Fairchild® Tube Limiter Collection

Fairchild® Tube Limiter Collection

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Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection

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R. Murphy

April 3, 2015

Great Great!

It kills the Waves version in my opinion. I love it on Piano and bass. It's awesome on drums and vocals too. Great sounding, although I have never heard a real Fairchild on my own mix, but I think for this price the UAD can't be beat.

Y. Frol

March 31, 2015


The best compressors set I have ever come across - Soft and Full!

L. Hueppauff

March 23, 2015

Great mix buss glue

Fantastic on my main mix bus! I've never used the hardware so can't compare to this but this is a fantastic plug in for me. I use this on almost every project. Side chain is always useful with kick drum heavy mixes as well. A++++

A. Gabrys

March 15, 2015

working great so far

very nice to have side chain filter and mix knobs on this version. More flexible and nice color - can't compare against the actual hardware as I don't own the actual hardware. lol.

Yes I paid a lot less than some other posters in this thread as it was first discounted because I bought the Fairchild legacy model 4 years ago, and also have a coupon (and it was on sale as well). Moral of this story? If you are worried about $50 then wait for the sale and a coupon.

reliability has been great with UAD system in general - this is a quad UAD-2 PCI card and as long as I have paid attention to the supported OSX then I have had no problems. On my older Mac Pro 1,1 I had to not bother with this new one. Now that I have upgraded all is good.

T. Feswick

March 14, 2015

The Fez

I started putting the Fairchild on a couple of tracks such as electric guitar, bgs, keys and synths, I find myself placing it on more tracks as the sessions progress. I love the smoothness but sometimes wondered if it was really making that much of a sonic difference until I bypassed it. I really love the sonic glue and sheen.

B. Klukovic

March 12, 2015


In the past, before I started with the UAD stuff, I used a lot of the Waves version and I liked it really - then I met the UAD Fairchild. Must admit that it is REALLY smooth and it kicks ass when it comes to glueing (can you call it glue? It´s somehting else..) stuff together with a certain kind of magic.

What I especially like is the kind of fullness the 670 brings for me on almost everything I wanna enchant with it, no matter if bass, buss or whatever I need. The 660 is IMHO a bit too aggressive, but since I had a liverecording with a band, incorporating a singer which was a bit weak in his voice on this day, I gave it a try and was suprised! I guess, not liking something is only a result of not trying all the capabilities.

J. Pierre

March 9, 2015

My go to compressor already after the 2nd day of ownership

I want to say thank you to uad .you guys have allowed a guy like me to own gear I would have never been able to afford.this plugin has already added magic to tracks Ive done in the pass .. and helped spark a renewed interest in those track from customers that have heard the new mixes.thx Uad... This plugin is a must have one of my stranded desert island choices for sure.

A. Spinato

March 5, 2015

Squeeze that Pleases!!

The sidechain feature is perfect for my quick masters, I don't think my mixes will exist without this plugin!

F. Mejia

March 3, 2015

Smooth for Days!

It is amazing what this compressor does to vocals and Drums! Use it on every Mix.

m. vargas

February 28, 2015

Most have

YOU will NOT go wrong with Fairchild !!!

T. Misic

February 18, 2015

Great and usable

Does not take a lot of dsp and very usable on almost everything.

G. Hebert

February 12, 2015

A must-have

The Fairchild limiter collection is a definite must-have. Of all the compressors I've acquired the 660 does something magical to a vocal that I've never been able to achieve before and the 670 also has its' own magic on stereo content.
Thanks Universal Audio for another winner!

C. Allport

January 30, 2015

Very Transparent and Warm

This bundle has turned out to be very versatile for keeping my master bus even without distorting the dynamics or musical characteristics.

F. H

January 29, 2015


i had longtime thought that i have several plug in which could give me something close of Fairchild, i was wrong ! Actually not so much but this collection really make simple mixing process toward others you can find in the market. I can only highlight the warm you can add on guitars or vocals ... simply incredible ! So yes now i know that is a "must have"

J. Melvin

January 24, 2015


This maybe the best investment I've made since I've been in the business

S. De

January 21, 2015


after i bought this plugin and ran the new authorization, my apollo started to disconnect frequently from my computer. the plugin itself is good, but cant get past it as the new situation doesnt allow me to work.

S. De

January 21, 2015


after i bought this plugin and ran the new authorization, my apollo started to disconnect frequently from my computer. the plugin itself is good, but cant get past it as the new situation doesnt allow me to work.

B. Paul

January 18, 2015

Binny Paul

I use Fairchild Tube Limiter for vocals. The warmth of the vocals have changed tremendously and i love mixing. Thanks for adding Fairchild Tube Limiter.
Binny Paul

N. Bullock

January 14, 2015

cool compression

very very nice, use it a lot. i haven't tried messing around with the extra features yet myself, but some of the presets that do are pretty cool. i bet you'll enjoy

A. Adams

January 14, 2015

Functional Heft and Easy parallel compression

While I have not been able to work with a real Fairchild to compare, I recognize the sonic character these units contribute to many classic rock recordings. Having multiple virtual units to work with is quite fun, as each real unit is at least a few grand, if not 20.

My favorite thing about this plug in, beyond the amazing sound, is the built-in wet/dry control, which makes parallel compression easy to use sparingly on individual tracks.

I'm enjoying it on drums, bass, GUITARS, vocals, synths, and it's a go-to mix tool now.

Very receptive to tweaking and feel, especially with the subtle DC and headroom controls, and the 660 is great for mono sources.

461-480 of 694 Results