EMT® 250 Classic Electronic Reverb

EMT® 250 Classic Electronic Reverb

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Customer Reviews

EMT® 250 Classic Electronic Reverb

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81-100 of 240 Results

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V. Salvaggio

December 27, 2015


This plugin is the breath of life in my mix, the glue to my soundscape, and flourish to my masterpiece! Just get this and you will thank me

M. Gasmi

December 23, 2015

Amazing reverb!

I may be one of those guys who have the largest reverb plugin collection, and I can see myself regularly coming back to the EMT 250. It has such a distinct clean sound with a perfect blend of early reflections (ER) and tail, and I suspect it is that perfect blend (with a slightly downgraded vintage sample rate) that explains why this reverb easily finds its way in your mix. If you are looking for a type of reverb that offers a space to your tracks without distancing them too far back or over-shadowing other tracks in the mix, then here you have it !

D. Delhaye

December 23, 2015

Subtle is key and it works wonders!

Software reverbs often disappoint me. This one works!
My favorite "audible" reverb still is the Lexicon, for the lush, long tail, sounds.
This one best feature is being subtle but yet creating a vast and wide space, without cluttering the low end and creating "fog" in the high mid and high end. Things thrown in keep definition!
It is very capable of a smaller space, "room" type of reverb, too.
I like how quick I get things right with it, very straight forward.
The chorus, echo and flanger are nice alternatives to what I have, but I find myself using other plugins for those purposes first.
My new go to reverb, and that's saying a lot :)

UAD User

December 22, 2015

So smooth, so easy

Great plugin for putting everything in it's space. Great for room reverb and quick and easy to make things "pop" in the production stage.

C. Chang

December 21, 2015


Best UAD2 reverb. Easy to use. Sound lush and beautiful.

A. Smith

December 18, 2015


I've only had one chance to use the real deal in my career and I have to say I'm speechless. But I could talk I could put something really special on it and make it killer!! Very pleased!!

T. Vines

December 16, 2015

Great classic reverbs and more

This is a great plugin emulating the classic EMT250 reverberation unit. There are many options and it is fairly simple to dial in your perfect sound solution for ambiance.

F. Kanuscak

December 15, 2015

Very Controllable

Dial it right in. No jackin around. No almost had it. Get it right the first time. Well worth it.

A. Rucker

December 9, 2015

One of the best!!!!!

Beyond one of the best re verbs Ive ever heard. Works with everything....

C. Stilwell

November 27, 2015

Best Reverb

Hands down best reverb I have ever used. I like using presets for reverb plugins and this comes with a wide variety that sound great. Controls are super simple to make my own sounds too, but I usually just adjust one of the presets. This is my go-to plugin around 90% of the time and I absolutely hate mixing without it now. Because of this and the other EMT plugin, I have the vast majority of my reverb sounds covered.

T. F

November 26, 2015

FAT !!

EMT140 is fatter compared with EMT150.
A necessary plug-in.

T. Laskowski

July 2, 2015

Very smooth and lush reverb

Amazing technology for its time! It kind of only has "one" sound, but that sound (reverb) is simply stunning! I love it.

K. Mooney

April 19, 2015

Grande Reverbious

Simple, elegant and effective reverb in a great signal chain. At this point this review is redundant to all 173 that have come before but, I couldn't resist piling on. Oh yeah just try and beat the price point for this plugin. You can't!

A. Gusihin

March 23, 2015

Александр Гусихин

Very nice reverb! Very satisfied! Studio not fungible thing! The only thing that can be said about the ins company - a little expensive in the price! A first-class processing quality!

C. Gilreath

January 21, 2015


I've tried many reverbs but the EMT-250 is the best I've heard. Thanks again UAD.

C. Gilreath

January 21, 2015


I've tried many reverbs but the EMT-250 is the best I've heard. Thanks again UAD.

M. Marantz

January 16, 2015

Can't believe I didn't buy this earlier

Sometimes, simplicity is what you want. I'm not sayin this box sounds simple, but it's simple to use! The quality of UAD is the highest available in digiland. This plug is no exception.

I already had Lex 224 and was looking for a reverb that wasn't quite as obvious or metallic sounding. I love my Lex 224 and it gets used all the time. It's just I do a lot of acoustic music and sometimes you want something a little less obvious, a little more transparent. The EMT 250 does that in a clear, beautiful way.

I love how easy it is to dial in the timing of the verb, and the filters are simple to get a good sound fast as well. The tone is, in a sentence, spacious without taking over a mix. Very clean, and gels everything together wonderfully.

S. Popyk

January 14, 2015

Very Good Reverb

very good reverb
- Vocals, constantly, main vocal reverb on mixing
- Drums (Snare, Toms) sometimes can not replace fungible emt 140 :))
- Heard well in the mix but nothing prevents
- Gives a good volume but does not slide into the background vocals
- Very good effects of the additional - chorus and delay!
Bought after testing, replace than others failed.
still waiting for a discount coupon and buy a EMT 140 :))

S. Ghadaban

January 14, 2015

Honestly a great reverb!

Concernig reverbs I should admit that I'm spoiled by my hardware reverbs Lexicon 300, Eventide DSP-4000 and RSP Intelliverb. But this plugin nails the plate sound. It sounds very smooth and hardware like and closes the gap between my warm sounding Lexicon 300 and my crisp sounding DSP-4000. The UAD EMT-250 is very beautiful on vocals and percussion and on synths too. Great job guys...5 stars!

S. Mcvitty

January 13, 2015

I L O V E This reverb

Just buy it!............................................

81-100 of 240 Results