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Unison Enabled

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Fender '55 Tweed Deluxe

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K. Smith

January 2, 2018

Perhaps the best option for home studio

I’ve been searching for “that” sound for quite some time. I’ve recorded with my Vox, orange, and fender amps that have all sounded great live but fall short in the studio. I’ve tried plugging directly in and using Logic’s amp sims and they have fallen short. I’ve invested in mics, preamps, room treatment and still have fallen short. Even with good guitars, cables, monitors and mic placement, I’ve still managed to not quite get the sound I was after. To the average person, my guitars sound good enough but for anybody who is as obsessive as myself with tone, this plugin (with enough time) will change everything.

It’s only drawback is the huge amount of DSP needed so I purchased a satellite and now I can run several of these.

D. King

December 31, 2017

even guitarists will like it

Plugins are like sacrilege apparently to some guitarists. They usually bring their own amp and guitar and probably have an idea of how they want to be recorded and maybe even with what mics. The thing is, if they are looking for tone, specifically Fender type tones, this plugin is better than their amp for their own sound. You can put it in the headphones in unison and forget an amp entirely if you want to. In my experience it can even be done without 'gasp' sacrificing on tone. Hear this and admit the truth, guitarists. Tone gold.

A. Beckman

December 7, 2017

Distorted Madness!!

I'm an electronic producer making lots of glitchy and bassy stuff. I was a little hesitant about going for a amp modeler but WOW. This has quickly become one of my favorite sound mangling tools, it distorts so easily yet so musically, I can't get enough!! Taking an eq and driving certain frequencies in can get some really crazy results too! Simple patches with volume lfos can turn into full on growls. Even clean tones are doable as long as the input signal is low enough. Things just jump right to front of a mix with even a slight touch of drive! Combine this with ocean ways for some really cool effects as well!

C. Lonkar

December 6, 2017


Really is amazing - you have to gain stage right now or you'll get the digital clipping type of sound (turned me off during my first trial). Compared it to other sims (like Amplitube's Fender / Fender 2), but this one just blows everything away with the Unison tech. Lot of nice tones.

j. perez

December 5, 2017

The Secret "Line" Button ...

This is a fantastic amp .. I have an original ...
UA did a great job on this!!
It might not be the most versatile amp ever made but if your playing style fits what it DOES DO, no other amp comes close!! Don't be afraid of using the "Line" button. It will get you a much better and more controlled clean sound. You can "fine tune" it a lot easier if you engage it!!! Add some "Oceanway" room sound on a buss and you're good to go!!


December 5, 2017

Don't understand...

Don't understand this amp. Sounds so unnatural and digital. Maybe it's a perfect emulation of the tweed that I never heard in real. But I have a doubt. Really disappointed, but I'm still a fan of the apollo and the UAD2 plugins.

C. Holford

December 1, 2017

More work than reward when using this plugin. Make a more user-friendly Fender model please

After having owned this plugin for several months now I have to say I wish it would reveal its inner secrets to me... they have so far remained obscure. In fairness it's *possible* to get a good sound out of this plugin, and I prefer it to the stock softube "amp room" sims that came with my Apollo. But it's nothing, nothing like the instant synergy and creative warmth one gets from plugging into a real vintage fender amp. I understand that part of the charm of this amp is supposed to come from its "character" but you could have picked a lot of amps to model that would give the listener an instant good "plug and play" sound instead of having to contend with this kinda nasty sounding breakup and tendency to harshness on the 55 model you made. You really have to fiddle with it and fiddle with the settings on your guitar to get warm clean sound and that should not be necessary. It should start out sounding good right away, that's the way to encourage creativity and inspiration. Come model my 1970 Princeton! That would be an instant win!

B. Wansbrough

December 1, 2017

Sounds thin and brittle

Most Fender amps I have used in real life sound amazing. This plugin is difficult to get usable sounds out of. It sounds thin and brittle in my opinion. Definitely not as good as the other amp sims by UAD. The Marhall's blow this thing out of the water.

M. Bishop

November 19, 2017

The Real Deal!

