Fender® '55 Tweed Deluxe

Fender® '55 Tweed Deluxe

Unison Enabled

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Customer Reviews

Fender '55 Tweed Deluxe

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J. Järvelä

March 28, 2017

Really cool

I was looking for sound of a tractor when I was bored to sound of a mosquito and I found it.

D. Mazzone

March 28, 2017


Very Cool!

T. Ricci

March 26, 2017

Well, I can't stop playing through this thing!

Since adding the demo of the Tweed Deluxe I find myself reaching for my Les Paul every night. I haven't played this much in years. I can't believe how many classic tones I've found, "hey that's the exact guitar tone from...". This thing feels like an amp. A really good favorite amp. My other amp sims, both hardware and software, seem flatly one dimensional by comparison. The second the demo expired (about two minutes ago), I raced to the web site and bought the plug in. I own a real blackface Bandmaster and a 73 Vibrolux, so I know old Fender tone. I'd love to rave more about how much I enjoy this instrument, but now I'm in need to go rip out some dirty Texas blues-rock riffs.

P. Belous

March 26, 2017

Happy with it

My first impression was "what kind of crappy sound this is?" After playing with it longer, preset after preset, my opinion changed. And now i find myself playing through it more than trough any other amp sim. Has that feel of a real amp sitting next to me. I think it shines best with singlecoils; if you are into humbuckers, go for uad Marshall sims.

Z. Denham

March 24, 2017

Amazingly realistic!!

LOVE the sound of this thing. Very realistic and great on a variety of sources!

E. de Nanteuil

March 24, 2017

such a great tool

Great for guitars, but also good sometimes on basses and some gritty synth.

P. Krupa

March 23, 2017


This plugin simply sounds as a good amp recorded in a good studio with good microphones. I almost hate using reverbs with it, the sound's so pleasing. Other plug-ins of this type I know just produce distortion and sound more or less the same for me whereas Fender'55 Tweed Deluxe software sounds like a real thing.

l. kealaluhi

March 23, 2017

Feelin it

Wow you can really feel the difference. It's like Im playing thru the real thing. Love it

s. hosszu

March 23, 2017

Very nice

Pretty awesome not having to carry one about on location, very happy with the reproduction to the real thing.

R. Persson

March 21, 2017

More then enough.

The response in this tube amp plug is fantastic. Sounds almost 100% like a real tube amp. Vintage sound. One of the best plugin i bought from UAD.

I. Zmanowsky

March 18, 2017

It is Nice

Very sweety vintage sound for all of style!

I. Papagiannidis

March 17, 2017

Fantastic !

one of the best emulations ever made. great sound , in your face. you can easily go to a warm sound to an aggressive one and sits perfect in the mix!

just great!

R. Fundneider

March 16, 2017

Very good amp sim !!!

Great feel !
I use it with Ocean Way Studio plug-in as my Room/Reverb, great !!!

K. Gleason

March 11, 2017

Great but a little too compressed on drive

Great, great clean to dirty tone. The most realistic emulation I've heard. Tail of cranked tone is a bit compressed but it seems like you can use microphone settings to mask a bit. Remember, depending on the amp, tubes, guitar, etc each champ is going to sound a bit different. This is as good as software gets. Looking forward to DSP optimization on this one.

B. Herle

March 10, 2017

Pretty rad!

Put this in the unison slot, drop the fader all the way down, but turn up an aux send all the way. Set aux to "Pre-fader" and turn up the aux return so you can hear. Drop Ocean Way Studio plug into the aux channel. So killer! So useable! Feels like you have an amp in the other room mic'd up. And you can record your Aux channel straight into ProTools. Great job UAD! Loving the recording life!

井. 健人

February 16, 2017


great sounds

T. Ottesen

February 16, 2017

This thing...

..is amazing. I own the Plexi, Engl and Softube amp sims already, but this is now the only one I use. I love how simple it is - dialing good sounds is real quick, and you can get down to recording right away. It´s even made me use the volume knob on my guitars, which I really haven´t done before, and I´ve played 20+ years.

R. Greene

February 13, 2017

So Far..

So far so good, I've only used the plugin on a couple of attempts on tracks. Having had an old hot rodded Fender Vibrolux 30 years ago to owning a DeVille today - I can compare what I'm getting with the plugin to those sounds. I'm please so far, but I'll continue tweaking and tinkering and see if I can give a more detailed review soon.

R. Quek

February 5, 2017


I have several amps, Fender, Mesa Boogie, Marshall...have to say this plug in does not cut it. It might get you one grungy sound, but it does not sing in overdrive and it does not do a clean fender tone. I so wanted to like, especially for Unison usage, but alas...if you are looking for Knopfler, Gilmour, Stevie Ray, Johnson clean tone, you can't really get it here.

T. Camp

February 5, 2017

Hated It At First, Was Using It Wrong! GREAT PLUGIN

So when I first demo'd it, I hated this thing. It was super midrange heavy and uninteresting. I couldn't be more wrong. After spending time with it with the unison technology and using my Fender Telecaster, this thing reacts exactly like a Fender tube amp. You can control so much dynamically just on your guitar which is unlike ANY amp sim that I've ever used. You can add a pedal board to it going in (if you choose to) and can roll the volume down to get a clean sound.

Here is where I found the magic. I set up two auxes on console. I realized why I didn't love the amp at first as much as micing up an amp... I didn't have a room that it was going into. Once I put Ocean Way on an aux send just for the room, and EMT 140 on the other for some verb, I got the best guitar recordings that rivaled my Fender 68 Bandmaster tracked in a multi-million dollar room.

In short, spend a little time with it, play with your verbs to create a small room space on top of it or you're fighting an uphill battle. This is THE product.

441-460 of 582 Results