Friedman® Buxom Betty Amplifier

Friedman® Buxom Betty Amplifier

Unison Enabled


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Customer Reviews

Friedman Buxom Betty Amplifier

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R. Whitney

August 17, 2019

Buxom Betty is Best of the Bunch

My regular real amp is a silver-face Fender Custom Vibrolux Reverb-Amp, but I needed something for recording late nights without bothering my housemate. I demoed the Buxom Betty against all of the other UAD guitar amp plugins for a week (including the Fender Tweed which sounded thin to me) and liked this one best. Although it's a little bottom heavy and needs some EQ to avoid getting muddy, especially with humbuckers, it's the most "alive" sounding plugin in the bunch for clean and low-to-medium gain to my ears. Not as good as a real cranked amp, of course, but still nice. Very smooth and spongy for mellower styles of music.

J. Woolcott

August 14, 2019

Awesome amp.

This is a great sounding alternative or addition to the Marshall collection, providing similar but different tonal options. The cabinet IR's are fantastic, you almost feel the air moving, and it reacts very faithfully when used in Unison.

C. Lee

August 2, 2019

Another Great Amp from UA

Another great amp offering additional tonal abilities not found in other amps. Perfect for lead and rhythm.

C. Lee

August 2, 2019

Another Great Amp from UA

Another great amp offering additional tonal abilities not found in other amps. Perfect for lead and rhythm.

V. Trachuk

July 30, 2019

Great Amp!

Not bad, but expensive)

V. Trachuk

July 30, 2019

Great Amp!

Not bad, but expensive)

S. Little

July 18, 2019

Versatile, Modern Amp

I'm a longtime Fender player, both guitars and amps, and I tend to favor cleaner tones to dirty ones. My go-to amps are wrapped in tweed and sound warm and buttery with vintage vibe for days. The Buxom Betty struck me right away as more transparent and honest. The clean sounds don't seem as shaped as those I'm used to hearing, and the difference feels modern to me. It's similar to the difference between 75-year-old acoustic and a modern pro model. Both have their place, but the new one likely benefits from technical advances, updated production practices, and better materials sourcing. The result is an instrument that's more balanced and capable (though perhaps with less soul). My early impressions of the Buxom Betty are similar. It's a workhorse amp with great versatility and a pretty honest tone signature.

R. Hortensius

July 10, 2019

Great for clean sounds !

Love the Friedman Buxom amp, hardly have to tweak to get great tones ! Just using this amp on this tune.

t. ando

July 8, 2019



R. Lundgren

July 6, 2019

Forget all the others. This is the one.

Activated the demos for most of the UAD guitar amp plugins just to decide which one I was gonna get. Honestly, I think most of them sound like crap (especially the Softube stuff), but this one is the opposite. Never used a better amp plugin! I'm really happy about this purchase.

J. Muren

July 5, 2019



K. Dietz

June 27, 2019

One of the best software amps I've ever used

I love the UAD Friedman amps in general, but the Buxom Betty in particular is one of the best software amps I've ever used. Period. It sounds great and is very versatile, I've even run through pedals before going into it and that works amazingly well (likely due to the front end design of the UA Apollo). This amp sim actually *feels* like playing into a real amp, it feels that extra little bit responsive. For clean or slightly overdriven tones, the Buxom Betty is my go-to.

J. Kulin

June 20, 2019

Great amp, great tone, a lot of options!

I did not expect to be blown away by this amp, but the basic tone is really nice. I especially like all the options with the mic & cab selection and especially the automatic toggle function making finding the right tone a breeze. I never tried the original amp, but after trying the UA emulation I am definitely intrigued. Combine this with the TS808 from the Distortion bundle and you have a wide range of tones. Good job UA!

K. Babic

May 31, 2019

Awesome Sound

great mic modeling, love it...!

b. berkovic

May 9, 2019

Friedman such a great tone

I was so surprise when I have check the demo, after 10 min I have buy, such a great tone such a great emulation from real amp

W. Mathias

May 5, 2019

UA keeps this ol' boy smiling.

In a fortunate confluence of events, I purchased the upgraded Helios EQ and found that it worked wonders with UA's Marshall Collection. So, I naturally wanted to hear it with something that wasn't a Marshall (call me crazy.) After reading the reviews of Buxom Betty, I gave it a try and it was an instant BUY. Besides, who wouldn't want an amp called Buxom Betty? Now she's my go-to and the Marshalls have become my "on the side."
Either way, UA keeps this ol' boy smiling.

M. Gorley

April 22, 2019

Great sounds!

This amp sim has a terrific range from clean to blues to rock. There are loads of amp speaker / mic combinations for quality emulations and many presets for a variety of sounds. Of course, the ability to tweak is endless. I am still exploring many of its possibilities, however I can already see that for all around use, this is presently high on the list of UA amp sims in my opinion. Give this a demo! It will impress!

m. boddi

April 21, 2019


Great sound

P. Woehl

April 20, 2019

Sweetest sound

I am loving this amp. Tons of character. The low-mids break-up first as you bring up the gain. It’s the real deal.

s. Pfeiffer

April 17, 2019

Big, Fat, Wide

The girth produced by this emulation is astonishing. Its the GTR you want right up the middle, with sonic candy of your choice panned. Extremely versatile with the FX section waiting to be discovered. Plenty of great emulations out there, but none like this. Think Blackface Twin having a love child with a Dumble or a Matchless. As clean and fat as you want it , with some other cool features-even a versatile delay that seems to suck very little DSP when engaged. Simply nothing like it. Of all the incredible amp sims out there, the Buxom Betty sounds the most like a genuine amp sitting in the room of any of my all of 'em. How many Marshalls do you need??? A fantastic sonic addition to your palette. Highly recommended for the big sound versatility one does not find often in a plug in, even from the masters at UAD and Softube...

41-60 of 219 Results