Helios® Type 69 Legacy EQ

Helios® Type 69 Legacy EQ


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Helios® Type 69 Legacy EQ

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C. Tunnessen

January 7, 2014

Very Musical Sounding EQ

The sound of this EQ is top notch. All frequencies can be pushed hard and still sound incredibly musical. Sounds great on everything I've tried so far - Vocals, Guitars, Drums. Only drawback is small window size makes it difficult to read the numbers. Most of the newer UAD plugins have larger windows making all parameters easy to read. I still give this a 5 star rating because the sound quality is flawless. Using the plugin with no EQ adjustments adds a beautiful analog warmth

M. Mehr

December 22, 2013

Plug In love is real love

How i love it! One of my secret weapon when it comes down the give
an audio a certain kind of warm and sexy feeling!

C. Paschall

October 11, 2013

My new go to electric guitar EQ

Used to be hooked on the API's but these days, this is my new guy! I've had several friends swearing by this one for a while so I knew even before buying it I had a winner on my hands. No question they were right!

P. Scollay

October 8, 2013

Everythings Fine

Totally awesome EQ, my mix has been saved! now have to go back and remix the last 6 songs of the album using it. For me it works well with the fairchild compressor on almost everything. Thanks UAD :-)

T. Panin

January 13, 2013

Helios type69 EQ

Helios type69 EQ

I come from thailand.
I use type69 EQ for reggae dub and heavy rock .
Mix with bass drum : guitar : snare drums : bass instrument
I love EQ type69. easy to use and unique.
Good EQ

Thank you

C. Baker

December 6, 2012


Use this thing like seasoning at the end of your instrument/voice sound. Think you were there before you slapped this one on? Just wait.......need air, wool, lump, sweet? This plugin is interesting enough to be that good. Only add-careful! Nice addition to my spice shelf! What it has that is different? It's unpretentious just enough to fool you, and then you hear it. Yeah, I'm very picky and I bought it.

G. Starr

July 6, 2012

Traditionally tasty plugs...Another world class EQ emu. This one I find very nice for carving the bass tone among other things. My 3 go to plugs for EQ is now Harrison, Cambridge, and Helios69.

L. Maplanka

October 5, 2011

wonderful on dirty guitars. you already know the sound cause you've heard it before

T. Liljegren

July 8, 2011

This one is the killer of all the EQ:s of UA (for UAD-1 card). Especially the 10k add button. It's so smooth and musically perfect. I use this one as a final plug of all my projects! A must have!

H. Barry

June 24, 2011

I was lookin' for something nice to put on a Bass Guitar.
I said I'll try this out, slapped it on dialed in 60hz with a few dB and got the tone and vibe I was after.

Great Work UA!

C. Soulos

May 29, 2011

Heck, rocknroll hall of fame!
Dirty, weird, bumpy, lump, idiosyncratic.
Perfect artist's tool.

A. Oberholz

December 29, 2008

When I first did a demo it was like:

Mhhhh whats the hype on this one.

Later today I bought it because the UAD2 Voucher was running out.
So I used it on drums like in the demo Video.

Holy GRAIL this is a plug in not the real desk... it did a AMAZING job.
The Waves SSL G Strip did a good Job too but this drums where a bit complicate because they have been recorded BAD.

The Helios did something total different to it even if I tried to get the Waves SSL to sound the same.

To say it the only thing which I also missed in the demo Video by UAD was the nonlin. part which makes the plug in sound a little bit hollow against the real desk. Anyway I think UAD has to work on this for an UPDATE not only on the Helios also on other Plug In simulations.

But this is not a bad Plug In NO NO

5 Stars to UAD.
andreas oberholz

V. Borda

June 28, 2008

Oh yeah - for guitars this is the one! I can't say enough good things about this plug-in for eq'ing guitars. Just killer. Has a way of bringing out the sweet spot on dirty and distorted electric guitars in just the right way. I also have the 1073, Pultec Pro, and Precision EQs and they are all good, but for guitars this is the one.

V. Karmishin

May 28, 2008

I did already wrote about this plug, but today I had an interesting story, I'd like to share with yours.
I'd received a mix, that should be done till' today, and that mix had a very, very loosely recorded bass. I could pull of the bass from the dirt with LA2 and 1176, then I was able to give him back his character with Helios. It was absolutely impressive, what can be done with this EQ. In fact you can feed it with pure sine wave, and make it sound great !

D. Toth

June 7, 2014

After 5 years of trying I'm still unable to find any use for this EQ.

I own this Helios EQ plugin for about 5 years already. I wanted to like it and tried often&hard, but usually after minutes of tweaking I just remove it and use something else. Bass cutting part is fixed to 50Hz, which I find to be too high for my purposes. Mid section is just ok, but nothing I couldn't do with generic EQ in any DAW. Hi-shelf (fixed@10KHz) is probably the only part I kinda like. The output level knob doesn't seem to add any colour, but it's usefull for adjusting volume for easier AB comparing the EQed version vs bypass (which i find an important thing to do). The interface is also un-ergonomic. Unfortunately it's not possible to sell plugins separately. I would definitely sell it. I stupidly bought it without demoing first.

R. Baird

December 12, 2012

The Go to UA Insert EQ for mixing In the BOX.

I swear I hear magic in this EQ. I have the 1081, 1073, 88RS, Pultec, & Cambrige EQ. All are great at what they do, but I found shaping drums with the 69 adds a lot of character. To me I think this EQ sounds more natural than the 1073. You can hear the EQ bring out the wood in the instrument it's crazy. Put this on individual drums tracks and Pultec & 1176 on Drum Buss and your golden. Thanks UA.

A. Perez

April 26, 2014


This has to be one of my go to Eq plugins! The clarity is amazing! Its an easy to use plugin and it does what I want it to do. All I can say is that UAD nailed it with this one!

P. Lascola

January 18, 2015


still not sure why they gave this one away....I need another eq like I need a hole in the head...

荒. 幸司

March 13, 2015


Though I quite work
I think that it does not extend to the very real machine.

m. zaki

March 12, 2015

waste of money

i didn't like it all . sound very normal and has nothing special at ALL, don't waster your money, and as everyone said before me the presets has very USELESS names ! very very disappointing..

21-40 of 696 Results