Fairchild® Tube Limiter Collection

Fairchild® Tube Limiter Collection

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Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection

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P. Shrout

July 22, 2016

Fat and warm

I have never had the privalage of tracking or mixing through one of these analog boxes, but I will say that the plugin sounds amazing. I have found a use for it with drums and guitars. I like it for some vocal applications as well. Highly recommend. I run a hybrid studio and will grab for this sometimes before going for one of my analog compressors. Great job UA! I look forward to seeing what you guys are working on now. Hoping for more preamps! Cheers!

M. D'Andrea

July 18, 2016

wonderfull tube limiter sound

great on every group tracks.it's the perfect recreation of a legendary analogue tube limiter....and the feeling is amazing...another great plug in from uad and a must have with 1176-la-2a - dbx 160.
perfect on vocal buss,guitar and acoustic instruments...great even on the mix buss

M. Scott

July 16, 2016

Instantly made it into my mix template

I've had the great fortune to have used a fairchild 660 on a couple of occasions and it instantly became apparent why the 660 and 670 had earned their reputations. I've used some of the other emulations around but this one stands out and reminds most accurately of the 660's I've gotten to play with in the past. Very colorful and now more flexible than any other emulation with the ability to adjust H.R. and DC thresholds, sidechain HP, and the always welcome mix control. This thing is an absolute monster in parallel !!!

E. Enger

July 15, 2016

great combo

versatile combo, and wet/dry works wonders for bass, drums & vocals. smooth and super handy.

G. Jansen van Veuren

July 12, 2016

Worth it!

Universal Audio did a good job with the Legacy Fairchild. I still use it. I live the driving, pleasant, smooth character it adds to my vocal tracks. The Fairchild Collection is a step further and gives me even more control ( also worth it!). You are now able to sonically sculp even more pleasant vocals. The harmonic shine on vocals makes it so nice with the 670. The 660 has a warm slightly darker character to my ear. Helps with gritty guitars. So if you were wondering if its worth getting even though you already have the Legacy version, it is worth it. And I'll say it again-UAD did a fine job with the Legacy version of the Fairchild 670. The Fairchild Collection, once you hear it, will only make more sense to have it too. Thank you UAD.

J. Medina

July 12, 2016

Impresionante su timbre.

Si ya la versión antigua de las UAD-1 me gustaba, esta nueva versión añade un timbre que no estaba antes.

Realmente impresionante el carácter que toma la pista, sobre todo en bajos y voces. En guitarras acústicas también me gusta mucho.

P. Da Costa

July 12, 2016

Superb Plug-in!

I've had the pleasure of using the hardware Fairchild 670 at Sarm West Studios and this plug-in is an amazing recreation. I've used the Legacy version a lot and this is a brilliant upgrade. Mix knob and sidechain knob and headroom screw are very useful. Big thanks Universal Audio team.

D. Hensel

July 12, 2016

Great Colour! Must have

I work in a music house for advertising&films, and we are nicely surprised with the Fairchild, the coulour and its musical touch.
We think that along with de Teletronic and the 1176 it is a must have!
great Work UAD!

F. Stoica

July 12, 2016

Fairchild Tube Limiter is pure magic

Great plugin. I am very pleased with this with it.I have tried it on bass guitar, drums and piano( so far) and it sounds great. Fairchild Tube Limiter is pure MAGIC :)

UAD User

July 10, 2016

pretty, pretty, pretty god

Fantastic using it on the masters giving some real warmth
feels like masters are being run through a piece of hardware ;)

J. Buitrago

July 9, 2016

Legacy Sound

The best chance to hear and enjoy the legacy sound from fairchild, just insert it and You'll feel how your sound gets personality. Nice plugin friends thanks Universal Audio team... :)

A. Auinger

July 9, 2016

Exactly what I expected

Sounds awesome. Wet/dry knob for parallell compression. Headroom screw. Everything I wanted.

UAD User

July 9, 2016



A. Leons

July 8, 2016


I have used the legacy version, but the new Fairchild collection is indeed very smooth and warm. I use it on vocal bus and it's doing all the magic I need.

F. Cabanillas

July 7, 2016


This is the first time in my life that i stick plugin in a daw and i smile by turning it up...i own another brand Fairchild that i used to enjoy,not anymore....just used it on a mix on a parallel bus on an Upright bass and it does sound like i wanted it to sound,fat.round but also it brought up all the finger noises in such a musical way.....it just sounds like all of those old jazz records i love....I never had a chance to listen to a real hardware fairchild but this plugin sounds beautifull CONGRATULATIONS!!!

R. Loncaric

July 7, 2016

Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection

What a beast! On a master bus it´s a must have compressor, also on bass guitar and especially vocals!

Certainly the best emulation of Fairchild!

K. Andersen

July 6, 2016

Must Have Plugin!

The perfect compliment to my UAD 1176s and LA-2A. I'm going to have to get a Satellite now just to increase my DSP!

R. Ferdinand

July 5, 2016


Put it on your masterbus, and it will give your mix depth and layers, great plugins!

A. Alhassanain

July 5, 2016

Great Plugin

I can't say anything about it, it is very difficult to describe how great it sounds.
It is very easy to use & it gives you the sound that you are looking for in a second.
Just use one of the available presets and enjoy it.

T. Hosoki

July 4, 2016


When i use another Fairchild plugin from another brand, i never reach this quality of emulation... less cpu and it will be perfect!!

341-360 of 694 Results