Fairchild® Tube Limiter Collection

Fairchild® Tube Limiter Collection

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Customer Reviews

Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection

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O. Ramirez

November 15, 2016

Great Plugin

This just might be better than the hardware, only because if the hardware is not kept in good working condition they can sound horrible. The plugin, on the other hand, sounds the same every time and it sounds just as good as a well maintained Fairchild. Best Fairchild emulation EVER!!!

D. Whittington

November 14, 2016

Me = Happy

Thank you for adding this to the Apollo pack. I was going to buy this separately with your last 3 for $399 promo. So I am happy to slap this on my drum buss and pull it all together the way I want. Be careful though. As with all plugins of course, it's easy to ruin your vibes by over-doing it. This is real good in M/S mode. It can slam or be smooth.

Cheers guys!

V. Rodrigues

November 7, 2016

Muito bom, top master.

Eu usei só uma vez, porque estou tendo problemas de áudio com meu Windows 7 pra rodar a apollo twin usb.3.0, estou trocando tudo em meu not Asus, i7 pra acabar com os bugs pra eu curtir minha nova apollo, mas os plugins são e tudo mais são da mais alta classe.

A. Ramani

October 19, 2016

Great for mastering

Put this plug on your mix bus! it's like magic!


October 18, 2016


this plugins is amazing . but if your record is wrong nothing it can do.... thanks ua.

C. Lee

October 9, 2016

Musical, musical, musical.

Once you put this on your track, you will know that what I'm talking about.
Even if you're not good at tweeking parameters on the compressor, it will add nice warm harmonics on your music.
I've got 1176 and LA2A, and this fairchild will complete my collection of vintage compressors.

k. z

September 28, 2016

greatd comp!

i use a lot of instruments, mixes. I love this comp!

R. Nijholt

September 7, 2016


Great job UAD! I love this plugin. Adds some beautiful color and warmth. Thanks!

UAD User

September 6, 2016

Possibly the best sounding plugin compressor

I have around 40 compressor plugin and several hardware compressors. This is possibly the best sounding plugin compressor around.
I love this thing, detailed full sound and deep sounding.The 670 is just awesome sounding on just about everything.
If you are thinking about buying, just get it !

W. Sutton

August 27, 2016


Just love the Fairchild comps.. i use them a lot on vocals.... backing vox in particular. They rock!!!!!

UAD User

August 14, 2016

great on inserts and mix bus

I had a client who loves the Beatles, and as soon as I slapped some Fairchild on the mix bus, things started sounding like the Beatles. I like to crank up the input gain to give it a little bit of sheen. I also used it in mid-side mode, where it controlled hard-panned doubled vocals.

M. Spaans

August 7, 2016

This is the one!!!

I wanted this one instandly, it's my 'to go' compressor. It glues and fattens up my mixes, i use it a lot!

J. Arrington

August 7, 2016


Thank you UA for taking what was already a bad a** plug, and giving it a more modern set of features. The side chain just opens this beast up! Huge detailed sound.

W. Krol

August 1, 2016

Fresh wind in your hair!

Another amazing tool whih gives to your mix essencial from fat warm sound to "Jimmy the Wind" - how you wish ;). Thanks UA for this babe :)

M. Cawthra

July 29, 2016

Blissful.. A must-have if all you use is the Legacy currently.

See below really.. There are 5 stars all over the shop. Absolutely love these things, especially the 670. Amazing on anything, it seems to lift the signal as well as control it which is to to say it does what the hardware does. The 660 is a beauty too. I read somewhere that John Wood had one at Sound Techniques when he recorded Pink Moon and that's all he used for those tiny sessions. So I tried it on vocals and it is silky smooth as you would expect. Drums and the 670 are best buddies though. Lovely!

B. Ward

July 28, 2016

The Beast to have

It was on sale so the decision was easy to get the Fairchild Compressor. It has a great sound that can be transparent or colored depending what you want to use it on. It is a very smooth Beast!

R. Matias

July 23, 2016

Worth of upgrading

I'm a previous user of legacy product and using 670 mainly on master 2-track bus. What I found, 660 is an excellent compressor for mono all around purposes, it's was a missing piece between 1176 and LA-2A. Works extremely well with individual tracks like synth stabs, basses, guitars, as it has more aggressive behaviour

P. Shrout

July 22, 2016

Fat and warm

I have never had the privalage of tracking or mixing through one of these analog boxes, but I will say that the plugin sounds amazing. I have found a use for it with drums and guitars. I like it for some vocal applications as well. Highly recommend. I run a hybrid studio and will grab for this sometimes before going for one of my analog compressors. Great job UA! I look forward to seeing what you guys are working on now. Hoping for more preamps! Cheers!

M. D'Andrea

July 18, 2016

wonderfull tube limiter sound

great on every group tracks.it's the perfect recreation of a legendary analogue tube limiter....and the feeling is amazing...another great plug in from uad and a must have with 1176-la-2a - dbx 160.
perfect on vocal buss,guitar and acoustic instruments...great even on the mix buss

M. Scott

July 16, 2016

Instantly made it into my mix template

I've had the great fortune to have used a fairchild 660 on a couple of occasions and it instantly became apparent why the 660 and 670 had earned their reputations. I've used some of the other emulations around but this one stands out and reminds most accurately of the 660's I've gotten to play with in the past. Very colorful and now more flexible than any other emulation with the ability to adjust H.R. and DC thresholds, sidechain HP, and the always welcome mix control. This thing is an absolute monster in parallel !!!

321-340 of 691 Results