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Harrison® 32C / 32C SE Channel EQ

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C. Anderson

June 14, 2013


I've tried a bunch of equalizers and all of the UAD one's. The Harrison is the best for vocals, of course in my own opinion, but it's clear when cutting or boosting any frequency, (but adds good color) , even if you raise or cut it over 6db (If Nessacary). These are well worth the buy. The only thing I'd like for the Harrison to have more of, is bands.

R. Patel

June 11, 2013


Amazingly smooth colourful EQ, lots of sonic sweetness. One of the finest high frequency bands I have ever heard from an EQ. Sounds very analog from low band upwards. The filters are beautiful, really responsive and full of tone. This is a proper boost EQ, and it's almost impossible to go wrong, even when radical boosts are applied. When I use this Harrison EQ, I can almost hear the same sweetness and air as used to mix the great MJ albums. You can really hear that fine air on Michael Jacksons vocals, and the overall smoothness of the mixes thanks to this EQ and the console itself. One of the best EQ's...thank you UA!

P. Mann

June 9, 2013

The magic on drums tracking

I don't know what it does but it is like a beast on drums.
I almost use it on any drum particle and it brings up what I need. I have SSL E CHANNEL
and NEVE 88RS CHANNEL but I'll never use them again on drums because it takes so much longer for me to achive what I do by HARRISON than those two.
If I knew it would push me forward this fast I would have buy it so much sooner and I'm so sad I missed it on my past mixes.
I extreamly recommand it to all UAD users. Maybe a little old but one of UA's best modellings in my opinion. Thans again UA.

Y. Kawahara

May 14, 2013

Harrison 32C Plug-In

Harrison 32C Plug-In is very nice change sounds, good job niversal audio.

D. Cunningham

May 2, 2013

Smooth and powerful.

I'm new to ua's modeled hardware plugins. The first thing I notice, is that the Harrison is extremely smooth. There is no distortion or harshness when boosting which is unlike other standard eq's I've used. Love it!

R. Sackett

March 30, 2013

No Nested Knobs!

This thing sounds great. I demoed it when it first came out and wanted, wanted, wanted it. Got it two weeks ago and can't live with out it. It does stuff that sounds good. I try to keep from getting too technical.

J. Niemann

February 5, 2013

Harrison 32C

One of the best plug-in EQs i have ever used. Its simple, versatile and sounds great. Its known to sound good on guitars, but to me it sounded great on everything, really. I ve compared it to all the other EQs from UAD and it ended up being the best allround EQ to me.

C. Schneider

January 29, 2013


Best sounding eq I own, and I do own a lot! Great for soundshaping and coloring, every single source sent through this plug-in sounds better afterwards!

T. Spielmacher

January 4, 2013


I had a hard time deciding which EQ console to start with but decided on the Harrison. The Neve and SSL are amazing but as a guy who requires simplicity but beauty, paired with it being perhaps not the classic popular choice, I love this so very much. Thank u UA!

D. Grechanick

January 3, 2013

love it

from the first moment this EQ bough me...any move sounds very musical and sonic - pleasant. this EQ has a sole...

M. Maddock

December 31, 2012

Harrison EQ

A friend of mine has just bought an oldish Harrison desk so I was intrigued to hear the plug in..... Stunning ! & I have only tweaked a few factory, pre-sets but to give cymbals/overheads a great top end without losing any character is beautiful..... Instruments never stop sounding as they should.... Like instruments !..... My must use plugin of choice now.

S. Berujanyan

December 28, 2012

Harrison 32C EQ Plug-In

My first impressions about this Harrison 32C Plug-In, on my vocal, was absolutely amazing ! This EQ works wonders on anything you apply it on. This is the best sonic tool I have in my plugin.

J. Vekich

November 7, 2012

Just Amazing!!!

Just Demo'd this plugin....I'm literally flabbergasted !!!!!! Never heard sound quite like this!!! for such a small looking plug it's really mind boggling what kind of sound this produces. It has such a smooth,correct, thick. warm sound that I certainly have to have!!! great!!!!

P. Nazerian

October 12, 2012

Eq Harrison 32c

Great sound like the using hardware and Harrison mixbord.
Thank y UA

E. Schaepers

September 21, 2012

An excellent piece of UAD gear

I got the Harrison 32C a month ago and I love it.
It really sounds great on almost everything. It also comes with a bunch of presets authorised by Mr Bruce Swedien, emulating his settings on some of the best sounding albums of all time. That alone makes it worth every penny :-)
An excellent piece of UAD gear.

R. Tirado

September 13, 2012

Harrison EQ 32 out of 10 stars

AWESOME, EASY TO DIAL IN.... I use it on everything!!!! The 32C SE allows me to save DSP on my UAD-2 Cards, now thats awesome........

R. Rodriguez

July 19, 2012

I was sold really when I read that this EQ was basically the same one from the desk of the dude who produced the album "Thriller". I mean how much more do I need to know, not much. SOLD This EQ has a really nice warmth about it, the knobs are very simple to understand, awesome vintage look, and some really interesting preset starting points i'm assuming were taken from Mr Swedien's desk when they were doing all the calculations to make this awesome virtual magic. Also comes with a SE version like most awesome UA plugins do in order to same a guy some DSP whenever we can.
Thanks UA!!

N. Milliken

June 25, 2012

This is the first time I've ever written a review - not normally my bag - but I've been so impressed by the Harrison that I had to reiterate what others have been saying . Currently working on an album with a retro vibe, and to say that it has transformed my mixes is an understatement.. Very sweet top end, never soundis harsh, and a superb tool for bringing everything into focus within a mix. I do have access to many other plug-ins SSL, API etc., and whilst they’re all very good in their own right, the Harrison just eclipses them with its’ smooth analogue sound and ease of use. The filters were also a revelation. I‘ve never come across another eq where you can sculpt with the filters in this way. Superb.

J. Heil

March 1, 2012

holy moses, this is the first time i can hear a eq plugin sounding different to others, this one has character, adds lots of colour, rich and fat, this is love at first sight!

O. Torres

November 27, 2011

On the tail end of mixing an album and I couldn't stop going back to the Harrison for almost every track. Extremely versatile for almost The low-mids and mids are superb for bringing out vocals and guitar (especially electric and distorted guitar), and the high-end does wonders with synths. Too my surprise (cover your ears), it even sounds amazing when boosting! :p

181-200 of 233 Results