EMT® 250 Classic Electronic Reverb

EMT® 250 Classic Electronic Reverb

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EMT® 250 Classic Electronic Reverb

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H. Gutierrez

June 18, 2012

Never worked with the hardware version but names of the presets are a bit useless. I've recorded at Oceanway studios, but what exatly does that mean as a preset name? is this a good vocal preset, drum preset, or guitar preset? Same thing with the others.
It's best to just learn how to manage the parameters and avoid using the presets altogether, or you;ll find yourself going down the list everytime.
Good reverb though.

F. Rottier

March 29, 2013

So nice!

Contrairement aux Lexicon 480L et 224 que j'ai vues et entendues dans de nombreux studios, je n'ai jamais rencontré l'EMT 250... Et c'est bien dommage car avec son séduisant design à la "Star Trek", elle surprend par la beauté, la richesse, la diversité des sons et la simplicité de ses commandes.
J'ai un véritable coup de foudre pour ce plug-in d'une remarquable élégance sonore...et visuelle.


L. Tupý

January 13, 2013

oh yes

Super also for short reverbs. He filled my expectations

R. Boyd

February 5, 2013

i would love to review

i would love to review this product but my authourization doesn't work....and i paid for this product .....fun.....not so much!

M. Pagani

July 31, 2013

EMT 250

I do not use it yet, working with PT 11 wating AAX version

M. Abou-Alfa

October 11, 2015



I would like to publish my new song I dont love you no more online. I used the EMT 250 in Logic Pro X here is the link for the video :


Who wants the Preset can PM me.

M. Abou-Alfa

October 11, 2015



I would like to publish my new song I dont love you no more online. I used the EMT 250 in Logic Pro X here is the link for the video :


Who wants the Preset can PM me.

P. Coutin

January 13, 2015

Excellent but...

Like most of the stuff from UD. Too bad those guys didn't find a way to make us able to simply get rid of the plug ins we don't use, This would be elegant, And a time saver...

R. Elizondo

January 14, 2014


Great Reverb!!! A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

D. camani

June 15, 2018

Amazing !!

Amazing reverb!!!

田. 雄祐

June 14, 2018



C. Alfaro Gomez

June 13, 2018

Una reverb especial

Fácil de usar.Un sonido espectacular.Añade algo especial.Un 10.

D. Perini

June 1, 2018

EMT 250 is alive!...

I think EMT 250 reverb is a must have plugin...

C. Mays

May 20, 2018

Covers one of your Essential plug needs

Reverb is one of the essential plugs. Its one plugin that gets used on virtually every mix, every session. The EMT is as good as it gets. To my ears it is the best emulation of any reverb I have tried. 30 years in the studios working on all kinds of gear. I had used many of UAD products through work systems and when I set up my own system for mobil recording the EMT was the first additional plug purchase I made from UAD. Without hesitation. I Love it

K. Takeuchi

May 18, 2018

Simple, Easy, Effective

Operation is so easy and intuitive. Yet, I feel that each FX adds some “musical” atomosphere to the sound. Simply love it.

A. Kalugin

May 10, 2018

Easy to Go - One for the Show

Really impressed by this unit - easy to use - great sound and depth - heard a lot not positive feedback , but in a period of time i realized that i use it even more often than Lexicon, EMT 140 or mighty AMS16. So, overall , nice sounding and user friendly Reverb! Recomended!

高. 弥歩

April 20, 2018

A thick sound

It is the same as EMT 140 and it is also very natural.
Although not bad, I think it is more difficult to set than EMT 140.

R. Agnello

April 13, 2018

EMT 250 Bliss

I spent many years working out of a very popular Malibu, Ca studio and the EMT 250 was our go to reverb, next to the EMT 140 plates among countless racked outboard processors. We used it on just about every album and it became my standard that I was always trying to reach for in the years since. I finally broke down and bought the UA plugin version after moving to the Apollo interfaces and was not disappointed! My ears are finally satisfied once again! It does a great job of emulating the lush, musical and detailed sound without cluttering a mix. It adds a smooth and natural beauty to sounds to put them into a very nice space. It does several other effects well but to me the reverb sound is an industry standard heard on countless albums right up there with the other most popular plates and Lexicon units. This reverb will not disappoint!

H. Grosskopf

April 3, 2018


when I saw the EMT 250 Reverb device the first time in real around 1977, during recording sessions of ASHRA`s most successful album "Correlations", we where joking that that strange machine was an oil radiation heater. It surprisingly turned out to be the first digital reverberation machine in history of studio recording. Its sound was unique and fitted perfect into our German cosmic space sound. The more I'm surprised to own that incredible bitch these days as a plug in. It does what it had done in the late Seventieth. Smooth and clear! Love!

UAD User

April 2, 2018

the coolest reverberator UAD

The solution to all my problems

21-40 of 269 Results