Fairchild® Tube Limiter Collection

Fairchild® Tube Limiter Collection

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Customer Reviews

Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection

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S. Tong Cuong

December 3, 2018

Abbey Road in your computer

Amazing plug in that magnifies anything from drums to vocals or mix.
I'm new to Uad in the box plug ins coming from analog outboards and trying to resist for years!!!
But you can't compete with this and anyway, you won't find a analog Fairchild except if you record and mix in Abbey Road

UAD User

December 2, 2018

A beast compressor!

I feel as I’m behind the wheel of some powerfull war machinery with this! It can squash the sound, but it can just give it this beautiful sparkle. Very intuitive, very simple, and powerfull.

M. Vliegen

November 30, 2018

Mid Side

Mid Side it's Ding Dong Yeah love it


November 29, 2018


nice on many sources, this plugs is really good for a lot of things, drum, piano voice, guitars. I have the collection version, I love the rendering they release.

E. Lee

November 24, 2018

La couleur brillante.

Fairchild fait le son élégant de piano.
Si vous voulez la coloration luxueuse vos piano, utilises ça.
Alors je le utilise tous les jours, c'est mon préféré.

A. Pinto

November 21, 2018

I liked

great limiter, I recommend it

S. Thomas

November 13, 2018

best vintage limiter in town

you have to use it once and your hooked...i use it on my final mix or to shape a drum track...dont try the 14 days free ..you'll buy it garantee

B. Waligoske

November 5, 2018

Excellent Compressor!

Love it. Initially bought it for a mix bus comp but I keep finding more and more uses for it. Can be very subtle or juicy - I use it in almost every session!

J. Langhoff

September 23, 2018

I'm looking forward to using it

To what I'm working with now, I like Shadow Hills, better for mastering.
I will definitely enjoy it for something else.

P. Batenev

September 21, 2018


This plugin is good

C. Kaliampakas

August 2, 2018

There's a reason why..

Fairchild comes first when you re talking about colour..

E. Budzynski

August 1, 2018

Adds a magic

As with the MK2 Pultec plugin the Fairchild MK2 adds a certain magic to anything you place it on. Breakbeats come alive and the plugin does something very applealing to the top of end of signals. It’s dead easy to control and I would highly recommend the upgrade for those using the older plugin.

A. Lopes dos Santos

July 30, 2018

Vocal Bus Permanent Resident

As the title says, this 'child' lives on my vocal bus, since the first day we've worked together. Such a beautiful sounding work of art!

C. Lafrenière

July 20, 2018


Right in your face Bam !! Love this collection, love the sound !

U. Hauser

July 14, 2018

Very good

Great plugin. I use it with Console It sounds just like the original Hardware:-)

UAD User

July 14, 2018

Instant Ringo

One mic in front of the kick drum, one underneath the snare, one overhead. Insert the Fairchild on the drum buss and voilà!

R. Marant

July 11, 2018


Si la versión Legacy ya sonaba increíble, con las mejoras de esta actualización vas a sonreír.
Sonido grande ,dulce y majestuoso. Es un compresor para todo. pruébalo y decide por ti mismo...

r. Hipolito

July 9, 2018



J. Leyva

July 3, 2018

A plug-in well worth its weight in gold

A little goes a long way with the plug-in. World class engineer Al Schmitt uses it in his vocal chain and I can see why, I used this plugin as an insert while a tracking Vocals,upright bass,tenor sax, and guitar. The sound I got was so warm and open . I only compressed a -1db to -3db at the most, on each source. This plugin also works wonders on sub mixes and stems . A must have if you do a lot of acoustic tracking like Strings,Brass,Woodwinds,A Capella choirs, or mallet percussion, and guitars.

R. Spiegel

June 28, 2018

Good plugin, highly overpriced hardware

Good plugin to achieve silky sounds. Nevertheless, two stars deduction due to the highly overpriced hardware (UAD satellite,...) necessary to run all the uad plugins. It's also no comfort to get additional plugins with the purchase of the hardware if you already have these uad plugins or the ones of the alternative list. Therefore, i'm far away from applying all the uad-plugins I want to insert in a project and more and more I'm forced to use native plugins.

41-60 of 589 Results