I took some time to play with this before writing a review. This plugin is pure magic! That being said, it takes some time to figure this out for yourself. There’s so much more to it than diming your guitar and the plug-although that is pretty special. Take some time and research how this amp was used in classic recordings and you’ll be on your way to Tone heaven! Thanks UA!

S. Soares Baptista

November 16, 2017

Great presence

At first I was a bit skeptical about this one, having tryied the demo before. I gave it another shot, since it was on sale and tweaking the settings around a little bit I could achieve some amazing sounds. It just needs to be somewhat tamed, since it's a tad hot on its own, but after you dial those knobs around for a while you can get some impressive tones!

S. Debontridder

November 16, 2017

An amazingly truthful simulation of a classic.

In general, I'm not a fan of amp plugins. To my ears, they tend to lack a certain quality, a certain sparkle that does shine through in recordings of actual, physical amplifiers. This little gem changes that trend and is destined to become my go-to source of clean(ish) guitar tones for future recordings.

J. Sillanpää

November 12, 2017

My new go-to

This amp reacts like a real amp. It makes life that much easier when the set up for doing a guitar take is done in a matter of seconds. Nothing breaks the flow.

M. Fletcher

November 11, 2017

Dynamic, Touch sensitive

This is the most dynamic, touch sensitive amp sim I've ever used. Works great. Sounds so good. Lately, I've been using it on a clean setting with my Maxon VOP9 tube screamer, with the Precision Reflection on aux 1, and EMT 250 or EMT 140 on aux 2. Tone heaven. SRV and Matt Scofield tone for days!!!! It is nice to have such tools which inspire me to play more. I haven't been able to put my guitar down!

F. St-Gelais

November 6, 2017


I have the real thing. This is remarkable. From awesome edge of breakup tones to deliciously farty fuzz and everything in between. It takes pedal really well, too!

J. Dover

November 3, 2017

Revised - Great Plugin!

This is an update on an earlier review where I couldn't get a clean tone out of it. Turns I was I using it as an Insert, which is not what you're supposed to do. Once I added it as a Unison plug-in, the true beauty of this amp plug-in finally came through! Great clean tones, I could hear the differences in the channels, the mic selections and placements, the speaker options. While nothing will ever capture a real 55 Fender amp mic'd up with top of the line condensers in a pro studio, this is as close as you're gonna get to the real thing without breaking the bank. Each of my guitars respond differently too, which is what a good amp plug-in should do. My LSL and Nash Tele's will have that spank, my Suhr Strat, clean and chimey and my Gretsch Broadkaster, thick and crunchy. I can hear all of the differences. So, please make sure to use this plug-in as a Unison insert, not as an Insert or Send. Don't believe all the negative reviews until you do.

s. rothe

November 2, 2017

awesome responsible to my different guitars

i've tried this one as a demo before with all my types of guitars (LesPaul,Tele,SG style,..)
it's so much fun to play the blues via this amp sim!
Great Jow UA :)
Sebastian rothe

F. Jacobs

November 2, 2017

composers tool for the late nights

Absolutely a fantastic guitar amp for those late night recordings. Used it on countless tv commercials, songs for radio commercials, and own projects. Great tool!

M. Prest

November 1, 2017

The Fender '55 Tweed Deluxe Delivers The Goods!

I have played keyboards and electric guitar professionally in bands since I was sixteen. I'm a retired teacher now and, although I still play gigs, my home studio has become my life. Buying an Apollo 8 was the best move I ever made. The plugins are awesome, particularly the Fender '55. The variety of preset sounds is amazing and the plugin has the ability to track the notes I am playing on my Fender Strat with no audible latency. One trick that I would like to pass on is that best way to get that input recording level down into the "green" quickly is to lower the volume button on the guitar before adjusting the amp controls. Rock on fellow musicians and I hope that you enjoy this versatile, well designed product as much as I do!

P. Lato

October 30, 2017


I like it a lot, while using unison, creating sound, recording this way, cannot understand thou, why it is so different and unpleasant using as a fx in a Daw...

Advantages are much bigger than disadvantages, luckily:)

J. Barrios Requena

October 28, 2017

Do you really need a real Amp?

This sounds just perfect. Sometime I record at night an this allows me to get the perfect tone with out disturbing other people around... Thanks UAD!

381-400 of 617 Results