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Friedman Buxom Betty Amplifier

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81-100 of 271 Results

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s. yang

February 4, 2020

Fender Twin Reverb !!

This amp sounds like a fender twin reverb.
It's clean, high-pitched and full bass.

Clean tones & crunch tones are really good.

If you only have Marshall amplifiers, this is a great choice.
I have a Marshall amp, a Chandler amp and a John suhr se100 amp.
The sound is different from these, so I bought a Friedman Buxom Betty amplifier.

Now you can create the tone you want for any genre.
I use good amplifiers, preamps and compressors for guitar recording.

I love using the V76 preamp for Unison Free and the guitar amp for the insert stage.

I also like to use a guitar amp on Unison Free and use a tube compressor like the UA175B & 176 on the insert stage.

Have fun with everyone!

M. Prikryl

January 16, 2020


Together with Chandler amp, the two best amp simulations out there, at least on UAD platform. Beautiful vintage classic tones with Unison technology advantage. Sounds real and useful.

O. Dramaretskiy

January 14, 2020

The best amp ever!!!!

Great sound!!!!

C. Du

January 12, 2020

Best amp sim for clean/crunch sounds!

This is the best guitar amp sim for clean Fender like sounds. The "Buxom beauty" preset is magic with the Neve 88RS channel strip afterward (gate/eq/comp). Crunch sound is really good too, Vox AC30 like. And to top it all? a nice sounding delay!

K. Jeppesen

January 7, 2020

The best Amp sim for clean tones

If you're looking for Fender clean tones its here! For the first time I can make that sound in a Amp Sim, fantastic!

K. Jeppesen

January 7, 2020

The best Amp sim for clean tones

I have been looking for a long time for an amp sim that can deliver something near clean Fender tones. I'm the happy owner of a Fender Deluxe Reverb. For the first time I kan make that sound without disturbing my neighbours! It's fantastic. There is altså good crunchy tones, så its very versatile. The best sounding Amp sim from UA IMO.

G. Altun

January 7, 2020

Great with an external loadbox too !!

As far as virtual amps go, this is pretty much one of the best. After buying it I noticed that the preamp or power am section could be turned off so that it can be used as a virtual cab simulator together with my own amp and a loadbox, which is very useful, because I am able to record my own amp with the cab simulations with no latency.

G. Fricke

December 13, 2019

Buxom Betty Iconic Sound

Delivered on tone and amp characteristics. Great control for recording.

J. von Matt

October 21, 2019

Sounds from there and where!

Very multiple unison amp. In my daily use. All in one box, from vintage to these days, wit fx or without, cool cleans and strong overdrives!

Strogly recommended!

U. Kleinman

October 8, 2019

Best UAD guitar amp (I think...)

I have a few more UAD guitar plug-ins. This one is the most diverse that I have.
To go down all the different cabinets and mic setups is really helping to quickly find the right sound.

R. Hortensius

September 13, 2019

Love sweet Betty !

The guitar tones are all Betty !

D. Schneider

August 25, 2019

Great Sound

Very satisfied with this purchase. Amp simulations are very realistic and controls are very intuitive. Easy to get great sound.

R. Whitney

August 17, 2019

Buxom Betty is Best of the Bunch

My regular real amp is a silver-face Fender Custom Vibrolux Reverb-Amp, but I needed something for recording late nights without bothering my housemate. I demoed the Buxom Betty against all of the other UAD guitar amp plugins for a week (including the Fender Tweed which sounded thin to me) and liked this one best. Although it's a little bottom heavy and needs some EQ to avoid getting muddy, especially with humbuckers, it's the most "alive" sounding plugin in the bunch for clean and low-to-medium gain to my ears. Not as good as a real cranked amp, of course, but still nice. Very smooth and spongy for mellower styles of music.

J. Woolcott

August 14, 2019

Awesome amp.

This is a great sounding alternative or addition to the Marshall collection, providing similar but different tonal options. The cabinet IR's are fantastic, you almost feel the air moving, and it reacts very faithfully when used in Unison.

C. Lee

August 2, 2019

Another Great Amp from UA

Another great amp offering additional tonal abilities not found in other amps. Perfect for lead and rhythm.

C. Lee

August 2, 2019

Another Great Amp from UA

Another great amp offering additional tonal abilities not found in other amps. Perfect for lead and rhythm.

V. Trachuk

July 30, 2019

Great Amp!

Not bad, but expensive)

V. Trachuk

July 30, 2019

Great Amp!

Not bad, but expensive)

S. Little

July 18, 2019

Versatile, Modern Amp

I'm a longtime Fender player, both guitars and amps, and I tend to favor cleaner tones to dirty ones. My go-to amps are wrapped in tweed and sound warm and buttery with vintage vibe for days. The Buxom Betty struck me right away as more transparent and honest. The clean sounds don't seem as shaped as those I'm used to hearing, and the difference feels modern to me. It's similar to the difference between 75-year-old acoustic and a modern pro model. Both have their place, but the new one likely benefits from technical advances, updated production practices, and better materials sourcing. The result is an instrument that's more balanced and capable (though perhaps with less soul). My early impressions of the Buxom Betty are similar. It's a workhorse amp with great versatility and a pretty honest tone signature.

R. Hortensius

July 10, 2019

Great for clean sounds !

Love the Friedman Buxom amp, hardly have to tweak to get great tones ! Just using this amp on this tune.

81-100 of 271 Results