Fairchild® Tube Limiter Collection

Fairchild® Tube Limiter Collection

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Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection

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C. Kazmier

January 14, 2014

Had to have this one!

Demoed it and was sold. My Go-to on acoustic, piano, BG vocals. Wasn't very interested in the UAD-1 version but they got something special in this one.

J. Vesel

January 14, 2014

new fairchild collection is sweet

i really like the sound and character of this plug-in.the side chain and mix knob are great features.i own a hardware manley vari-mu, and this plug has depth and smoothness that is hard to find in a plug-in. the side chain for me is something that is going to get a lot of use.highly recommend it. 660 is great also it has vibe like the 670

M. Gustafson

January 10, 2014

How do they do it?

Still loving this plugin. I can't believe they were able to improve the legacy 670 but they did. The user presets are even better!

D. Stroop

January 10, 2014

Remarkable plug in

As a song writer, record producer, composer (Wendy's Chevy Trucks, and more) and orchestrator for thirty years I've made recordings on everything from 2" tape to ADAT to DAWs so I've seen pretty much every compressor, EQ etc out there in action. And I've worked in high end studios with all the stuff.

This plug in is ridiculous in how well it emulates the hardware. I especially like how responsive it is to subtle changes sonically. The added tweak-ability from the original Fairchild plugin (which I still love as well) is a big deal.

I will continue to reach for this on so much of what I do.

Great work!

J. Dittamo

January 10, 2014

My dear Fairchild

It's not everyday you can say something delivers the real deal
The Fairchild family collection is a must have for your plugin arsenal of all your plugins this is your go to plug in.
What more can you say try it out it speaks for itself....
Let your ears enjoy the rest..

J. Kuric

January 10, 2014

Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection

High quality plugin, cozy, rounded, full sound! I am very satisfied with the work of developers.

S. Fritz

January 9, 2014

More of what we loved....

The MKII Fairchild brings this compressor set up to speed with the 1176 and LA-2 MKIIs....more of what we already loved about these venerable compressors. Now that harmonic distortion and saturation are modeled, on extreme settings these comps have character to spare along with dynamic shaping abilities. Highly recommended.
Scott Fritz
Stranded On A Planet

E. Lam

January 8, 2014

Read This!

You need to buy this. It's not even about it's compressing abilities. I use this the most without actually dialing in any settings. It tonally changes your sounds. It's really hard to explain because i've never really experienced a plugin like it. Download the demo. See for yourself.

B. Keis

January 8, 2014

Sounds Great

Fat, punchy, smooth, you get the idea. it is another winner tom Universal Audio.

D. Baron

January 7, 2014

Oh my goodness!

Had the original Legacy 670 and liked that, but man, the 660 does amazing stuff for beefing up bass and drums. Notice that it kind of reduces the highs on things, and you can use that to great effect on things like overheads on drums, where you can beef up the drums without the cymbals getting annoying. Looking forward to doing more with these.

M. Gustafson

January 6, 2014

An Absolute Must!

You think you already have The Fairchild plugin so you'll pass on this one. Do yourself a favor and rethink that. I have the "legacy" Fairchild and love it, but when I heard this one I was gown away. I I can understand if you're skeptical so run it as a demo and I'm sure you wound be able to live without it. The new presets are amazing and the depth and clarity ,if you want it, is staggering. I've been using it to crunch drums, bass, and vocal lately. I Can't wait to hit the guitars. Least of all it looks beautiful. I think it helps to be visually inspired as well and sonically. Try it out. You have nothing to loose.

W. Johnson

January 2, 2014

Luv It

Really nice on everything I've tried it on, individual tracks, bus, mains. Violins, guitars, piano, dials in quickly no fuss. Kissing a track or crushing a track... it makes a difference to my ears when I A/B with other comps. Still like to have other tools for specific things, but..... this one definitely has its own vibe and its very, very useful across a broad spectrum. Its in my favorites right along side the 1176's

Thanks UAD for a job well done. Desperately waiting for the AAX for PC..... and the Apollo fairy to stop by. If you see her knocking around your neck of the woods... could you nudge her my way?


L. Roccatagliati

December 26, 2013


I used to put the previous Fairchild version on my drums buses...nearly for the last 5 or 6 years, always...but now, with the new version, drums blowing my mind!! Amazing!

C. Roberts

December 25, 2013


DELIVERS!!!! In all areas of compression. This is as close as your gonna get to a hardware comp as I've heard. This one does great things to the bass guitar and the drum buss. Could use this as my only comp in a mix all across every track and be absolutely satisfied.

C. Huber

December 22, 2013

superb sounding plugin

very versatile and great sounding plugin, it fast became one of my favourite compressor plugins sofar, this really adds magic to your tracks.

S. Pedersen

December 22, 2013

Power slammer!

Very versatile compressor. You can make things sound as warm as anything, from soft to brutal, and anything in between! You can use it on just about any source. If you need just one compressor, this is the one. A Great product from UA again! The only dissapointment was that it was half of just hours after purchase witch means that I have to wait longer before my next purchase.

E. Hartman

December 19, 2013

Fairchild Limiters

Great sounding compressor I love to use on a variety of sources. The addition of the HR control and SC filter gives it a lot of flexibility as well.

S. Strandberg

December 19, 2013


The Fairchild Compressor/Limiter gives smothness and warmth that are Outstanding to your Tracks..!!

C. Barriteau

December 18, 2013

Fairchild collection

Just sounds fantastic!!---Smooth as silk and sweet as honey!!!

T. Meagher

December 17, 2013


This Fairchild emulation really drives when you want it to. Kind of like a really cool distortion effect.

481-500 of 526 Results