Helios® Type 69 Legacy EQ

Helios® Type 69 Legacy EQ


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Helios® Type 69 Legacy EQ

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S. Goodison

February 17, 2016

Welcome surprise!

I got this EQ free when I registered my satellite and my idea of it's value reflected the cost, so I never really gave it a chance. I've recently tried it out on a few project and I can't believe what I've been missing out on! The low end on this thing is incredible. I'm using it on the mix bus for low and high boost and I'm so happy with it. If you're like me and you didn't really give it much credit when you got it free, try it out on a few busses and channels and 9/10 it's a definite great choice.

M. Fudge

April 3, 2015

Great Character EQ

This is a great EQ for helping you think outside of the box and save time. The arrangements of parameters and frequency selections make it easy to operate and select options that never sound bad and in many cases would be the exact sound you are looking for. Although it may be true that much of this could be done with a stock EQ it wouldn't be either as fun or as quick and very rarely would you end up with as good of a result.

S. Yanyali

March 29, 2015

Simple - Musical especialy on low end

Title says it all, i use this eq mostly to add and not to cut, even with extreme settings its sound musical and great tool to add low end to drum, percussion etc...

M. Sergeev

March 24, 2015


I find it good on drums. Its lively, rich sounding and plesant for my ears.

J. Campos

March 23, 2015

Real analog character

Excellent eq, enhances all my mixes , giving the real analog sound I always dreamed . is really great !

G. Marrero

March 20, 2015

It is what it is - A Beautifully Modeled EQ

As a free EQ, it does provide another palette of colors for your tracks. As a $199 EQ, it does provide another palette of colors for your tracks, but at a steep price.

B. Klukovic

March 12, 2015

Not an usual EQ..

..which does things a normal EQ would do. This one is honestly speaking only for coloration, like some kind of one-trick-pony. But if you found a track which needs this kind of color, you will be suprised how nice it works and how much more balls it gives you, especially when you need some air and not only by boosting the highs.

Can´t explain exactly what it does for me, but it adds some kind of magic!

I. Finlayson

March 9, 2015

It doesn't work on everything, but when it does...

This is one of the more esoteric EQs in UA's lineup. At first glance it appears quite limited... and, well, it is.
Most of the time, I try this on a track and end up opting for a different EQ, but when it does work, there's nothing else like it. I almost never cut with this EQ - it's all about boosting those mids, and the high shelf doesn't seem to get harsh even with insane amounts of 10k boost. The bass control is a little unusual if you're used to typical parametric EQs, so it's well worth it to experiment here.
Definitely spend some time with this, and try it on a lot of sources; you're bound to find something on which it excels.

D. Colombo

March 3, 2015

oh love that air!

Just one of the best EQ i can imagine when it comes to vocals and guitars, brings out the air and makes all so emotional and intimate. A great plugin indeed.

UAD User

February 28, 2015

Like this one

i got this free and it's got some nice use. Definitely fun to play with and it sounds good

R. Zo

January 30, 2015

it' s good!!

good~~~it' s good~~~it' s good~~~it' s good~~~it' s good~~~

R. Greco

January 21, 2015

Got it for guitars

Character, but I like it. One of the few eqs that sound like the instrument but better or different and cool. Boosting highs is eerily forgiving warm and open. Sometimes on guitars as you search for tones it's like a way back machine your ear perks up and says, "heyI know that guitar tone(s) from a classic rock record somewhere."

B. Arkkelin

January 20, 2015

Do not overlook the Helios

With all of the other great UA EQ plugins available, it may be easy to overlook the Helios EQ...this would be a mistake. I consistently find uses for it and it seems to make its way into every mix eventually. I found it very useful on guitars, but I use it on other things at times. I would definitely recommend the Helios EQ!!

V. Attanasio

January 19, 2015

My opinion about Helios Type 69 eq.

First of all I would like to thank you for giving me this wonderful plugin.
The plugin is very simple to use but very effective. It plays very well, very real and warm.

Best regards: DjEnzo.

P. Gutierrez

January 19, 2015

Helios 69

The Helios type 69 is a excellent plugin, is a good tool.

J. Couch

January 18, 2015

sweet in the middle

Including channel strips this is UAD eq number 8, it took a day to decide after starting the demo. This eq is really sweet, specially around the high-mids, without loosing any bite. The bass and top controls are little limited, 10K is a bit low for my taste. These are emulations of gear already designed, and while I learned on a DAW with sweepable parametric eq's, I never found one that sounded as good as this, despite it's fixed frequencies. This is a go-to for electric guitar, and if you need to brighten something up without loosing body, this eq does it well.

G. Pearlman

November 12, 2014


I really love this EQ for it's clarity and responsive nature. I put it on guitars a lot and it pulls them right up in the mix. Gets a good mid punch without physically punching you in the head! Nice work!

L. Powell

September 17, 2014


Can't complain with free... Does the trick but gets little use amongst some of the others I have.

J. Moreland

September 13, 2014

EQ Magic

One very important lesson I've learned over many years of recording and mixing is not to engage in magical thinking. Case in point: Using EQ to try and make things bigger/brighter is an exercise in trying to bring forth things that aren't there. Always better, instead, to remove things that actually are (need more highs, cut the lows - more mids, lower the top and bottom frequencies). This EQ turns that philosophy in its head. If you've tracked a guitar with a 57 and it sounds dull, it'll find its highs. Kick drum lacking meat, it'll unearth the lows. Acoustic guitars buried in a mix, go ahead, add 6 db's at 1000 Hz - it'll sound glorious (and undistorted). All you need is a magical EQ made for just that purpose.

S. Ali

March 10, 2014

real analog character

this thing is pure magic on vocals, guitars, and synths. the way it can aggressively push mids and highs without ever sounding artificial or unpleasant is unique, and effortlessly brings dull tracks to life. the low band is great for adding pronounced weight to a kick drum - equally at home in old school rock, hip-hop, and modern dance mixes. far from a surgical EQ, but with enough character and flexibility to find its way on just about every track i mix.

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