Precision K-Stereo™ Ambience Recovery

Precision K-Stereo Ambience Recovery

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Customer Reviews

Precision K-Stereo Ambience Recovery

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M. Diaz Velez

June 28, 2016

A Stereo image is worth a thousand words.

I used it for Classical mixes or acoustic music mixes. I will no fix your bad recording or mix, but it will give you a very stunning stereo image. It you are looking for something too audible...this is not your choice, but if you are looking for something transparent, with superior quality and no mix modification...this is your choice. Basically it works on the details. Amazing tool to make great stereo imagining mixes.

C. Barrett

June 20, 2016

From Subtle to Magic

I'm gonna easily give this 5 Stars because it does what it says it will do. It can be a subtle enhancement... or outright magic! I sure like having all the options and I wouldn't want to be without the K-Stereo. And please note that by subtle I do not mean trivial or imperceptible. This is a quality product and can make a significant difference.

C. Modog

June 18, 2016

Precision K Stereo

If you don't have it buy it it's worth it.
I use a lot on piano and drums bus.
Thank you UA.

S. Nolla Albiol

June 17, 2016


Really awesome plug, is perfet for all type mastering and tracks.



R. Jason

June 16, 2016

Precision K, a Bob Katz house call.

Yes, a bit like having the "master" himself on your mix session. Used judiciously, and with a bit of experimentation, the spacial improvement, mainly depth of field is most welcome. Care must be used not to alter the "mono-ness" of the bass frequencies. When necessary, I incorporate another plug in that allows me to mono frequencies below whatever frequency threshold I set. Only on rare occasions is this employed. I really like what the Precision K does for my mixes and Masters.

M. G.

April 4, 2016


Si bien es cierto que con otros plugin (varios) se pueden obtener resultados similares, la facilidad de uso y el todo en uno me enamora de este plugin. Crea un sonido vivo y realista en un sólo plugin y siempre con la ventaja del uso DSP UAD, que deja la cpu del ordenador libre para otras acciones. RECOMENDADO!

A. Studio

March 15, 2016

Great plugin

5 stars. Love all the UAD plugins

m. keire

March 15, 2016


Wish I didn't buy it. Pretty disappointing. Far too subtle.

O. Gonzalo Mallén

March 14, 2016

Nice and useful plug in

I havent had much time to try it as much as I like. But it makes music sounds different, richer and colorful giving it a different presencié. I uses it in master track but I think Is perfect to separate frequencies in a bass and drum bus or in synth and vocal tracks to spread stereo field. Nice.

H. Gmeiner

March 14, 2016

cool plug

Great to make a mix wide open without loosing pressure!!

T. MacDonald

March 1, 2016

Dont buy this.

Wow what a waste of $199! It is totally useless to me. I bought it 2 days ago.....LOVED what it was doing to the ambience and sides....until my customer sent the master back to me and had me listen to it on headphones. When using the recovery (one of the best parts) it delays the signal slightly....and ruins all the percussion like everyone says. I should have read this before buying. Will UAD give my money back? This is useless to me. Thanks.

M. Curran

February 29, 2016

Just not for me

I demoed this for a week or so. When sitting in my mix position in my studio, I really liked what the plugin did. But when I transferred those mixes to other places, like my car, I hated it. It's like the power and immediacy got sucked out of it. I think that if your mixes lack stereo spread, you need to find out why, not just apply a plugin that does something to your perception of it.

R. Farren

February 26, 2016

Very Useful, Adds dimension lost from vca compressors

Vca compressors, which provide excellent glue to mixes often shrink mixes somewhat. This plugin is an elegant solution to recovering the width and depth lost. In conjunction with a few select outboard pieces this can really bring a song to life. I haven't had the issue with drums that others have in terms on phasing or delays. I wonder if some of the people hearing this are having latency issues. Or perhaps, I haven't pushed it to the max yet.

A. Khan

February 10, 2016

The Missing Link

Well I won't lie i was kinda skeptical at first cuz as Bob Katz said"it's not a reverb,neither an imager"than what is it?

So i demoed it...Opened my recently mixed track in DAW and the mastering chain i used was

Manley Massive Passive
Precision K Stereo
Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor
Ampex ATR 102

Kept K stereo disabeled and worked my way down the chain adjusting everything to taste until i was happy with the way it was sounding
then i enabled K stereo and set recovery at 1.5 ,enabled M/S gain and set Side to 2 and there you have it...the other dimension which is really hard to achieve otherwise.

K. Scragg

February 10, 2016


I find this plugin remarkable. If you're at that stage in a mix where your balance sounds good but you're lacking that extra space and width that other mixes seem to get, just drop this over the mix bus. Works brilliantly on vocal groups too. All the presets are brilliant and it's ending up on every mix and master I'm now working on.

K. Moody

January 1, 2016

Its just another effect...but needed!

You can do the same thing with some other plugins, but this plugin makes it easy. I would say its comparable to the wack waves "One Knob effect.

For me to spend money on had to make a noticeble difference, and it does.

R. Sprong

December 17, 2015

That finishing touch on your mix/master

A great plugin
Use it when mastering or on the 2-bus when your mix is done.
Apply it wise, subtile and hardly audible. It can give you that last 2% extra on your project.

T. F

November 26, 2015


The indispensable existence which gives the depth in mastering.

R. Zagiba

November 11, 2015

Delay effect :(


I have bought this plugin, because it makes nice stereo ambience in mastering, but.... I have bought it and I found that kick in the track is DOUBLED! Why this?? Also it makes L/R disharmony. If I turn of RECOVER button, all playes good, but it doesnt play as I want it. i want to have recovery mode ON and I dont want to hear double delayed kick. The thing is, this is not appearing in each track, sometimes it sounds nice and without this delay. I have tryied EQ, to cut some frequencies but this kick was all the time double. Can you fix this somehow?? 200 eur for plugin which I almost cant use its not very fair. I have bought this for mastering, but my customers returns these tracks to me and I need to remaster them again...

E. Vee

October 19, 2015


Gives me that extra little sparkle on my master.

61-80 of 210 Results