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Fender '55 Tweed Deluxe

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D. Mirny

May 23, 2020

Real thing!

this amp sounds identical to my real Tweed Deluxe

A. Taylor

May 22, 2020


I was hoping for a classic unique sound.
Doesn’t really do it for me , sorry to say

A. Annear

May 16, 2020

Great vintage tones

Love all the tones here but the vintage tones are spot on. Side by side comparisons resulted in an obvious winner this plugin. The sad part is now I do t have to do the ceremonial mic set up and fishing for tones. The upside, I now have them easily accessible.

G. Merino

May 15, 2020


This plugin feels real. seriously recommended!

K. Boaten

May 15, 2020

Horrible Sound

Does no justice to what fender stand for and make. I have a 1971 Strat and it sounds terrible through this amp sim. Very disappointed.

J. Cillo

May 14, 2020

Amazing tone, feel and dynamics

I’m blown away by every aspect of this plugin. Living in a place where I can’t use amps at recording levels, this plugin has been key for me finding the tones for my guitar.

m. olson

May 14, 2020

It sounds like it looks

It’s for that 60’s distortion sounds real dirty no harmonic overdrive that I guess would work if you’d going for a Neil young sound but I just don’t really use it and I’m a rock guy mostly progressive and alternative

T. Whibley

May 14, 2020

I sold my Princeton!!

I love the sound of this, First I did an A/B between my real 65prri , then add the galaxy echo plug for reverb and I can record all night without bothering anyone.
I had to get my prri real loud to get to the sweet spot.
The 55 Tweed is now my go to guitar sound from sweet clean to all out distortion/fuzz!
Also enjoying the Marshall Plexi and thinking of spending to upgrade to the full version.
As with all amp sims YMMV and I have owned most of the stuff out there with S-Gear being right up there but for me this is what I like.
Thanks UA

T. Paukner

May 14, 2020


Let me start my saying that UA actually had something very decent going here: the amp actually feels like a real amp and is more "3d" than any other simulations I tried.
BUT the drive on that Thing is horrible. Absolutely bad. Unusable. I will say that again in case you didnt get it: It. Is. Bad.
Not your typical "its ok but bad compared to the original amp that Costs 1.5k+".
Bad as in among the worst I´ve ever heard in simulations. I´m talking about Freeware bad. Ever tried to just amp your guitar via a Saturation Plugin for giggles with Nothing else in the effect chain? Yeah, thats the Level were Talking About here.
Now you might think: well I want that Fender Simulation just to Play clean with any gain anyways. Impossible. Thing breaks up immediately. There a Tiny sweet spot where it doesnt. So in order to avoid the horrible overtones, you will Play like a p*ssy, because every time you Play a note strong or with Emotion, the amp breaks up. And you don´t want that.
Worst experience probably in my amp testing life. It´s like somebody with a taser stands behind you, tasering the life out of you one you Play loud, very very limiting for your playing.

Let me end on this note: the demo video on this site is fake. He clearly Plays the actual amp, not the UA Simulation, same probably goes for the demo tracks. Can´t be sure.
I also call BS on those Reviews saying "I got the real Thing and this Simulation sounds just alike". Yeah yeah, I´ve played the real Thing. Let me tell you that its distorion does NOT Sound like a hord of irate wasps that are trying to rape you.
Loved every single UA Plugin I got up to this Point.
Now I bought this Thing on sale and with a Coupon for 75 bucks, and still feel scammed.
It´s so sad, because as I said, this Thing feels 3d, you can feel it react and move to your playing like a real amp, but then the drive, trust me the drive, even the tiniest bit of it, ruins everything.

M. Borholm

May 8, 2020

Fender amp

I bought this plug in to save a little time when I didn’t want to set up my real deluxe for recording but when i got it i must say i was a little underwhelmed because it didn’t sound like it did on the demo clip UA had made with Josh Smith but then i spoke to a mate of mine and he told me to put it in unison slot and wow now its awesome so i might suggest that perhaps when we purchase a plug in a little where best to place things would make all the difference but all in all i love UA in all its entirety and i love where the company is going particularly with LUNA thanks UA

E. Gunnlaugsson

May 7, 2020

Thanks, UA!

Love fender amp and i love this softwere with ent reverb on it it sounds amazing

M. Pineau

April 29, 2020

The search is over!

The 55 Tweed Deluxe is unbelievable. I've just moved over to UA hardware and software with an Apollo Twin. Recording guitar no longer frustrates me, using the 55 Deluxe helps the guitar fit right in its place.

Thanks, UA!


April 27, 2020

Does not replace a real amp but

in my opinion, one of the closest digital emulation of a real amp. And it is sufficient to have a very great sound when recording.

m. Hensley

April 27, 2020

Why the hate for this plugin?

I love it. I've been recording through it with my Tele, and I'm getting great results.

S. Osman

April 19, 2020

a little disappointed

when I first tried this plugin I was impressed.. it seemed to be giving me a good overdrive and then cleaning up well with just the use of the guitar's volume pot. However since actually owning it and putting it through its paces.. I'm no longer impressed, the overdrive aspect has a lot of anomalies, weird sounds that are not what comes out of real gear.. it's not an acceptable and usable sound for me, it cleans up quite nicely but then if you bypass it the clean sound is better.. at best it provides a reasonable crunchy sound that you could not get without it.. so for those looking to get a crunchy tone it will work..but I guess as I own an ox amp top box and a morgan mvp23 head I should not be expecting to be blown away by a plug-in like this.. its ok but it's not what I first thought it was. I think its a tone that does sit well in a recording though.. if I'm jamming away whilst watching a film for example ( not something I do often I must add! ) the tone sits well in amongst the soundtrack.


April 18, 2020

Not an Amp replacement

I've been playing guitar professionally for nearly 20 years and I do consider my self a tone freak. This amp sim sounds fantastic. By far, the most realistic amp sim I've ever played. That being said, it is not a replacement for an amp.
My 2 biggest complaints
1) It breaks up faster than the real thing. While the distortion sounds fantastic, it lacks the headroom of the real deal. I feel like there is a real small sweet spot where is that range is larger on the real amp.
2) Not that ANY other amp sim models this, but the HF drop off as the impedance changes when the volume on the guitar is turned down is accentuated too much. While this happens on the real amp, its not anywhere near as drastic as it is on the sim. Anything less than full volume sounds like I've got a blanket over my amp, and I run a capacitor on my Strat to keep it bright anyway.

Despite these 2, nit-picky issues, this thing is totally worth it. You should buy it, right now.


April 14, 2020

Beautiful Warm clean tone

Amp that gives me just what I want for my electric guitar - warm tone with just the right amount of crunch if I need it.
With speaker and mic selection/positions you can fine tune the texture.

F. Marzuki

April 10, 2020

A good clean amp

I've always wanted a clean amp like Twin Reverb or Roland Jazz Chorus 120 to be in my sound tools. A Fender Tweet is close enough for that. I'am shure I'll get used to it.

A. Volanto

April 10, 2020


I’m really starting to question my ownership of real tube amplifiers.

K. DoHyeong

April 6, 2020

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181-200 of 644 Results