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Customer Reviews

Helios Type 69 Preamp and EQ Collection

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M. Andruet

February 27, 2018

What In The World?!!

I've been a long time user of the first version of this wonderful EQ plugin but I have to ask: What in the world possessed you guys to release this "improved" version with 4 db stepped increments in the 10k range? REALLY??
I can appreciate the new sexy GUI and the improved modeling of the non-linearities but this change of 4db stepped increments to the EQ's top end is too coarse for fine-tuning.
Why on Earth would you do that?
It isn't even consistent with the original design, something you guys brag a lot about in you products, you know ....that whole thing about faithful replicas of the original hardware? What engineer in his right mind would want to be forced to have to make 4 db incremental adjustments instead of a more expected 2 db value? I can't believe nobody's picking up on this, I guess everybody's attention is being diverted by the sexy GUI design!
I thought "improved" usually meant to add and refine a product, not to subtract from it especially it's bread & butter features. Why would I want to spend the extra money upgrading to something that is less than and more constricting than the original?
This is a mayor fail for an "upgrade". I think I'm going to save my money and stick with the original version of this plugin, it sounds just as good and I won't loose the refined 10k adjustment values.
I hope Universal Audio doesn't fall into the Apple mindset as of late where they never admit their mistakes and make these unwarranted 180 degree moves that piss off their core customer base, not an advisable attitude for the long run.

P. Devin

February 22, 2018


I was already a big fan of the first version, it was my go to EQ for the Bass with the +60Hz position 'on', but this new version is just a dream come true! Great for Bass, guitars, vocals ... everything. Thanks UAD

R. Weissauer

February 16, 2018


Hefty sounding preamp ... rivaling my best vintage outboard gear

N. Nowottny

February 16, 2018

Thanks for

Didn’t demo it, just bought it as soon as I saw it. :/ I loved the old one for its midrange, sometimes also for rolling off or adding top end. The new ones top end is even nicer, the midrange, thick colourful and warm, prefer the low range to the old one. Less muddy. The legacy has a different timbre in the mids. Excellent on toms for instance. I see this in electronic music too, not just in vintage sound stuff. To me, on the right source, it sounds very modern. All in all excellent job. Love it!

S. Milloway

February 15, 2018

Character in the mid-range

This EQ shapes the mid-range of your tracks in a serious way. I like what I'm hearing so far.

C. Corrieri

February 15, 2018

Freaking amazing!

Never used the original but the sound of this thing is in every way!! Congrats UA. This is history.

J. Johnson II

February 15, 2018

Great plugin

I used it on rap vocals and it gave them some dope grit, solid top end too. Very solid firm sound. Not too much not too little. It has a nice warm tone. I will be using it on other tracks and I am sure it will be fantastic for those as well. Great job again UA!

B. Booth

February 14, 2018


Indistinguishable from the real thing. Set it, forget it and Bob's yer uncle!

361-368 of 368 Results