Friedman® Buxom Betty Amplifier

Friedman® Buxom Betty Amplifier

Unison Enabled

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Friedman Buxom Betty Amplifier

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s. fujimoto

October 11, 2021

Cool and modern amp

An amp that goes well with Telecaster and Strat. This was very moving.

J. Luckett

September 10, 2021

Almost all you need!

The presets are cool, but the joy is in starting flat and taking it from there. The clean tones are gorgeous and the overdrive is incredible, especially when using the power soak. And, please, test out all the different recording chains. The different cabinet and microphone combinations are an education unto themselves for me, a guy who really just thought the only way was to use a 57 on your Marshall cab. AND, the system resources used are minimal.

D. Cox

August 12, 2021


Perfect for fast paced, high sound quality guitar tracking! When I need to quickly get it from my head to the track without losing creative momentum or sacrificing sound quality, this is the one I reach for! Wow, what an inspiring plug-in…it just feels great too!

A. Goyne

July 1, 2021

I love this amp

I use this all the time

L. Tian Siung

June 29, 2021

Great Amp!

Great for Clean and Crunch!

E. Russell

June 21, 2021

Best Clean Tones

I've been struggling to find good clean tones for awhile. Not anymore. This is my go to amp for clean tones. Really impressed with its versatility.

O. Williams

June 18, 2021

Great amp

Very versatile tube sound. I don’t remember the last time I miked up my Mesa DC3. This thing just captures that loud clean sound. Lots of other things work well (NI guitar rig, pod farm etc) but this is a step up in amp modelling. The difference to me is the other options work well for kitchen sink sounds whilst this little fella stands up on his own. Love it almost as much as the Ampeg sim which sounds better than my Ampeg lolz.

T. Jakobsen

May 24, 2021

Great versatile amp

Excellent clean tones and crunch, going from Fender to Marshall and sounds as a real amp. Great addition to the Marshall Plexi . Many variations of different mic and loudspeakers set ups enhancing the sound pallet.

M. Alcon

April 14, 2021

Cool amp

My favorite UA emulation amp. It does the chores for me over the fender plugin (I’m not dissing it). But as a rocker who’s all over the board this is it. I would like to purchase a real one but I’m sure it would be difficult to dial some of those beautiful fuzzy tones that come with the presets. I’m in love.

I. Kalugina

April 13, 2021

One of the best for Clean Sound!

Really great on a Clean Tone! Mark Knopfler - Andy Latimer lovely tone is here! Especially when you use it with Gibson! One of the best for sure!

J. Pike

March 15, 2021

Little bit of Hair

This one is not a screamer, but it excels at tones that are hard to get in plugins. The little-bit-of-hair tones with this one are unmatched. Feels great for rhythm and lead playing.


February 15, 2021

Très efficace !

Voilà deux semaines que je teste ce plug-in et parviens facilement à trouver des sons incroyablement expressifs avec mes guitares. strat, demi-caisse, archtop : toutes donnent un rendu très convaincant et naturel. En jouant sur le gain (d'entrée), je parviens à obtenir du son clair riche au crunch rond et gras, idéal pour moi... mais je sais que les saturations plus importantes sont possibles pour les amateurs. Tous les réglages sont hyper efficaces, notamment les 100 simulations de cabines et prises de son qui influent énormément sur les timbres, sans rien dénaturer. Bref, je suis bluffé et je n'utilise plus que lui !

E. Jegu

February 14, 2021

Friedman® Buxom Betty Amplifier

Good to go !

K. Jull

February 6, 2021


I tend to gravitate more and more to this Amp. It allows me to dial in a more sophisticated sound without having to go to the extremes of distortion. It provides a great addition to the Marshal Plexi and the SUHR se100

R. Silich

February 2, 2021

Love this plugin!

This amp sounds like a real amp! Just excellent, highly recommended! I’ve been playing guitar for over 35 years and was surprised at how good this sounds. Thank you UAD team!

J. Bru

January 30, 2021

Sonido Americano

Diversidad de sonidos, una gran compra.

P. Schmiedel

January 14, 2021

Unglaublich realistischer Amp!

Wir haben im Studio den Friedman eingesetzt und sind überrascht worden. Verschiedene andere Plug Ins hatten wir bereits getestet, aber der Friedman hat alle in den Schatten gestellt. Eine unbedingte Empfehlung!! Beste Grüße Peter Schmiedel / P & K music

H. Behrens

December 23, 2020

just wonderful...

sounds like the best of Fender, Marshall and Vox in one box - very versatile

H. Alfred

December 21, 2020

Bell-like Airy cleans. That alone worth the price of admission.

The only sim/emulation I've heard that has "that" sound. It's woody, airy, a deep breath that finally expands your lungs fully. There are other superb cleans and maybe even cleans more suited to a flat c'chunk sound but if you are after that bell-like deep end plus twangy high end, this is the only one. I'm torn on the goodness of other UAD emulations such as DS40, Train II, etc - they're excellent but none breathe like BB . The real amp I'm guessing might lose it quickly with volume if fighting club noise but the emulation effectively adds a master volume without affecting tone. I could get more features for my buck choosing another girl but I know I'd regret losing out on Betty.

B. Coleman

December 17, 2020

The best!

This is always the first amp I go-to with new projects.

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