Fender® '55 Tweed Deluxe

Fender® '55 Tweed Deluxe

Unison Enabled

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Fender '55 Tweed Deluxe

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S. Healey

June 23, 2017

A Superb Tool, Best Amp Sim Around....Some Prerequisite Items Should Be Considered

I have demoed this plugin on and off for over a year. Before purchase, I wanted to take the opportunity to actually find and play through a real 5e3 in a studio through monitors. I also wanted to completely understand how the plug worked and how it would be optimized for the best possible sound. Here's what I think:

1. As to the authenticity of the sound......oh yea, spot on. Remember....and this is key now...the sound you are hearing from this plug is the sound of an amp that is miked...not an amp that is a few feet in front of you in the same room. So, with that in mind, this plug in sounds and behaves (more on behavior later) like a real deal 5e3 miked up in the studio. What’s great here, is that the simulated mics are way nicer than anything I have access to at my home studio; when you couple these with the different speaker emulations, you really get some options.

2. This plugin is really at its best when you are playing it through UA hardware in UNISON mode. The Unison mode not only allows for better amp behavior modeling, but it also allows you to play with the Instrument and Microphone channels linked with a Y cable. The linked channel option really open a wide spectrum of tonal possibility. If you attempt to play through this plugin in real time without UA hardware/Unison mode, you will likely be disappointed and may encounter some troubling latency. I suspect this is the source of some of the negative reviews Without UA hardware, this is a really great tool for re-amping guitar tracks that are already recorded but the coup de grace here is playing and interacting with the amp in real time.

3. It is absolutely critical that you monitor and maintain proper gain staging with this plug to make sure you get the best possible sound. A lot of the negative reviews on here have clearly been written by folks who haven’t grasped that the digital distortion they are hearing is a result of bad gain stating…usually at the master output of the plug. The natural breakup achieved form the modeled amp is so stunningly well done but to ensure that is all you are hearing, you must carefully monitor the gain throughout the signal chain (the volume level on your instrument is a big factor here!).
In summary, this plugin is without question the best guitar amp sim around. The 5e3 Tweed is a versatile amp, but the versatility is only achieved by learning how to work a harmonious balance between your guitar and the software controls. This is a lot like working with a real 5e3, where the best tones seem to come from taking the time to learn the nuances of the interaction between your guitar, your body, and the amplifier controls……the smallest movement of a volume or the tone knob moves sonic mountains, so to speak. Without Unison, the full interactive experienced offered by the software is out of reach, which might be a deal breaker for some. I feel certain that any negative review you read here was written by someone who hasn’t taken the time to learn how to use this plug or by someone whose ears will never be satisfied by a software emulator. My hope is that this review is of some help to folks out there who are considering this purchase. I look forward to UA doing this same level of work on another amp sim in the future!

UAD User

June 22, 2017

Not impressed

Am a big fan of UA plugins but this didn't impress me at all. The sound of the amp breaking up sounds very clippy, digital and unnatural. I am lucky enough to have a sound booth at my studio where I can mic up amps. I own a Fender Deville 2x12 and it sounds nothing like this when driven. Would love for this plugin to sound better as it would save me the hassle of micing up and running back and forth to the room to tweak the amp, but it just isn't there.

s. kgr

June 22, 2017


Very Very fantastic with the mic choices and speaker options. Very flexible - keeping in mind that it's a tweed Deluxe. All guitars sounds great in my room everyday .

G. Ventin

June 20, 2017

Usually mic my amps but...

Just added this amp simulator to my arsenal and completely blown away by its tone. I've never been extremely happen with guitar amp plugins (and usually ended up miking up the real thing) but this time it's different. UA, you guys nailed it! Thank You

E. Budzynski

June 16, 2017

An excellent emulation

Having played an old tweed fender amp I can say this emulation is very close. Quick work flow and you won't upset the neighbours! Love the channel linking facility.

H. Gray

June 10, 2017

One of my two go to amps in the UAD line up

I am a big fan of the UAD Friedman amps, and discovered quickly that the 55 Fender doesn't just stand proud on its own, it also complements the Friedman amp line perfectly which is why I bought both plugins. I love that the fender can get that perfect aged clean tube sound with a hint of natural grit in it, which is something I have struggled for many years to get out of other plugins. The Fender does this effortlessly, I am amazed every time I use this plug in, I keep saying to my self I can't believe it can do that, it sounds so real. This is an amp plug in like no other, that finally fills a long vacant void in my mixes. Good Job UAD!!!

F. Arruda

June 6, 2017

As good as it gets

If you are looking for the best '55 Tweed Deluxe amp emulation out there, this is it. Its great. If you are looking for something as good as the real amp, this is not for you. Any professional can tell the difference, which lays on the "tube" aspect of the sound, and also in the "air" between the mics and the amp. UAD cannot make miracles, but they get pretty close.

