FATSO™ Jr. / Sr. Tape Sim. & Compressor

FATSO Jr. / Sr. Tape Sim. & Compressor

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FATSO™ Jr./Sr. Tape Sim. & Compressor

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Z. Huang

December 30, 2013


It's my best choice on Snare and Bass,I can easily get my dream tone from it.Though it's an analog tape simulator, I used it as my first compressor all the time!

D. Watts

December 24, 2013

Big Bad Fatso!

I have been wanting this plugin for years, but it has always been too expensive for me. Thank goodness for the Christmas sale I am now able to experiece all the wonderful analog goodness of this plugin. I am very satisfied with it because makes everthing warmer, tighter and professional sounding. I will not mix again without it. Now I have a Octo card in the mail and when it arrives I will be using more instances of it.

C. Persaud

December 23, 2013

The definite solution to getting your kicks to hit right

Your kicks will sound more defined, punchier, and more analog with this. Brings digital to life.

M. Coninx

December 19, 2013

Excellent Plugin

I really love this plugin, use it a lot on drum groups and for parallel compression. Would be awesome to have also the 'Distressor' !! ;)

A. Pluta

December 2, 2013


FATSO is one of the plugins which I bought UAD2 card.
I'm totally in love with this plug.

V. Halász

October 16, 2013

glue your mix like analog tape

Glue your mix together with this. Imho much better than studer or atr. Give it a try!

G. Gassert

September 27, 2013

Living up to its name

I was pleased what this does on a master buss ,,,, But I really like it on the Bass Buss. And Snare Buss .... I would love to see UA do the Distressor too ,,,

C. Meyer

May 21, 2013

Versatile and rewarding.

Ahhh, the Fatso!
I knew I'd like this the moment I heard the A/B's and praises from others.
When I started the 14-day trial, I was a little unsure. Seemed kinda responding in other ways I'd imagined it. After some experimenting on different mixes I got the hang of it and now it sits in all my 2-busses, phattening stuff up like nobodies business.
I'm not a big fan of the warmth setting, though. To my ears, the warming comes from the compression and Tranny circuits on the Fatso - this mainly muffles the top end down, not much more.
It's especially useful for compressing and glueing together mixes and as a bus compressor for drums. It's very versatile, as it sounds great and smooth when applied in nuances and big'n'punchy when driven harter.

D. Costa

March 28, 2013

Fatso - best warmer? ever?

no word can really describe this superb plug-in. it's always in my drums group. amazing with snares, hithats and all the drums.
sometimes i even use it my the master buss to give me some warm feeling.
another UAD plug-in that blew me away.

G. Cordovez

August 16, 2012


Awesome Plugin!!, I demoed the first day that i got the apollo, i wanted this way before i actually was an UA User, and it's just what i wanted, an overall "Magic Dynamic" processor, i've never heard the original hardware so i won't say anything in that "emulation" area, i just can say that the software is incredible!, Compression, Saturation, Lo and Hi Soft clip/compression/saturation/...i'm pretty sure that anything you trow a it it will sound awesome!...

Love it on the drum buss, not abusing, just a couple of leds lighting the plugin and you are in the ball park!

S. Usov

August 11, 2012

FATSO™ Jr./Sr. Tape Sim. & I compared Compressor Plug-In to the real iron FATSO™ Jr EL7 option and was struck in identity of result. I express respect to the Universal Audio command for their laborious work.

C. Osden

August 7, 2012

While trying this one out in the 14 day demo, I saw its merit enough to buy it, but had higher hopes for it overall... Give it time... after a few more weeks with it, I got more familiar with it, found out where it worked well and my preferences for settings, and now I can't live without it! In addition to adding excellent clarity, fullness, punch, and separation, the stereo image just opens up when you drop this baby in. Love it.

C. Brezlan

June 21, 2012

There are not much to say .... Fatso makes any digital sound Analouge brings warmth to any sound and has a super compression. It can only recommend it.

