EMT® Classic Reverb Bundle

EMT® Classic Reverb Bundle

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EMT® Classic Reverb Bundle

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P. Effamy

December 3, 2013


This reverb has a beautiful tail to it, really smooth. Very easy to use. The 250 and the Lexicon are the big-hitting names names but for me and my studio partner this out-performs both of them. It's a real joy.

K. Hopeton

December 2, 2013

Classic as It is

The wonders of sound , the feel of the past that expresses the definition of today ,, that is the EMT 140. A magnificent reverb I use on my reggae tracks...

M. Muniz

November 30, 2013

Great Reverb!

I've never used the original EMT 140 unit to compare the hardware to the software. What I will comment on is how great the reverb sounds and how EASY and FAST it is to dial in a great sound for your source. By far its the best Verb I've used to date. Great job UA

D. Hiett

November 30, 2013

time machine extrodinare

this is a great emulation of a funky reverb unit that must of made the engineer feel like the wizard of oz or willy wanka pulling these magic levers. everybody loves this plug for its short ambience and thats cool but its capable of so much more. this and the 140 you could honestly retire reverb searches and just sit back and make beautiful music. do it.

M. De

November 28, 2013

emt 140

Thanks uad for this fantastic plugin.
The EMT 140 reverb is very natural and help me in all my
Project . In acustic music he make a natural ambient
And he have a lot of controls for develope my creativity
I like very much the final space effect in the mix .
The presets are very accurately and have helped me
in many situation.

R. Sheridan

November 23, 2013

Must have!

Great on snares, guitars and vox. Must have for anybody's collection!

K. Oki

November 8, 2013

The Real and Fantastic Reverb

I have a lot of reverb plugins, Waves, Sonnox, Overloud, IK multimedia and more.
And I had used to insert the Sonnox reverb especially.

Now I've got the UA EMT 140.
This is the most beautiful, just Real and Fantastic sounds.
The density and width are great.
I'll continue to use this reverb on Vocals, Drums.

R. Rettura

November 4, 2013

good verb

probably not much versatile reverb, sure the king of classic reverb!
To create a great sound, to particular emphasis of acoustic instrument, this is the right verb!

L. Sempio

November 4, 2013

The main Plate

I have different native reverb plugins (algorithmic, and convolution) and I used many hardware one's live and in studio (tc electronic, lexicon, ...)

I wasn't going to buy this plugin because I was quite satisfied with what I have;
when I bought my uad-2 duo I got an offer to have this plugin and the neve 88rs for free and I asked UAD to exchange the emt for a fairchild 670...
the gave me both for free!

thank god they did!!!

I just love this plugin

I'm the kind of guy who likes to read manuals and understand and tweak every parameter, I didn't felt the need of doing so with this plugin it just sounds sooo good "as is": just choose a preset and try to change plate model, predelay and decay time and you're there

B. Biles

October 22, 2013


I'm very familiar with the EMT 250 from days gone by and this emulation is right on the money. In my world, things either work or they don't. The UAD EMT 250 delivers.
The only issue that I have is that I font have the ability to select Outputs 1 and 4 as my outputs of choice. (they were the most de-corrolated)

T. Seike

October 18, 2013

This is wonderful.

This machine makes my sound very calm.
Higher Frequency than Lexicon, I like this.

P. Garcia

October 13, 2013

Good but not great

Not so amazing as everybody says, but a good reverb.

S. Guthre

October 12, 2013

EMT 140 Reverb

I am just getting to a point where I can hear and realize how different reverbs used in the same MX adds a sense of individual space to the inputs I apply it to. The EMT 140 is a very clear/open sounding emulation and adds a distinctive sound.

As an FX send with specific panning to the opposite (180 degrees) side from a mono input really adds depth without the mud that I have experienced using stock reverb plugins. Stock digital plugins give you the reverb but don't have the unique artifacts that UA tends to nail with their analog sounding plugins. The presets are all I'm using so far. It takes a while to really "hear" everything that's going on. One thing I would like to see: the setting NOT be set to wet upon initiating it. Thanks

A. Eriksmoen

October 12, 2013

The best

This is the best plate reverb plugin I've ever heard, hands down. Finally a verb that I don't "notice" in the mix.

G. Noteris

October 11, 2013

Nice multi FX

The reverb part of the plug is really special. A very "light" kind of sound that have the ability to become almost unoticeable in the mix. So if you want to apply a lot of reverb on a source without muddying your mix this unit really is a must.
As the EMT 140 this unit is very easy to use. 4 parameters only but a lot of different results.

The chorus part is really nice too. It can be very large and rich while supporting a mono reduction without sounding weak and phasy.

The echo/delay part is nothing special.

The space part doesn't compete against the Eventide Black Hole... but this is not an everyday FX.

The reverb only would get 5 stars from me !

G. Noteris

October 11, 2013

Rich sounding reverb

This unit produces rich and dense reverbs.

The plug is very well designed so that you can setup the sound quickly with very understandable parameters (not always the case in reverb units !)

If you're looking for a warm sounding reverb for your guitars/horns/vocals/snares/keyboards then you must try this plug.

The EMT140 is clearly unmatched in the plate category.

5 stars again for me.

A. Thapar

October 9, 2013

Great, I use it on every mix.

Great lush rever, The input filter is especially useful. The three plates all have a unique character. They all sound so good in different ways, it sometimes takes me a while to decide which one i want to use! It would be great if you could morph between them, seamlessly.

G. Vandy

October 9, 2013

Gary Vandy

The EMT 250 is the best representation of an actual hardware processor. Oh I am old enough to have used one on 2 albums. Great verb!

R. Kolar

October 9, 2013

One of the greatest plugins ever made

I am reverb stickler. I was ready to shell out a ton of money for a real EMT 140. God knows where I'd put it but I honestly couldn't find a decent reverb that matched up to a real plate. Until I heard this plugin. The difference between this and the real thing is minute. Amazing! Thank God for this. Between this and my Demeter 'Real Verb' hardware unit, I have all my verb covered. This is a MUST have plugin for anyone who has reverb taste and understands how much class and richness a great reverb can add to a track. Can't say enough how happy I am I finally have this. UA rocked on this one. And so many options and quite easy to use. Worth every penny.

B. Belovsky

October 8, 2013

Belovsky Productions

Very useful plug! Easy to work with. My tracks sounds better with Emt 140 by UAD. Combines well with every sound.

1061-1080 of 1394 Results