Harrison® 32C Channel EQ

Harrison® 32C Channel EQ

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Customer Reviews

Harrison® 32C / 32C SE Channel EQ

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UAD User

November 4, 2015

Absolutely Awesome

I didn't think I could get excited about another EQ. I was wrong. I tried the demo since it was on sale and was honestly very pleasantly surprised. It just sounds and behaves differently than any other EQ I have (and I have a metric ton of them). It sounds very musical and I find it useful on many, many tracks. Super simple as well. Everything you need and nothing you don't. It's a wonderful EQ.

R. Weissauer

October 10, 2015

Amazing or not ?

This i s one of the finest EQ's I have ever heard ... I mean the UAD version.
I own Harrison (Great River) 500 modules, not the console version, but in comparison with these
I should honestly say none of them is better than the other. On the 500 modules I much prefer
the high and low pass filters, they add something undescribsable to the sound. On the UAD I
much prefer (hard to believe but true !) the tone of mid and high EQ versus the hardware analog.
Thank you UAD for this!

R. Tagirov

September 30, 2015

Simple and great

This EQ is so simple and easy to understand, but its sound just does something incredible.
I'm placing it on guitars or drum buss and always know that I'll achieve great sonic improvement.

J. murphy

September 15, 2015

best snare eq ever

"best snare eq ever" used with an the black 1176 after it instant smack

A. Pils

August 12, 2015


What can I say? I love to work with this EQ, it brings a lot of fun and speed back into EQing. My goto EQ from now when I aim to shape the niceness into signals. Grande!

P. Keereman

April 15, 2015

Harrison EQ

Trying out plug-ins is always great fun and actually buying them for me has to do with the fact that you actually feel comfortable using them in sessions. This particular plug-in really blew me away while using it in my sessions, You can use it on so many things and I'm still using it in practically every mixing session I do. This is a character plug-in and what a nice character it is !

W. Munnerlyn

April 11, 2015

Harrison 32c

Again UAD has done there homework this is by far a fantastic plugin it works so good. I have never worked with the original unit but I bet UAD did it justice with this plugin

K. Hegyi

April 1, 2015

This is Quality!

This is just pure perfection! If you ask me this is 10/10! Don't bother with the 32C SE version as it doesn't sound the same as the normal one. Delete that version from your plugin list as it just doesn't cut it... Having said that the 32C is brilliant! The filter are so wonderful and natural that I'm not going to bother with the Moog Filter that UA also sells as this one is just as brilliant.

This EQ is so sweet and magnificent that you'll fall in love with it the first time you use it. It's so easy to get a great sound on it and in general it's just a beautiful machine. I love the 4 band structure. It might feel limited for some but these 4 bands will just hive you the perfect colour!


M. Sergeev

March 24, 2015


I find it the best eq i heared, i cant explain but it sound so friendly. I tried processing vocal and hats on demo and it will be the next plugin ill buy. Recomend to you. Rate 10

N. Anzai

January 12, 2015


Simply very useful. Great sound. Quick to tune in to sweet spot.
Really musical quality.

C. Grehan

December 25, 2014

Harrison eq

What a smooth eq. A great alternative or addition to the usual Neve and Api.
A new addition i look forward to using.

M. Marsman

December 8, 2014

turn it up!

I use these little friend for turning freqencies up. it add's magic to lots of things! Also the high and low pass are truely strong weapons. Think this is one of the best eq's in town!

J. Ezekiel

August 28, 2014

Good EQ - Cream Sound

The sound of this plug is fantastic ! my prefer with Neve 31102, Pultec and Trident for channel. Great !

E. Halterman

August 27, 2014

Harrison 32 EQ A game-changer plugin!

5-Star, best ever...

So, here is the list of plugins I just bought, besides the Classic bundle that was included with my UAD-2. EMT 140, Lexicon 224, Studer A800, Ampex ATR, Helios EQ, Copper Time Cube and the Harrison 32.

Out of all of these plugins there is not a single plugin that was more amazing than the Harrison. When I added that to my lead vocal, it just made things so incredibly awesome, it is indescribable. This EQ is the best out there and then the Helios would be next for me. What this Harrison does to the mids is beyond reproach.

K. Harper

August 15, 2014

Great Option To Have

This isn't my favorite/go-to EQ, but it's a excellent tool to have. Good feature set w HP/LP, polarity, 4-band w shelf/bell, and line trim.

It's kind of a medium-character EQ - which brings down it's usage for me. Usually I'm going for a specific character EQ [Neve, API, Pultec, etc.] or something clean and/or surgical [Oxford, SSL E, etc.]. This falls somewhere in between. It can do some amazing things on certain tracks - but not all the time. It's never ever bad, though!

I'd love to see UAD nail a really great clean EQ - say, a GML 8200. Even just having the GML option on Oxford would rock.

Full disclosure - wouldn't have bought this without a sale/coupon combo - but the deal I got was too good to pass up! And glad I have it.

E. Peguero

July 22, 2014

highly recommended.

Dont have any experience with the hardware, but sure this plugin sounds analog, crispy..

G. Ventin

July 17, 2014

Nicely shaped EQ

I can see why Bruce Swedien brags up the nice carving this EQ possesses! (But now it makes me wish I actually owned the real console!) This has become a 'go to' to sparkle up the snare for sure and the sharp hi-pass filter can be dialled in perfectly for every sound I needed to cut some low end without affecting nearby frequencies.

D. Delgiglio

July 16, 2014

Harrison EQ

This plug-in is great on my Kicks ,claps snar as Dance music
Producer you really want these parts of your song to
Really stand out but have its own place in the mix

Great Job guys!!!

A. Visser

July 15, 2014

magic to your mix

the harrison eq works like magic to your mix! easy to use, great presets to start, no significant change in sound between the 32C and the 32C SE.
if you are looking for a simple yet very good eq, buy the harrison!

H. Chahil

July 14, 2014

Smoothest eq

Bruce Sweden is perfectly right about how smooth is eq sounds.
I used it on my lead vocal and it sounded like hot knife cutting through butter.
Smooth smooth is what this plugin sounds like. I shaved some 6k off my lead vocal and boosted the 13k about 4db and used the filters to get rid of unwanted low end in the vocal and sounded perfect. There is nothing like this plugin, it's a beauty seriously.
I don't get paid to write this and I just wanted to share this review with the hiphop and pop engineers who are asking there self if this plugin is worth buying. My answer is hell yes ! It's one of the best eqs u will ever use n sounds close to my vintage adm 1540 eq
Sounds real haaa

81-100 of 178 Results