, 2017

Creative Reverb

Not your run of the mill reverb. Good for the weird effects. It can do natural well but shines when you push it to its limits with the modulation effects and such.

21-40 of 240 Results