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Harrison® 32C / 32C SE Channel EQ

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S. Grimm

March 31, 2018

Low DSP bread and butter EQ

I like the Harrison 32C SE as a bread and butter EQ for all the tracks of minor importance. It's coloration is decent and with the hi-/lowpass and bell/shelf options, it becomes really useable. The low DSP consumption of the SE version is a big plus, and for me there is no sonically difference to the regular version.

M. Parlett

February 11, 2018

Great go to EQ

This gets the job done fast and musically!
Sounds like the real hardware!

E. Halterman

January 13, 2018

Harrison Collection, perfection!

My favorite EQ plugin ever made! I use this one often, for the vibe and color I want. A lot of old character with this plugin!

W. Longmore

November 24, 2017

Extremely underrated and versatile plugin!!!

The API and Harrison 32C are the EQs that I don't take for granted. They are opposites, as the UA site says, but wow are they ever incredible as a team! The 32C has replaced the Neve EQs I would use 85% of the time. The 32C has the smoothness, warmth and sound of some Neves, and then some. It is a great general purpose EQ but I don't have to follow it up with a more surgical EQ 95% of the time. It has sonic character which supplements the sound of most things put through it, and can also be transparent if used subtly. On electric guitars, before a UA amp sim, it gets rid of harshness and adds a vacuum tube like saturation, boosting the amp sim's character even more with greater definition and body. It totally gets rid of unnatural sounding digital perfection, adding analog characteristics to the source material, especially on the highs and lows, which are really smooth. Makes UA amp sims more responsive to control inputs and further defines the amp's unique tone. Some UA products, when combined, create a noticeable sonic flavour that makes listeners scratch their head in disbelief, wondering how that sound was created. This is one of those secret sauce ingredients. Get it!

D. Silantyev

November 17, 2017

Nice EQ

Very good equalizer. I adapted it to the sound of strings and brass sections of orchestra. This plugin gives an interesting and rich sound that I can not get from other plug-ins. I'm very pleased that there is Harrison 32С. My music for gaming projects began to sound better.

D. Pierce

November 14, 2017

Harrison 32C /32C SE Channel EQ

Great plugin, even the SE version sounds good. Try the presets and you'll see!

E. McCabe

July 11, 2017

Very Smooth tone, easy to dial in what you want, 4 bands with hi-lo pass filters. GREAT

I have most of the UAD EQs and U think this is my most used one. Put it this way, when I use some of the others on a track and tweak them I always try the Harrison and to see how it sounds instead and I normally stick with it. It is great on ballad or soft slow vocals for example I feel. It is smooth as silk and easy to dial in. The bands are arranged in a very musical interacting way.
My go to now. Musical and it......... :)

S. Svishchev

July 5, 2017

Beautiful, clean sound!

High and low frequency filters work very musically and neatly.Very well puts the vocals deep into the mix.I like this equalizer to use on the master bus. Try it by adding the upper frequencies in a small amount. Fantastic! Thank you, UAD!

k. il teak

July 3, 2017



I. Landozz

July 1, 2017

Harrison EQ

Cet EQ est très bon je l´utilise presque sur toutes les pistes , I like it !

C. Pedersen

June 26, 2017

One of my favourites!

I love the ease of use. Centres in on what I want and makes it sound better.

R. Robertson

June 25, 2017

R Robertson

This plug in has helped change how I listen and EQ recordings!
I started with the pre-sets and went from there.
Since then, It helped refine the way I do things.
Advice: get it sooner than later - I'm confident - "you won't regret it".

L. Jobst

June 25, 2017

nice smooth eq

That works in everything!! It's fantastic

D. Bravo Gonzalez

June 24, 2017

Nice high sound eq

This EQ is very colourful and clear EQ. I really like on the high frequency. Very similar to the hardware. I've used this eq on my dialogue stem to make all voices uniform. I'm very happy with this plugin.

S. Svishchev

June 23, 2017

I like this equalizer

It gives a peculiar color and sound to your audio signal. It works as for me very softly on the vocals, pushing it slightly into the depth of the mix already without spatial processing. Thanks, I recommend! Super!

M. Diaz Velez

June 20, 2017

Warm and beautiful

I used it and prove it on Classical recordings, and it´s warm sound, musically sound shaping it´s a very good reason to use it on the most demanding recording and mixing environments. A MUST on your Eq´s arsenal. Thanks UA!!!!

b. osborne

June 19, 2017

Harrison 32c

Very good eq classic would definitely Recommend plus some very interesting presets

M. Chan

June 16, 2017

Great one

Haven't used the actual desk but this plug adds a nice sense of depth to whatever I run through it.

D. Hughes

June 15, 2017

Harrison 32C Channel EQ

Nice smooth EQ great famous Harrison filter which sounds great

m. jackson

May 2, 2017


Probably my favorite eq.....exceptional for a lot of of my favorites....

61-80 of 233 Results