M. Benson

June 5, 2017

Not What You're Expecting

This is not a normal amp sim. I don't think that can be overstated. I firmly believe that all of the bad reviews are from people that don't know how to use it. This plugin is incredibly responsive to the volume knob on your guitar. You've got to back way off on that to get clean tones (and run it through the mic input). I bought this mainly interested in the cleans, and it was actually a bit of a let down for that reason, but this also isn't the cleanest amp Fender ever made. Know what you're getting into, know how to use it, and you'll love it.

n. chappey

June 2, 2017

Most realistic sound I've ever heard from an amp emulation

Even if I don't really like the clean sounds on this amp (you still can get some nice almost clean sounds though), I can't decently give less than five stars to this product. It sounds so good ! With a Duncan ssl-5 in the bridge of my strat and some room reverb on the channel, it sounds insane. Dirtier, fatter AND more musical than any of the fuzz pedals I've used. It's like instant Jack White or Black keys ! I can't wait for a Fender Twin or Deluxe reverb plugin... I'm already drooling ! Please hurry up UAD ! ;o)
Now I almost only use my Softube Marshall Plexi plugin just for clean or bright sounds.

Même si je n'aime pas particulièrement les sons clairs de cet ampli, je ne peux décemment pas donner moins de cinq étoiles à ce plugin. Je n'ai jamais entendu quelque chose d'aussi réaliste dans un plugin. Je n'ai jamais joué sur un vrai Fender '55 tweed Deluxe et je me fous de savoir si cela sonne exactement pareil car le son de ce plugin est juste magnifique et vraiment énorme. C'est du Jack White instantané !

D. van Haarlem

June 1, 2017

The Complete Fender Sound The way it was meant to be!

Just plug in your 60s Telecaster and you're ready to go. Instant time travel to the 'good old days'. UA has come up with a spectacular recreation of one of the best guitar amps in the world. Now I'm waiting for their Vox AC-30.....

F. Silvestry

May 27, 2017

Best amp sim out there

I think this is a terrific amp simulation and clearly the best amp simulation out there right now. I own tweed, brown, and blackface originals and have been playing for a very long time using mostly old guitars from the same era. Just as there is no one best amp for any sound/situation, obviously the '55 Tweed Deluxe plugin can't do everything for every style of music, but if you're looking for a very realistic sounding and responding Fender tweed amp simulation this one is king. Note it can be used for a variety of great sounds and genres. I've tried many other amp sims from a number of other vendors (and even UA partners), and this one gets it so much right it's a no brainer. This thing sounds and feels a tremendous amount like a real tweed deluxe and that is a very very good thing. You want clean, remember to use in a Unison slot and use your guitars volume controls to further move between clean and grit. Try the alternative speakers, play with the mic options, and try the different input slots until you get something you like. Add some spring or plate reverb via aux send (it does use a lot of its chip when tracking) and you'll be very happy. Play it loud thru the studio monitors and you'll 'feel it' more. I'm seriously (like so many others hoping that UA continues its partnership with Fender and does something that is bigger and has more headroom with vibrato and reverb from the 60's such as a blackface Twin Reverb.

r. seo

May 23, 2017

in the Mix

this one has something you like in the mix...

P. Danel

May 18, 2017

Fender 55 Deluxe - this Plugin is real, not a dream of that amp...

If you have a good sounding guitar, that Fender-Amp-plug-in makes your guitar sound like heard from best records. Real guitar-string-feeling with fine Fender- clean-sound, "twang" and natural overdrive, overall inspiring, - which could make your guitar- session endless... Never heard and felt this playing with plugins coming from others - only UAD - the very best.

S. Keys

May 16, 2017


I have recorded with this fender plug-in and one take with h the guitar and it was perfect. Then the solo, one take excellent, and everything was on the box. No eq no fx needed. Pure sound direct in the mux with magic.

M. Johnson

May 11, 2017

Overdrive, Distortion or bust !

This Amp plugin is for Fans of Dry Mushy overdrive. No clean tone For Chorusing Chimes here. Sounds Great With a Les Paul Gold-Top or other-than--Neck-pickup Strats.Think 70ies Rock

UAD User

May 3, 2017

Great Sound

Great Sounding Amp Plugin with loads of Options!

G. Jennings

April 27, 2017

Totally digging it.

I love having great sounds I can just plug into, and when I hit the record button everything is going to be captured the way I feel it as I'm playing. I enjoyed that about the half stack, and now the tweed. I'm pretty sure the tweed is my favorite of the two.

F. Fiset

April 27, 2017

Nice little edge

Pretty darn nice! Cool features and quite versatile with nice microphone options

K. Johannessen

April 25, 2017


Not a specific problem for this plug-in, but I really wish I could record the sound I get a low volume, instead of always have to turn it up to get a good signal...

Still it sounds absolutely fantastic... Only thing bad about this, is that some of the preset cannot be changed and then saved.

J. Hurst

April 19, 2017

Expectations surpassed.

Best Amp plug available. Truly cool. Wondering if I can tour with it alone...

401-420 of 582 Results