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Harrison® 32C / 32C SE Channel EQ

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81-100 of 233 Results

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J. Holt

March 18, 2017

You must try this EQ

The Harrison has some wonderful old-school tone and is eminently usable. Very easy to craft a great sound. Smooth and musical. It uses next to no DSP, so you can use as many as you want.

UAD User

March 9, 2017

The EQ I was looking for

I find this plugin perfect for my workflow. Still smooth and musical even when pushed hard. Not having a lot of DSP cores I use the SE version a lot due to its low DSP usage.

W. Gall

January 17, 2017

Harrison 32C

This is one of the best EQ's in the UAD collection. Very musical and simple to use. I haven't found anything it can't sweeten up and its killer on kick, snare and Guitars.

B. Gibbons

January 16, 2017

My favorite eq

Hands down the best eq on the market, it's so smooth and clean on any channel I put it on.

K. Babic

January 14, 2017

you can here it exactly

perfect on every acoustic instrument, piano, upright, woodwinds, etc. just turn the free knob a little and there you are...

d. milton

December 27, 2016

haven't bought it yet but will soon

i tried the demo and couldn't believe my ears....

J. Bernstein

December 20, 2016

Harrison EQ - Awesome

Love this plugin for both subtle EQ moves, as well as drastic boosts and cuts. Very versatile, going to get used a ton in my future mixes! Thanks UA

D. Solomon

December 18, 2016

The Best

Every time I do an EQ shootout on a critical track the Harrison 32C wins.

N. Dayan

December 16, 2016

My go-to EQ plugin

The proportional Q on the Harrison makes this plugin really intuitive to use and with its separate gain and frequency controls, I can dial in an effective curve more easily than the concentric Neve knobs. Add the filters and you've got the perfect EQ.

UAD User

December 10, 2016

Amazing plugin!

Whats Amazing is that you can boost like %¤#" without destroying the naturalness of the sound. So it sounds quite different, but better - more defined. In a muddy mix this is the tool to give the sources the space they need, and to make a lot of them sound nicer. But ok, I shouldn´t use it on sparkly instruments like a ride cymbal, and not on bass either. It has it´s strength in between.

Michael W in Uppsala Sweden

P. Waldmeier

December 6, 2016

Harrison EQ with MJ Presets

I love this EQ. Awesome on acoustic guitar and vocals. Very good and usable presets as well. If you want a clean and clear sound get this EQ. Worth the money!

M. Earnest

November 25, 2016

Excellent all the way around!

This is such a wonderful EQ. UAudio nailed it! These have always been one of my favorites for beefing up a drum or vocal track in a mix. Very musical yet still precise enough to be a desert island EQ.

K. Paige

October 8, 2016

No wonder Bruce loves the Harrson!

As everyone has said before, smooth & musical. The high end simply sounds expensive! (Sorry, that's the way I describe gear.) If API is "crunchy", the Harrison is "glassy". It let's you add lots of top end without it sounding over hyped. Great choice. Get it!

B. Thompson

August 14, 2016

I've never used a Harrison EQ

but I'm well aware of some folks who do, and the quality of their work, so eventually I had to give it a spin...

And now I think I know why it is so popular... it is very difficult to make a track sound bad (not impossible though - too bad!).

It is a very musical equalizer, very easy to use. And it almost always has this vibe that sounds very different, and at the same time really cool. Like an MCI JH series EQ, but more refined? Or at least easier to dial in.

I especially like it on acoustic guitars recorded with ribbon microphones... I can't say that it sounds like the hardware, but I can say that it sounds great, and I really wish I had purchased it back when it was released - I had no idea what I was missing!

UAD User

August 14, 2016

like having a console again

I love putting this on pretty much every channel because it's so fast to get a good sound. it feels like an analog board, and you come to know it's "action" in a similar way. I kind of like that the frequencies aren't exact, you just sweep around til it sounds good. Perhaps the most generally-useful UAD plugin.

B. Gotch

July 18, 2016


I'm A Huge Bruce Swedien Fan He Is My Favorite Engineer
This Plug In has Changed The way I Approach Eq'ing I Love it

R. Becerra

July 17, 2016

Very musical EQ

It is a very musical eq with a very wide q that allows modeling the general character of a sound without degrading. Fully compatible with other surgical eq that would enable arrangements. It is similar to a Pultec but with many more elements to modify. The cut bass and treble defines the overall sound much better. but beware, not allow fix resonances or other specific problems.

W. Morrison

July 14, 2016

Just Like I Remembered!

I've used the Harrison board many times through the years and, since I do most of my productions in my home studio now, I have missed it - until now. This sounds and reacts like I have remembered the real thing sounding and reacting. The EQ bands give me all the control I need. Thanks to those who designed this gem!

A. Poulsen

July 4, 2016

Great for Electric Guitars

This EQ is fantastic to give my old stratocaster the perfect analog vibe. I use it every time I grab an electric guitar to bring some soulful character to the mix. I highly recommend this plugin!

H. Zwarts

June 30, 2016

awesome EQ

This plug in is a older one in the UAD range but probably one of the best. You can't do anything wrong with this EQ.
Its sounds so warm and it can give body to your sound without negative side effects.
I can only love this EQ.
Good job Universal Audio !

81-100 of 233 Results