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Friedman Amplifiers Collection

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R. McClure

December 13, 2019

Better and more versatile than the Marshall amp models from UAD

After demoing all of the amp simulation plugins from UAD, I found these amp models to be better equipped for getting a wide variety of British tones than the Marshall amp models. The high gain is very nice but they also clean up well. It’s also nice to have the tone modification switches to get even more versatility.

F. DeAngelis

December 4, 2019

Blissful jamming alert!

A lot of ground is covered between these two amps. Sounds and Feels like a real tube amp. I can make the BE100 sound just like my modified Marshall. From Clean Crancked the tones are all fantastic and useful across the full spectrum of frequencies

UAD User

November 13, 2019

Gets the most use out of all amp plugins

This is the one amp plugin that I use the most. Both of these amps are super useable from clean to dirty. Wow they sound great! Super flexible!

K. Haritatos

September 18, 2019

Fantastic Amp.

I love this sound!

T. Ashe

July 19, 2019

Perfect answer

Have been looking for a versatile guitar tone for fast workflow. This Friedman Amplifiler collection was the perfect answer!!

O. Di Dio

June 17, 2019

Solid As a Rock

I finally had my Friedman Dirty Shirley and BE100.. and they sound exactly like the ones I recorded with at Sphere Studios Los Angeles. Thumbs up for UAD and Brainworx!

M. Götz

June 16, 2019

Best Amp Sims Ever!

The Friedman sims have the best tone of all. Own the Marshall, Fender, Suhr and Chandler. Only using the Friedmann sims, because of their sound.

D. Muir

May 6, 2019

These rock!

These are some of the best software amps I've ever tried. There is no way that I could ever fire up a Friedman 100 and get a good tone from a mic in my small recording space but, whether I play directly through these or re-amp a track, I can easily get a great tone.

UAD User

April 28, 2019

Expensive Guitar Tuner

They no longer sell the guitar tuner plugin as a standalone purchase and instead require you to buy it as part of a bundle.

R. Hortensius

April 22, 2019

Just like a real amp, maybe more !

It feels like playin' on the real amp ! Just did a bluesy instrumental track using the Friedman BE-100, it's got a real smooth tone for lead guitar. So much fun to play through !!!

T. Stankiewicz

April 11, 2019

Beasts !!!!!

Massive sound , perfect for all genres.

A. Heinzelmann

March 31, 2019

Very good Emulation

Universal Audio has a very good Emulation of the original Amplifier. If you hear the difference in Solo-Mode, i think you cant´t hear it in the Mix, I am very pleased.

S. Bakas

March 13, 2019

Great amp sims!!!

All Friedman amps sound seriously amazing!Not my cup of tea all the time soundwise but indeed sounds amazing and real!

R. Hortensius

March 2, 2019

The Friedman amps sounds great on pretty well anything !

Love the Friedman amps , used the BE100 on this blues tune, sounds really like a real amp !!!

D. Perini

February 8, 2019

Friedman Amplifiers Collection

I love Marshall, but sometimes I found relly useful this collection to work ITB!!!

D. Holeva

January 14, 2019

Fantastic Collection!

I used both amplifiers in demo mode and finally pulled the trigger. These are my favorite amps by far! They sit perfectly in the mix with little or no eq adjustments. I really love the clean tones for jazz. Fantastic!

f. ceballos

January 11, 2019

Friedman Amplifiers Collection

I like this amp plug, it sound so good in every project! Thanks.

J. Kaiser

December 31, 2018

Great Plugin

A huge variety of british tones. From 60s to 90s, here is everything you need.
Great sounding amps.

J. Kaiser

December 31, 2018

Great Plugin

A huge variety of british tones. From 60s to 90s, here is everything you need.
Great sounding amps.

D. Schiller

December 25, 2018

Great amp Simulation

It is one of the best amp plug ins that I have used so far. Very transparent and responsive. The only thing that is bothering me is that there is no feature to reduce the noise floor (pick up noise and amp noise). But overall one great piece of software!!

61-80 of 191 Results