ENGL® E646 VS Limited Edition

ENGL® E646 VS Limited Edition

Unison Enabled

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ENGL® E646 VS Limited Edition

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C. Sundqvist

September 26, 2013


I had no high expectations when I read those first reviews. It took a long time before I tested this amplifier. But when I finally tried, it took me 30 minutes to be convinced. This is the guitar simulator I've tested that sounds closest to a micked amplifier. I had Nigel in mind but this is so much better. The sound is fat and not to much processed. A very good basic sound for mixing. Thanks Christer.

J. Alea

September 23, 2013

Engl baby

I really like the sounds that I can get from this amp sim. It sounds great distorted, but the clean sounds are also very nice. I use an EMG equipped guitar with this sim and it just really roars. If I am searching for a clean tone, then it can also do the trick.

I would normally knock down my review a STAR if the presets aren't that good (as is the case with this plugin) . So many presets setup with BASS on 10 is a little half-a$$ed, but I will let it slide because I like to make my own tones anyway and this sounds GREAT in the MIX which is SO important.

B. Hoener

September 9, 2013

Re-Ampers Delight!!!

Well, Last night I had the pleasure to Re-Amp with this Bad Boy! We track with 2 Mic'd
Cabs for our guitarist as well as a Dry track (Via Direct box) for each of them. Well I just put an Engl E646 VS on one and a Softube Marshall on the other and went to town.
What a Plethora of great guitar tones.
Thanks again UA, You Guys Rock!

B. Hoener

September 5, 2013

Especially Nice Getting Loud?????

I think thats what ENGL must stand for cause this thing ROCKS!!!!!
Once again, Thumbs up to UA and Brainworx for a great effort!!!

J. Daly

September 5, 2013

Excellent sound, buggy interface at the moment.

I love the tones I can get with this, messing with the signal chains is key to getting the sound I want to hear from this. It makes a massive change to the sound depending on the mic cab combinations used. The major problem at the moment for me is that channel switching seems to take a very long time, and in protools causes a cpu spike that kills the music. I can't really buy this till the bugs are ironed out, also it will be a lot more useful for live or even in the studio when the amp controls can be assigned to a midi foot controller via the console, rather than having to use the amp inside of a host.

B. Hoener

September 3, 2013

Apollo users Dream come true!!!

Well, I actually went and read the manual. I found out with the Apollo you could use your own Pre-Amp into the ENGL Power amp, or Use the ENGL Pre-Amp into your own Power Amp! How Freaking cool is that?? I'm gonna keep writing positive reviews of these Amps until the 5 Stars are where they belong!!!

B. Hoener

September 1, 2013

Lets set the record straight!!!

Sheesh, when I look at the other reviews and see one star clicked off it really ticks me off. This amp is Freaking Awesome and so is the other Engl amp. I think what others are comparing to are Amp sims that sound only like the amp. What they fail to realize is this is the Amp, Mic and recording chain into your DAW of choice, with the ability to have it auto toggle between recording chains while your song is playing so you can find the best Tone for the particular song your working with. If you want however to just sound like the other Amp sims out there, you can, it just takes a little tweaking!!!
If you use amplitube or some other Amp Sim your just going to end up tweaking the other way around to make it fit your recording.
Happy Nooding

I. Pinkhas

August 16, 2013


Presets are not very expressive. At the sound of a little brightness

P. Nevens

August 14, 2013

Tested this plugin @MusikMesse2013

I had the change to test this plugin @MusikMesse2013 and was blown away, now testing tis baby @home!! And still very impressed!!

S. Gilroy

May 18, 2014

History in the making

This is possibly one of the worst guitar amp simulators ever. Brainworx can't even get a
noise gate right. The noise gate on this thing has the worst decay I have ever heard in a
gate. All the blame is directed towards brainworx. I love BNGL or whatever their name is along with UAD. Awesome tones super gay amps, get your fix GNGL amps rule,rock on UAD!

J. Maria

August 18, 2013

Not what I expect from Universal Audio

The factory presets sound dull, lifeless and very boxy. I got a decent sound myself adding a massive amount of EQ and a distortion box pedal before the amp insert. Definitely, this is not what I expected from an UAD plugin and I hope they will fix it and make it useable ASAP.

M. Allums

September 28, 2013

Not My Tone

I was extremely excited when I saw UAD was finally offering a guitar modeling plug-in. So I downloaded the demo. If you're into heavy metal and that type of tone then you may like it. I am more into classic rock and blues and this just does not fit my needs. Come one UAD develop something for the blues and classic rock players and we'll buy it. But this is not going to become part of my UAD plug-ins.

K. Kurek

September 3, 2013

Looking forward to an update

I was glad you decided to do powered instruments such as the ENGL. I bought the high gain amp. The gain is pretty decent, but I have to agree with most of the reviews here. I was rather underwhelmed by the lack of presence and bite. I have to get most of the controls cranked and bass turned down to get anywhere near some crispness. The single cabinet doesn't help since the controls aren't that effective. More tonal diversity and effectiveness from the EQ would be nice. But one way or another, just get that bite in there as it should be. I bought another Brainworkx amp before, and was similarly not so impressed: but I had hoped something made for UAD for be better. So far, my best amp plugins remain the free ones like "Lepou".

A. Nasla

August 13, 2013

Finally…a REAL amp sim.

Just do yourself a favor and try it out. This is what a real amp sounds like, and it diffenetly has that un-mistakable Engl sound. Not only that, the recording chain options really is very pro. Just check it out!

L. Sabourin

August 22, 2013

Stick to what you do best

I have tried practically every amp sim and IR cabs out there, in addition to the real thing. The presets on this one all sound the "same": very dull. UAD should stick to what they do best: model vintage outboard. These amps are nowhere close to the competition which offer more options for the price of those 2 amps. Here you get less for more.

P. Brezina

August 20, 2013

UAD marketing

As soon as UAD get back to work with emulating serious gear, the credit will once again raise up. This Brainworks stuff is really only mediocre. You can have better sound from TH2 or Amplitude. Engl is not supposed to sound this dull with all presets with bass rotary on max.

UAD User

December 14, 2018

Absolutely phenomenal, must-own for metalheads.

Every UA hardware owner recording metal guitar needs this (and the Engl Savage 120) in their collection! Perfectly delivers the aggression, tightness, and liveliness we've all come to expect from Engl amps. Brutal chunky lows and screaming highs, perfect for all your modern metal needs, especially for those with 7/8 strings!

e. prevost

October 26, 2018

Je trouve le son moyen

Il pourais avoir améliorations

M. Maddock

June 18, 2018

The best software based Amp emulation

I bought this to bring the Real Guitar Strat to life & it is stunning.... I know you Guitar players will be grimacing ! but to put guitar parts down it is incredibly authentic !... can't wait to try it on a real guitar !

UAD User

June 15, 2018

De la couleur, toujours de la couleur

Un super complément de la version vintage, pour les sons actuels.

41-60 of 92 Results