Fairchild® Tube Limiter Collection

Fairchild® Tube Limiter Collection


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Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection

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R. Comitz

April 6, 2016

warm compression!!!

love itlove itlove itlove itlove itlove itlove itlove it

S. Dickie

April 5, 2016

Mojo machine.

Title says it all. I find myself using these compressors a lot on things where my other software compressors simply won't do. I am especially fond of the 660!

c. claycomb

March 28, 2016

Super Glue

This compressor is wonderful! On Vocals,Drums,Guitars ect.
Put this in your mastering chain and WOW!!!!

W. Sullivan

March 25, 2016

Fairchild Vocals

I have no idea how I ever thought vocals sounded good until I ran them through this Fairchild 660.
They are unbelievable how now the vocal sits out front with no effort at all... The tone is warm yet with enough
fullness to hold it's center in a song or a film cue.... fantastic device! highly recommend.

h. Zhang

March 24, 2016

UAD sound How can become more the low dive to better

Dynamic good, the low dive is not good enough, UAD common problem

S. Casamento

March 23, 2016


This compressor is as smooth as I've heard. There is a vibe to it as well. It has made a big difference on many tracks. I highly recommend it.

M. Bernardo

March 22, 2016

I'm back :) and miss this one

My favourite Fairchild plugin emulation.

I was away from UAD for some time, because I've run out of PCie and now with the Thunderbolt versions it make think of it again. I miss some plugins and this one is by far the best emulation I've heard of a Fairchild.

F. Martino

March 18, 2016

Nice compression

Ottimo plugin, mi piace molto sui bus, specie della batteria o anche solo sugli OH. Trovo molto utile l'utilizzo in configurazione M/S....aiuta a ridurre la quantità di rullante negli OH quando capita di mixare riprese fatte male. Da avere!

B. Munyon

March 16, 2016

Freaking Wicked Awesome!!!

Thank you UAD for the great sounding compressor. Mastering Engineer friend turned me onto this compressor. It's a sound. A beautiful sound and so many applications! It's a huge part of the sound I've been searching for.

V. Koenig

March 12, 2016

Excellent !

Excellent Compressor, compression on the point. The Fairchild plugin makes a beautiful coloring. The 670 is great for Mastering.
The Lat/Vert mode is very useful for nearly each signal. The legacy version is definitely far away from the remodeled Version. Great job !

UAD User

March 9, 2016

Wow, this is really nice.

Love this thing, I have a hardware clone of the fairchild which sounds awesome, but I only have one. This I can use anywhere in the mix. Great modeling!

S. Jensen

March 9, 2016

I so agree!

I love the butter here! I have had the classic version since the UAD-1 plug. But it's now got a full modeling of the tube warmth and the color of the transformers etc! And what a color! I can just add it in to the mix and it sound better. But after using a preset or tweaking same. Now I have got a sound Bill himself would be proud of.....

Like others have said this is my got to comp. 1st one every time!

L. Rollins

March 7, 2016

An astonishing array of possibilities!

Using this with my modular synthesizer has unlocked tonal variations that I never new existed before now. Can be subtle to radical depending on how heavy a hand I use when mixing. Really pleased with this in my arsenal.

D. Hall

February 13, 2016


Color and Control...Simple as that!

D. Gray

February 6, 2016

Simply AMAZING!!

There is no way around being skeptical if upgrading your legacy plugins to MK2 is going to be worth it or not. The Fairchild bundle is simply worth every penny!! It instantly adds the character that I am looking for and being able to have multiple Fairchilds at hand is simply a NO BRAINER!!!!

C. Cederberg

January 28, 2016


Have only used the hardware on a couple of projects so can't really tell if it's spot on or not, but this thing has mojo! I usually only mix with hardware compressors on the mixbus, but this plugin is one of the few out there that sounds analogue and that deals with complex program material in a convincing way.

A. Brown

January 24, 2016

One of my favorite Plugins!!!!!

This is one of my all time favorite plugins. I love the way it colors the tone on a drums buss or any channel you use it on. The dynamics are marvelous with this plugin.

A. Stormo

January 20, 2016

Great compression and color

I have never been in the same room as the hardware unit so I cannot comment on the veracity of the modeling of the original unit. I have a bedroom studio that I am on the cusp of being able to call a project studio as i track guitars and vocals there for other studios, and some other tracking for people.

The Fairchild is perfect for bringing vintage tube style compression and vibe to my tracks. I love it more for its color than its compression, but the compression is punchy and very musical. Perfect on drums or bass. Great for guitars too that are a bit pokey in the mix. Havent used it on vocals yet.

The side chaining and parallel options on the plugin makes it really versatile in modern productions.

UAD User

January 18, 2016

A compressor with character

Never been fortunate enough to use an original but what I can say, regardless of comparisons, is that this compressor adds a certain liveliness and colour, which was something missing from my arsenal. Very pleased with this plug-in!

D. Ball

January 14, 2016


It amazed me from the second I loaded it on to an acoustic guitar track! It fit like a glove and imparted a natural gut sound that I never knew could be captured! Sweet!
Thanx UAD!

401-420 of 706 Results