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EMT® Classic Reverb Bundle

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M. Angel

June 23, 2011

Perfect for all, it's one of my favorites reverbs...

B. Speer

June 22, 2011

This plugin is the reason I bought a UAD-2 system and it hasn't disappointed me at all! I use it on all my mixes from drums to vocals. I had the luxury of using a real EMT plate and this one sounds just as good, and I didn't have to put my wife out to make room for it! It's a home run!

A. Pozzi

June 21, 2011

I love it. That's in all my songs. I produce a lot of rock and blues so this vintage emulation it's very handy to me.

A. Greening

June 20, 2011

The best reverb plug-in I've heard so far! Not as many uses for the limited delays, but the verb sounds smooth, clean and BIG. Great for urban / pop mixes, it's now my go-to reverb.

T. Oestreich

June 20, 2011

We have an in-house studio at our ad agency and we have come to rely heavily on UA hardware and software plug-ins. The ability to create or re-create virtually any sound that we can can conceive of is a true freedom. We have especially fallen in love with the various reverb plug-ins including the EMT 140 Plate. In addition to the unique sound of the EMT 140 is the fact that we can non-destructively apply it to multiple channels in our mix which is impossible with the original hardware, especially with a unit like the EMT 140 whose plate enclosure is the size of a full sized mattress! We are huge UA fans, they help us sound like a million bucks!

S. Richter

June 19, 2011

This is my favorite reverb. You barely have to touch it to make it sound good. Even the default setting is great. Pretty much the only reverb I use.

D. Horoschak

June 19, 2011

This works great on drums... especially snare and toms when you want to add a little bit of air, but keep the warmth of the mix.

V. Gorlov

June 19, 2011

Deep & Warm reverb tail. Loving it to rich the sound.

S. Norge

June 19, 2011

This one goes to 6 on the scale. I don´t think I have done a project without this plug in many years. Extremely useful and full of character! Try it on guitars, snare, vocals and background vocals. Even together with other great reverbs (like PCM Native or Altiverb) it is still used frequently in mine projects.

J. Vawter

June 18, 2011

If you need to lay it on thick, the Lexicon 224 has an unmatched way of staying out of the way; for cool organic ambiance, the EMT 250 adds something special; but for a classic shimmer, warm or bright, the EMT 140 is just what you need. Every hardware 140 that I've used has had quirks, but this emulation thankfully sacrifices some of that for overall usability. For tracks that need a more natural, less-electronic-sounding verb, this thing can't be beat.

M. Voumvaki

June 18, 2011

Excellent professional sound.Works magic with my vocals. Easy to use as most of UAD's plug-ins

J. Garner

June 18, 2011

When I auditioned this plugin for the first time, I knew I had to have it. If you have a DAW, you need a UAD-2 with this plugin.

L. Alnesjö

June 18, 2011

My favourite reverb!!Gives you those classic 60-70's sounds without any muddying.
I actually bought my UAD-card to get a hold of this one.

S. Reichert

June 18, 2011

My favorite reverb until EMT250 was released as UAD-plug-in. Sounds a bit metallic as implied by the original technique this effect was engineered (a large metal plate). If you want to make your vocals sound like 60s on the reverb, here's your solution.

S. Reichert

June 18, 2011

Hard to believe that an emulation of a digital early 80s effect is the best sounding of all, with even more of a analogue-sound than other plug-ins that try to be analogue in the first place. My absolute favorite on vocals. Easy to adjust to your mix.

S. Smith

June 17, 2011

I use this reverb by itself on in combination with others on every project that requires reverb. I even use it to fatten up tracks that don't need reverb. It can do that.

It sounds great on everything from vocals to full orchestra mixes! I'm especially glad you moved the hidden controls to the graphical mode, because I really use the modulation component. It really helps to make this plug-in one of the finest reverbs I've ever owned, hardware or software!

I. Viola

June 17, 2011

It's been a great addition to my mixes, giving me space, Grandese in the sound spectrum. I really like this plugin and I hope soon to acquire the EMT 140.


B. Wolbert

June 17, 2011

A huge [by my taste] verb unit. Nothing to be used 'lightly' so to speak, as it adds a huge verb - which is a great think on more ambient/atmospheric tracks. I had a lot of fun running a simple patch&melody through this while it was being modulated for some groovy results. A huge and deep verb unit, but i tend to use it more for pads/strings/vox; not my cup of tea for snares/kicks as its just a bit too big in my opinion.

B. Brock

June 17, 2011

It is the perfect UA effect. Simple, single-purpose, great sound, easy to use.

J. Dicke

June 17, 2011

EMT 140 - a rare, classic & awesome-sounding unit, available for UAD 1 & 2.

Reverb is one of the important effect-categories in music-production.
The EMT 140 Classic Plate Plug-In is not only a faithful emulation of a classic and sought-after reverb-unit. It is a very useful tool, that with it´s own special sound-character makes you capable of finding not only the right reverb sound for your signal: You can also underline and enhance the original sound of the signal. Simply step through the EMT 140´s presets and hear what sound is the best for the processed signal in the mix. Then just do some fine tuning of the reverb-settings if needed - ready!

So the final conclusion for me is: A true plus for everybody, who is looking for not only a special reverb-sound, but also for a sound-enrichment, especially of vocals and other elements in a mix.

1361-1380 of 1442 Results