Fairchild® Tube Limiter Collection

Fairchild® Tube Limiter Collection

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Customer Reviews

Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection

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B. Saravia

December 17, 2020

First Plugin that REALLY sounds like the Analog Hardware!

I don't have words to describe this plugin, AMAZING wouldn't be enough, IMPRSSIVE maybe, INCREDIBLE yes, but at the end this is a plugin that can turn your mix into an award winning song with just put in on your daw. I am out of words!

B. Wisda

December 14, 2020


I had not used the Fairchild or any of the other plugins based on it before. A friend suggested it for a mix and I am blown away by just how phenomenal this compressor works. I am truly amazed.

S. Adamsky

December 14, 2020

Best emulation for the best compressor

I didn't believe that these plugins could be so awesome. But they are! If you want to know, what gives a real magic and strongest "glue" for professional quality mixes, I have just one answer — Fairchild.

h. oshima

December 14, 2020



M. Moreau

November 28, 2020

Très bon !

Il est vraiment excellent comme dit certain sur des drums il fait un très bon boulot.
Par contre un seul bémol ça manque de visibilité en terme de fréquences sidechain exemple ou autre, quand on souhaite viser une fréquence spécifique c'est du plouf plouf c'est valable pour tout les plugins c'est le seul point noir à mon sens

f. leprettre

November 24, 2020

que du bonheur

utilisé sur des drums simplement fantastique

S. Morales

October 25, 2020


I love this plugin. I demo'ed it, on my beats, for Master buss and drum buss and vocals. Had to have it .... !

S. Morales

October 25, 2020


I love this plugin. I demo'ed it, on my beats, for Master buss and drum buss and vocals. Had to have it .... !

r. wills

October 18, 2020


The legacy version gave me a taste but previewing the full version really shows off what it can do , the upgrade is worth it

S. May

October 8, 2020

I forgot I owned this. Its blown my mind.

I tried it today for the first time it blew my mind.
Been trying it on everything its now another level of different sounds

E. Grebeznieks

October 5, 2020


Fairchild my favorite instrument is the drum bus, which takes part in all my sessions

P. Maier

September 17, 2020

Favorite on Vocals!

Love the Fairchild to start with a vocal. Even on a drum bus - the dry-wet option is very helpful. Great Plugin!

A. Russell

September 16, 2020

Perfect On The Mix Bus!

Let me preface this by saying I'm a songwriter that needs to create reasonable work tapes for my publisher to review prior to an official demo recording. I am not an engineer and prefer easy to use plugins with great presets to get the sound I need. i.e. live recording either guitar or keyboard with vocals, presets to get the sound I'm after without too much tweaking, then a quick master with BX Masterdesk Classic. I do own quite a few UA plugins but only write a glowing review about a few of them...this is one...

I use this on every final mix. There's a preset called 'Kiss The Mix' and it just adds something great to the overall sound. I like the LA2A Gray to use on my vocals, guitars or piano, but for the mix, this is amazing!

m. jackson

September 16, 2020


One of my most used plugins. Might be UAD's best.

M. Wurzbacher

September 15, 2020

Tube .. ist Röhre .. ist seidiger Sound

echt klasse diese Emulation.. man kann von Seidig bis Grob alles sehr gut kontrollieren, Stimmen wirken viel weicher aber trotzdem sehr dirket und wieder natürlich im Klang.

Danke dafür!!

น. ห้องแซง

September 5, 2020


Great Sound

r. kakkar

August 31, 2020

Smoothness, silk, beauty

Just a kiss of Fairchild makes my tracks have a feel, a vibe, color. Its uncomparable. I use this on every mix and masters.

F. fournot

August 26, 2020

A la hauteur de la réputation

J'avais hâte de vérifier par moi-même si la réputation se vérifiait concrètement sur mon propre matériel analogique raccordé à mon I.Mac pro boosté comme il se doit (Raindirk Concord 32 voies, Tannoy classic monitor (actif 2voies) plus une ribambelle d'effets et d'auxiliaires d'un autre âge dans une mix-cabin parfaitement équilibrée...C'est imparable: Le grain produit par ces 'Bécanes' saute aux oreilles.Un plus justifié qui sonne du feu de Dieu...Essayez vous-même!

J. Geary

August 26, 2020


I adore this plugin, its such a pleasure to use. It works great on just about everything and I often grab it just to add its unique flavor of saturation even when I dont desire any dynamic processing. As with a few others, it sometimes reports incorrect delay times thus pushing the processed material out of time

T. Lippai

August 24, 2020

Gentle touch

It’s good almost for everything, but I really like to use it on master buss of hip-hop tracks. Just a gentle kiss, and the track is almost ready. :) Very good plugin!

41-60 of 690 Results