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Customer Reviews

Friedman Amplifiers Collection

Overall Rating

81-100 of 198 Results

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R. Hortensius

March 2, 2019

The Friedman amps sounds great on pretty well anything !

Love the Friedman amps , used the BE100 on this blues tune, sounds really like a real amp !!!

D. Perini

February 8, 2019

Friedman Amplifiers Collection

I love Marshall, but sometimes I found relly useful this collection to work ITB!!!

D. Holeva

January 14, 2019

Fantastic Collection!

I used both amplifiers in demo mode and finally pulled the trigger. These are my favorite amps by far! They sit perfectly in the mix with little or no eq adjustments. I really love the clean tones for jazz. Fantastic!

f. ceballos

January 11, 2019

Friedman Amplifiers Collection

I like this amp plug, it sound so good in every project! Thanks.

J. Kaiser

December 31, 2018

Great Plugin

A huge variety of british tones. From 60s to 90s, here is everything you need.
Great sounding amps.

J. Kaiser

December 31, 2018

Great Plugin

A huge variety of british tones. From 60s to 90s, here is everything you need.
Great sounding amps.

D. Schiller

December 25, 2018

Great amp Simulation

It is one of the best amp plug ins that I have used so far. Very transparent and responsive. The only thing that is bothering me is that there is no feature to reduce the noise floor (pick up noise and amp noise). But overall one great piece of software!!

J. Mage

December 20, 2018

Clean amp sleeper

great clean tones from both of these amps. I own other UA emulations (fender, marshalls) and this brings something special and different. Plus...the damn tuner!!

A. Ortiz

December 18, 2018

Really close to the real ones!

I own the real DS head and it sounds really close to the original. Having the BE100 bundled with it is a great add on for heavier tones. At this special Xmas price it’s AWESOME!

B. Nguyen

December 17, 2018

Worth it!

I like the dirty Shirley, and I’m glad it came packed with the other amp.

J. Dufresne

December 17, 2018

Mid-gain and vintage heaven.

A friend of mine has a real BE-100 and I can attest to the accuracy of the tone when comparing the real amp and cabinet to the modeled equivalents. But let your ears be the judge. This is one of the rare modeled amp sims that is very playable and unbelievably dynamic leaving you comfortable and happy with this and only this in your guitar signal chain. A wonderful pair of mid-gain to high(er) gain amps in the vintage tonal spectrum. Add distortion or other effects and you can get lost for days with wonderful possibilities. Instantly nail classic rock and 90's Seattle-rock tones with little engineering effort required. Eats a lot of CPU at 96k but with multiple DSP cores and judicious use of resources it is not a problem and totally worth it.

C. Ray

December 16, 2018

Are You Ready To Rock?

These two amps are all you need if you are going to record some high energy guitars. The BE100 is a fire breathing, Eddie Van Halen in a virtual box. The FX Rack is also extremely easy to use and can allow you to get really creative with how you record in. it also works just as good if you want to monitor with these plugins and add them in post production so you can really set them in the mix. 10/10 purchase. Thanks guys!

T. Stankiewicz

December 15, 2018

Sounds nice

Really good range of tones from nice clean to beefy heavy sounds.

A. S

December 14, 2018

Friedman Amplifiers Collection

Sounds pretty natural, now my main amps for mixing from clean to high gain/

A. Diederich

August 15, 2018

Great way to get that Friedman sound

It’s nice to be able to coax out this type of tone without brain melting sound levels. I am early into the pair, but they have a very classic modded Marshall tone. Very cool.

B. Hill

July 30, 2018

Great Amp Sims - Realistic and Dynamic

Great sims - very easy to dial in, with fantastic tone. I've found myself going back to these and the Buxom Betty time and time again for consistently great results.


July 15, 2018

Son énorme mais

Le son de ses amplis est vraiment énorme.
Le seul défaut est la simulation de baffle qu'il vaut mieux désactivé et remplacé pour rentrer ce son de guitare dans un mix.

P. Perfetto

June 29, 2018

awesome amps

I use all the UA amp plugins, these have a good diverse tone for multiple types of situations!!! Rock n roll

C. Hook

May 27, 2018

Love these.

I love the Dirty Shirley amp. I've wanted one for almost 10 years. I have the pedal versions of both of these, and tried these after. Brought them both, and got the Buxom Betty too which is also great. I love the plugin of the Dirty Shirley so much I just brought the real amp so now i have 3 different ways to get that Dirty Shirley thing.

t. takamasa

April 14, 2018

Absolutely amazing!!

Excellent tone!

81-100 of 198 Results