F. Tavares

June 12, 2012


S. Bushman

May 29, 2012

Single best UA plugin ever IMO. no other software processor comes close. I have gotten to know the sound of rich harmonic content imposed by transistors, transformers and tubes. While subtle it's so distinct that once you hear it you'll always identify it in a heartbeat.

Since I started collecting preamps like my Neve, API, John Hardy boxes I have enjoyed listening for their character in recorded music and I love to hear that goodness these types of designs impart.

This plugin does that! REALLY! it's not just reminiscent of analog saturation...it adds that smooth, buttery character that makes your source sound like it's covered in molten chocolate. Even transients behave the same! You may not hear it at first, but once you do....!

I. Komlinovic

July 19, 2011

This thing really blows away! I tryed it on different sources(it works great on drums, vocals, even guitars), but using it on master bus. Fatso is probably first high end plufin that could fool me on blind test. I would never guess such warm andn sound can be pulled out of DSP card!
As a producer of dance music I find Fatso greatest new weapon in my arsenal, and missing link from digital production to analog sound.

C. Hilding

June 30, 2011

An absolutely FANTASTIC sounding compressor with THE most pleasing warmth algorithm I have ever heard in a plugin. It adds a very airy, pleasing distortion to the source material, which seems to reside above the original material by adding new harmonics instead of distorting the source frequencies. The result is that you can warm/distort tracks WITHOUT making the bass all muddy. This is one of few solutions to give you clean distortion without making the bass lose definition. An absolutely vital tool, and I use it in combination with my actual EL7 FATSO. It is that good!

A. Norris

June 21, 2011

Studer A80 and the SONY APR5003 are two analogue recorders I've used for mastering since the mid 1990's. My beloved APR is now in the garage - couldn't quite bring myself to sell it - ever since the FATSO arrived!

As an integral stage of mastering prior to final limiting or as the final stage of my recording chain the FATSO has given me the same sonic results as I was achieving on tape - without all the alignment, cleaning and tape cost. Add to that immediate recall of favoured settings and it's difficult to imagine returning to tape.

The "Senior" parameters remind me of the Distressors from EL and I must admit it was the added control offered by the model of Dave Derr's own modifications that eventually sold me. I was intending to purchase the UBK FATSO modified by Gregory Scott in NY until my research brought me to the digital arm of Universal Audio.

Cost was also an issue and although I still use analogue hardware in my studio the ability to have 4 simultaneous instances of the UAD FATSO Snr as opposed to a single stereo unit was a significant factor.

The LPF elements of the "Warmth" circuit are wonderful, allowing dynamic roll off of overt top end frequencies that can often be "brittle" and "cold," whilst the ability to independently control the Low Frequency Saturation is an aspect I never had with tape. The FATSO is the first reason I invested in the UAD system - now I have expanded my selection of modelled devices it is clear it shall not to be the last.

Thank you Universal Audio for a beautiful tool in shaping my precious audio.

G. Smagorinsky

June 19, 2011

Color, saturation, fatness, more color... This is what my drums had missed until I put FATSO on my bus channel. There is no other such quick and quality possibilities in the digital world today to get this warm analog sound.

J. Vawter

June 18, 2011

I've lived with this plugin for about 2 years now, and I well remember the buzz it generated before its release. Since I was unfamiliar with the hardware, my expectations were not quite as high as some others. The name says "tape simulator", but to my ears it sounds much more like a high-quality analog channel, and when I tried it out I flashed back to when I first went all-digital... "Yay! More control! Less noise! But why is it so darned hard to make tracks sit right??" With the Fatso (and this will sound like marketing hype) it is simply easier to MIX. There I said it. Tracks blend better, yet retain their own space. The 1176-style compressor is awesome. The Tranny rocks, and the Warmth control has saved many harsh tracks. With the release of the Studer, some of the things I use the Fatso for have been superceded, but using them together makes for interesting effects. It's a bit heavy on DSP, that's my only quibble.

21-40 of 368 Results