Fuchs® Overdrive Supreme 50 Amplifier

Fuchs® Overdrive Supreme 50 Amplifier

Unison Enabled

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Fuchs® Overdrive Supreme 50 Amplifier

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C. Yarbrough

May 14, 2017

Well that totally backfired…

Because after you spend all of your money on UA plugins (totally worth it) you won’t have any left for a real ODS! Another of life’s cruel jokes. On the upside, the plugins are much lighter to carry around. Great job Fuchs and UA.

S. Yamashita

May 8, 2017


近年、ダンブル系のエフェクター等 いろいろ販売されていますが・・・ こちらは素晴らしいサウンドです。ここ数十年 ヴィンテージフェンダーアンプにハマっていましたが、ここ最近のお気に入りです。


May 1, 2017

Works OK for Hi-gain inside the box but is much better outside the box ...

Since I don't own a Fuchs Overdrive Supreme amplifier I can't tell you how this plugin compares to the real thing; but, the reason I bought this plugin is UAD has a reputation for making very good software emulations of hardware and I really liked the sound of the Fuchs ODS amplifier when I researched it on-line. I prefer a "cleaned up" high-gain sound for my lead guitar solos and the Fuchs ODS promised to deliver on that count. So did the plugin deliver on that? The short answer is yes, I can get a good quality high gain sound resonating from my PA using this plugin; however, the reason I was looking for this type of plugin is that I am trying to find something to replicate my "sound" inside the box so I can deliver sweet sounding headphone mixes of my compositions. The problem I wanted to solve is that high gain lead tends to sound like electric shavers through the small drivers found in high quality studio headphones, never mind cheap headphones or, even worse, ear buds. So did this plugin solve that problem? In the end I must say that it did but the Carvin VM3 emulation in Amplitube 4 actually does it better. Am I sorry I bought this plugin? Although it didn't come out on top for use inside the box, I'm still pleased that I have what "could be" the equivalent of a Fuchs ODS for the price of a plugin and it sounds really good through 12-inch FRFR speakers.

W. Gall

April 25, 2017

Amp Heaven

This is the best sounding emulation I have ever heard. Love the clean and crunch tones that fit almost any situation. This has become my goto amp for clean and crunch. Everyone says wow that tone and I just smile :D

M. Fletcher

April 20, 2017

Lenny-ish cleans!

Sounds wonderful with my strat and Studio-D with EMT-140. I'm able to get that elusive SRV-ish "chime". Also sounds great with my hardware pedals in front of it (fuzzface, TS, Zendrive). I've been so taken with the clean channel I haven't really checked out the overdrive channel. A great purchase!

P. Effamy

April 19, 2017

Very smooth, quality sound and very editable. Stunning.

This really is the plugin for that classy lead guitar sound that needs to boss the mix. Wonderful tonal quality, and the accent button is really handy, enough to negate the addition of compression. Fantastic.

A. Nabavi

April 14, 2017

90% perfection

it's depth and shine is really fabulous. but I think it'd be better if it had STEREO support and Mic Setup and Amp Room Mics controls.

M. Niemczyk

April 12, 2017

My favorite Poweramp now!

I use all Brainworx Amps, because they are the only ones, which has the ability to turn off the preamp section and use a real tube one instead. The Poweramp section of this particular Amp along with Cabinets and recoding chains provide a perfect match for a Preamp like TriAxis (which loves 6L6 tubes). The groove and attitude are amazing.

M. L

April 1, 2017

Wow !


M. Flores

March 30, 2017


I saw this unveiled at the NAMM show this year and knew it was coming in March. I bought it 2 days into my trial period. Haha! one of the best amp sims out there. My buddy who has the real deal was floored by the video sample that i sent him. Definitely sounds legit. The feel is there as well. Great job UA and Brainworx!

D. Case

March 28, 2017

Great all around amp!

This Fuchs OD Supreme 50 plugin gives you the best of both worlds - great clean tones and a really flexible overdrive channel. The cabinet options are great and - to me - are much easier to use than the mic options in the marshall or deluxe plugin. The digital effects are a nice to have, but I prefer to use my other plugs for that. As someone else stated, this was a great surprise in the 9.1 release!

M. Niemczyk

March 22, 2017

Best Amp for using after preamp.

Since I need a PowerAmp and Cabinet + Mic Simulation to finish the analog Mesa/Boogie TriaAxis Preamp sound in the box, i can only go with the Brainworx Plugins by now. Until now I´ve been using the ENGL 6V6 and the Chandler for it, but this is a even better match, since it has 6L6 Tubes and is not that in your face punchy as the ENGL. Actually the coloration is really GOLD! The only downside is a tiny bug in automatic recording chain swapping, it seam only to work once, than i have to reopen the plug to be able to use it again.

H. Petersson

March 19, 2017

Clean and crunch heaven

This was a delightful surprise! The clean channel on this amp is gold. Really nice clean tones and you can push it up to gorgeous creamy overdrive. The overdrive channel is perhaps not the prettiest tone I've heard but it delivers a useful sound that cuts through nicely.
I compared it to my current Dumble emulation (S-Gear) and this one wins hands down. It's the best work Brainworx has done to date. It does everything I've used the Engl amps for and it does it better.
Between this, the Tweed Deluxe and the Marshalls I think I have pretty much every tone I need covered.

J. Geange

March 16, 2017


This is one seriously amazing sounding amp sim! The UAD Fender 55 is amazing but this amp allows you to instantly dial-in a super warm overdriven tone with ease. Using this amp along with the Oceanway Studio is guitar tone heaven!!!

w. wells

March 15, 2017

Fuchs greatness

Oh yes- Best amp emulation UA has offered. I am impressed. Never had the need to comment on plugins before now. I have owned Fuchs Tripledrive Supreme, OD 50 and 30 and Blackjack mkii, very happy.


March 15, 2017


This is now one of my two favorite things UA amp sims (with Fender Tweed).....fantastic tonal variation and OD

B. Booth

March 15, 2017

"Crystal Lattice"

This plug-in facilitates the survival of the more fragile harmonics, instead of eliminating or squishing them in a solid-state crystal lattice. I highly recommend!

A. West

March 15, 2017

Creamy, Sparkly and Saturated with Rich Tube Clarity and a Ton of Power

I have only owned this plug-in for about 40 minutes and yet. I was compelled to do a review immediately. This is one of the best amp emulations I have ever heard.

Low noise and hi gain with a robust selection of presets, effects and amp tweaks. Fuchs Overdrive Supreme 50 Amplifier is going to be a Go To for sure!

Well done as usual UAD!


March 14, 2017

this one is a keeper

Didn't take too long at all to determine that this D-style beauty is now in my collection...
the tonal variations are really stunning and the Unison integration magnificent! this and Santiago's Tweed are now easily my two favorite UA amps.

R. Quek

March 14, 2017

best there is.

OK the day before I contemplated the Fender plugin in. It does something but not much. But I could live with it, the ENGL's no ... not my thing. But this one? it's a keeper and a winner. Sounds clean if you want it to, you get a wide range in the clean channel - so all the SRV type thang is possible. If anything the bass control does not do as much cutting as I'd like but I can add a filter to take out the tubbyness. The Robben Ford type tone? Yes, in there in spades, all shades. The best part of it is there is near zero latency because the processing is Unison technology...you just don't feel it, and it feels like an amp. Top marks.

81-100 of 102 Results