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Helios Type 69 Preamp and EQ Collection

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P. Williams

March 1, 2018

great on vocals

This will become my go-to on vocals, with just a touch of EQ on the way through. It has a big, smooth vintage vibe on tenor vocals. When I want a grittier, modern sound I will continue to use the API channel, but as of right now this seems like the best all around vocal unison strip that they've released. (I own most of them). To me it kind of does the Neve coloration thing but is not so scooped, vocals just sit right in the mix without much fuss. Very impressed.

m. james

March 1, 2018

Home run!

Loved the now legacy version. They've taken it up a few levels. Can't wait to try it in Unison!

M. Cox

March 1, 2018

Great with a few shortcomings

Love the tone and color of the product, but I'm definitely not in love with the +4/-4 db increments on the top band.

D. Gallucci

March 1, 2018


I used to own four type 69 reissues and this plug in sounds so much better than those ever did. It's one of the first plug ins I've heard that instantly added a true analogue sound to anything I put it on.

D. Gallucci

March 1, 2018


I used to own four type 69 reissues and this plug in sounds so much better than those ever did. It's one of the first plug ins I've heard that instantly added a true analogue sound to anything I put it on.

S. Chahley

March 1, 2018

Pure rock'n roll dirty sex....

No more words needed. Essential if 'coloured' tones make you smile. Forget the rest, Helios is best......

P.S. I agree with the criticism of only 4 dB steps on the 10k shelf, but couldn't bring myself to remove any stars because this EQ/pre is THAT about making the gain switchable between 2 and 4 dB steps???

T. Howard

March 1, 2018

Great Sound. Too expensive and a DSP hog.

Noticed a significant sonic difference as soon as I kicked it in. Especially acoustic guitars and lead guitar sounds. On a bass track it was truly exceptional! Even with UAs heavy pricing scheme, I would struggle not to give this 5 stars. As the title suggests, this guy takes up a good chunk of DSP. Be aware of that. I cannot wait to use this on more stuff.

M. DiSanto

March 1, 2018

Favorite EQ just got way better

Loved the legacy version for EQ but the added character of the new version makes an incredible difference. Just insert on a few tracks with no EQ and A/B. Seems to add a beautiful kind of low-end weight.

only (very minor) complaint is that the frequency locations differ from original so it’s impossible to a/b the eq with the original. not that there’s any doubt that it sounds better.

L. Colan

March 1, 2018

In perspective ....

If I had just bought a piece of hardware that does what the Helios does I'd be extremely happy. I'd be using words like 'smooth', 'detailed', 'open', 'warm' ... and I'd be congratulating the hardware company for successfully re-inventing the wheel.
OK the CPU hit is high, but to put it in perspective the average cost of a Sharc processor is about £100 - £150 referencing the Satellite's range of price points. In effect UAD have indeed re-invented the wheel and then offered me the option to buy more of the units at around £100 per stereo unit with the option of using that processor for anything else when it's not on Helios duties.
No complaint here.

U. Borjesson

February 28, 2018

Smoothest midrange ever...

Since the great legacy Helios plug came along I have used it freqvently and was curious on this new update. The new one really did make my day.
The midrange knob is the most beautiful midrange I have heard. So smooth, so detailed, so ”bring sounds up front” !

Also the low end are wonderful, the 60hz on a kickdrum, makes the whole drumkit better.

Love this plug and use it allways.

S. Healey

February 28, 2018

Another Great Tonal Option for Unison

I use the Helios 69 EQ on certain drum applications and bass. To now have the preamp with Unison is really great. I can't say I've had the privilege to work on a Helios console, but I tracked drums and acoustic guitar today with the UAD plug and the results were outstanding. It's not a huge DSP killer either which is nice. It's another nice tonal option for the tool kit!

C. Davis

February 28, 2018

Helios 69

I love the New Helios 69! It’s works on anything
I use it for especially on my snare drum

A. Brits

February 28, 2018

A Brilliant Update

I really enjoyed the previous version of this plug, loved it on guitars and anything that needed to be 'brought forward' in a mix. However, my only gripe was that sometimes it was a little too heavy-handed.

The updated version is more subtle, and of course, the ability to drive the pre-amp on a source is amazing. The distortion that can be achieved is truly spectacular! 2db steps on the 10k shelf would be appreciated, but it's still quite useable on darker (ribbon mics) sources.

As ever, thank you guys so much!

N. Davidge

February 28, 2018


I love this eq, it does magic things, makes anything sound better


February 27, 2018

Favorite EQ for guitars!

I've always been a fan of the Helios plug in but to have it as a unison pre amp is a dream come true!

A. Lifeson

February 27, 2018


"I've been working on a few diverse and fun guitar projects lately and reviewed some of the tracks I'd recorded utilizing the Neve, API and SSL pre's and channel strip plug ins. I was quite satisfied with the results but thought I'd pop the Helios Type 69 Preamp and EQ on a few of the acoustic guitar tracks I recorded just to see what it would sound like. OMG! Honestly, I was blown away by how great it sounds. The depth and dynamics were immediately apparent when the mids of the acoustic popped out, exposing more detail but great cohesiveness and height. It was very dimensional, warm and round. I'd strongly recommend this gem of a plug in."

R. Dodd

February 27, 2018

The ON in tONe

When you hear the term ' Adds Colour',
Helios is the definition.
A remarkable plug in copy of the hardware.
Love it.

W. Slaughter

February 27, 2018

Awesome !

I upgraded this from the one I got from purchasing the Apollo Quad and wow! It has a real vintage vibe through the Unison preamps! I own 53 Plugins and don't regret this purchase ! I will be using this for a lot of tracking! Great Job UA !!

M. Andruet

February 27, 2018

What In The World?!!

I've been a long time user of the first version of this wonderful EQ plugin but I have to ask: What in the world possessed you guys to release this "improved" version with 4 db stepped increments in the 10k range? REALLY??
I can appreciate the new sexy GUI and the improved modeling of the non-linearities but this change of 4db stepped increments to the EQ's top end is too coarse for fine-tuning.
Why on Earth would you do that?
It isn't even consistent with the original design, something you guys brag a lot about in you products, you know ....that whole thing about faithful replicas of the original hardware? What engineer in his right mind would want to be forced to have to make 4 db incremental adjustments instead of a more expected 2 db value? I can't believe nobody's picking up on this, I guess everybody's attention is being diverted by the sexy GUI design!
I thought "improved" usually meant to add and refine a product, not to subtract from it especially it's bread & butter features. Why would I want to spend the extra money upgrading to something that is less than and more constricting than the original?
This is a mayor fail for an "upgrade". I think I'm going to save my money and stick with the original version of this plugin, it sounds just as good and I won't loose the refined 10k adjustment values.
I hope Universal Audio doesn't fall into the Apple mindset as of late where they never admit their mistakes and make these unwarranted 180 degree moves that piss off their core customer base, not an advisable attitude for the long run.

P. Devin

February 22, 2018


I was already a big fan of the first version, it was my go to EQ for the Bass with the +60Hz position 'on', but this new version is just a dream come true! Great for Bass, guitars, vocals ... everything. Thanks UAD

321-340 of 346 Results