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Unison Enabled

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Customer Reviews

Friedman Buxom Betty Amplifier

Overall Rating

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S. Ramsey

September 28, 2022

Nice Amp

Nice Amp wouldnt mind trying the real deal.

E. Peterson

September 2, 2022


I am very impressed with the buxom Betty. I use a clean to just breaking up tone and Betty delivers. The effects sound great and flexible. I play rockabilly and vintage style country with a custom jazzmaster. Love this amp and can’t put it down. Very responsive to the volume control and records very well. Brings a smile to my face what more can I say. I’m in love with Betty don’t tell my girl though.

h. ilhan

July 7, 2022

No: 1 Cleanish Amp Sim

Excellent, one of my go to plugins with Suhr PT100, but have to say that maybe its not usable for who would like to get pure clean sound

H. Eriksson

June 2, 2022

Nice cleans.

The clean sound of this amplifier is really nice. It is also easy to get a good overdriven sound out of it.

K. Socasau

April 30, 2022

The Best "Blackface" style Fender Unison plugin

One of the best amp sim on the market, really responsive, the amp sounds real and it got beautiful clean Fender tones all the way thru Marshall style break up tone. Sounds killer with pedals, great pedal platform amp. All the mics and cabs sounds really alive and real, once again a killer plugin for Apollo users. I use it all the time !

B. Kenny

April 27, 2022

fave UAD amp

go to amp for tracking EGT through a DI

M. Cahen

April 22, 2022

Buxom Betty Tone Queen

Sounds great, fast and easy to dial in a great tone. Touch sensitive, works with all electric guitars....

P. Kurek

April 1, 2022

Sounds great!

Sounds great, nothing less than what I've expected.

P. Johnson

March 2, 2022

Happy User

I got this as was looking for something that I could quickly dial in a Roots Rock sound. This seems to do the job. When I miss passing my guitar through an amp & mic I can do that. But in the week or so I've had this I've been using it to good results.

L. Grubišić-Čabo

March 1, 2022

Friedman Buxom Betty - Sounds like my Fender Delux

This is the best of all plugins on market. The only with the right amount of distortion and warmth. Hardware pedals sound great through this software amp.

A. Keene

February 27, 2022

Favorite amp…for bass

When I want that plucky, vintage bass sound, I use the Betty more often than not. The modeling of 12” speakers when used on bass really helps the whole signal even out even before compressing. I like the flavor of grind this amp brings to the highs as well.

And of course it’s great for guitar.

S. Myers

February 14, 2022

1st UA Amp

This is my first full UA Amp sim and I must say, it's pretty great. I've tried a bunch of other programs but this one just feels different. Not sure what I'll try next, but I'm excited at the possibilities. Super happy with my Twin X purchase along with this amp.

S. Collins

January 17, 2022

Love it!

I have a bunch of amp sims. Guitar Rig, MOTU, Amplitude, Helix, Toontrack, etc. This is the best I've ever used for authentic-sounding clean tones. I'm a life-long Fender amp guy and prefer clean to crunchy as opposed to heavily over-driven Mesa or Marshall tones. Most amp sims struggle to reproduce the effect of playing through a real tube amp, but not this one. The realism is remarkable through my Apollo Twin X interface. The power soak is very cool. You can dial in some nice sustained lead tones too. The cab and mic positioning options are extensive. Impressive.

G. Merino

January 5, 2022

Great plugin

Best guitar amp plugin I ever tried.
Nice cleans and crunch tones. You can go from some kinda tweed to AC chimney sound.

N. Shaw-Hulme

December 22, 2021

If it only did 70s lead preset it'd be worth it!

I have, Sans Amp, Boss Gt1, Helix floor, the later causing me to sell the mesa boogie F50 as it was totally redundant for gigs and the sounds from the helix are remarkable in a mix. For convenience I have the UAD plexiglass, Vintage and metal Amp Rooms (great) but i wanted another unison amp model. So after seeing how potentially Fender and Marshall Betty could be I decided to take the plunge. The first preset 70s lead is just that, very Gary and very Moorish, see what I did there, I then tried clean FX delay, ace and then the crystal strat chords and that was great too. I have only had a chance to use this once and it sounded totally legit and mic'd cab like. I have yet to delve into all the recording path section but I will as I have done this on the helix and it is very useful. It backs off like an amp. It has the touch response of an amp, but obviously I am used to playing very finished in the mix sounds this does sound like my mesa or my Blackstar HT5 with a 57 in front and I am in the control room.
System, iMac 2020 8 core , apollo X4, monitoring through Genelecs, Technics cans Or Dynaudio Mains. Remember it's a unison plugin I see some people have way too much gain, perhaps they have placed it somewhere else in the signal path like the Vintage room.
Overall a great purchase, I only paid £57 for it but I can see it being well worth the full entry price. I have not noticed any latency issues, but you wouldn't expect to.

R. Little

December 16, 2021

Bad Name, Good Amp

I have trouble finding amp sims that actually feel like playing a tube amp. But this one, in spite of its tasteless name, feels pretty good. It gets that edge of breakup sound as well as any other sim I've used.

R. Calcagno

December 10, 2021

What am I doing wrong?

Purchased this a couple days ago. Can't get a simple clean sound, even the clean presets have lots of gain. It's unusable for clean guitars. Also, the FX screen pops up everytime I change presets. Is this normal?
Is there a pdf manual for this?
Running LogicPro + Apollo Twin X on MacBookPro 2019 Mojave.

G. Paolini

December 2, 2021

Friedman Buxom Betty Amplifier

This is a great amp indeed. In my arsenal I had already a couple of Friedman's amp sims and I gave this a try with the proposed demo just for a matter of curiosity. After 24 seconds I decided to buy it as the first strum on a clean sound offered by the first preset said it all. Highly recommended for those seeking for a low gain amp and excellent clean guitar sounds. Excellent platform also for external hardware pedals. Well done indeed.

S. McLellan

November 3, 2021

The Buxom Betty Delivers

I am clearly a tube amp snob, and have employed many of the classic and modern tube amplifiers in performance and recording. I've also had a go with many physical models, having been part of that world through a manufacturer. In the studio I get some of my best sounds at surprisingly low volume, but naturally a tube amp will begin to open up when you give it some juice. I was looking for an amp model in the studio for doubling parts, or for late night tracking if i have to be at home. The UA Friedman Buxom Betty is something I would have complete confidence placing forward in the mix. An elusive tone in many modellers is an 'edge of breakup' tube tone. Betty nails it every time, in a variety of ways, and in convincing fashion. I hooked up a couple of my go-to pedals, and it worked well with those too. If Dave Friedman says it's good, it's good. Enjoy.

s. fujimoto

October 11, 2021

Cool and modern amp

An amp that goes well with Telecaster and Strat. This was very moving.

21-40 of 291 Results