Precision K-Stereo™ Ambience Recovery

Precision K-Stereo Ambience Recovery

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Customer Reviews

Precision K-Stereo Ambience Recovery

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A. Francesquetto

April 13, 2013

wonderful, Perfec, given power to many mixes and sounds

Perfect, then I used this plugin many things were much better, my life has given power to many mixes and sounds wonderful.

I. Johansson

April 12, 2013

BK's baby

Almost bought the Hw unit when it came out.
Was super happy when UAD emulated the plugin.
But the biggest smile was when using it in the
Mastering chain. :-) It rocks major !!!

A. Visser

March 30, 2013

k-stereo for all!!!

this plugin is a wonderful tool for every (mastering) technician. it works easy and gives your mastering project just that professional sound. Do not expect additional reverb (like bob says in the video) or artificial sounds, this plugin let you hear things that there were before but you've never heard!
spread the k-stereo word!!!

B. Berkovic

March 28, 2013


Mr.Bob Katz,Thank you for such a great plugin,of course Uad team too,I am very satisfied with result,must have plugin.

J. Mascarenas

March 27, 2013

Amazing Final Touch

I love the K-Stereo. Pretty much on anything from musical instruments, vocals to the overall mix.

You have the ability to control EQ levels which is really nice.

The pre-sets are also wonderful to work from once you find the right one for what sound you are looking for.

If you are looking for that BIGGER FULLER Sound you can not go wrong with the K-Stereo and its magic touch.

B. Warner

March 24, 2013


This plug adds a subtle but noticeable stereo imaging boost. It makes my mixes seem more spatial and gives clarity to individual components in the mix by means of that spatial spread. Very cool....I use it on all my mixes.

J. Hammer

March 23, 2013

That missing link of Mo Better!

Just demo this plug and put it last on your master, put on your phones and listen to what the different presets do and you'll realize this plug is like nothing else you've got. To my ears it just makes my mixes Mo Better, a genius plug. When you start messing with the knobs you start hearing its potential to widen the stage or change the timbre of different instruments within the mix. Bang for buck this plug is a must have. Now I wanna go back to my recent mixes... It's that good!

F. Jordan

March 20, 2013

K-Stereo Plug-in

Ok... This is a great plug-in. I downloaded the demo and after 2 days I was sold on this plug-in. The stereo depth and widening effect is subtle but makes a world of difference. Thank UA and Bob Katz. This is a great plug-in

H. Nakanishi

March 20, 2013


It's great and amazing! Bob Katz is genius!!
It's easy to use with good presets.

C. Silva

March 18, 2013

Redimensioning Your Mix.

I recently tryed the K-Stereo on a film mix and I noticed that not only the ambience comes to life but the dimension obtained for the audio signal is realy amazing. Combining the K-Stereo with the Precision Limiter and the Poultec Pro, I reached to a desired plastic results more easy than ever before, with four or five steps a healthy audio signal jumped from a common shotgun mic texture to an acoustic 3D ambiance, that should not be too easier to reach without those tools. I also tried the Fairchild as an substitute for the Precision Limiter in order to get more specific control in the compression, which helped me with some issues of S/N.
One other thing about the K-Stereo was the natural sounding that tool provides leaving your imaginati

D. Emmanuel

March 9, 2013

K-Stereo Plug-in

This is a superb unit that opens a ambience of great sound quality.
It is a clean and clear plug-in needed for all forms of mastering.
It has all that is needed for great sound to be added to any and all types of recorded sound tracks.

T. Feiner

March 5, 2013

Bob's magic

I've had Bob mastering some of my music over the years, and I have to say it feels as if some of that magic he worked on the tracks - I now have readily available at my own hands. This plug very quickly turned into an indispensible tool for me once I got it. Whenever the mastering compression narrows the stereo impression on any of my mixes - and that happens all the time - this is the tool that makes it all ok again. Should've gotten it sooner.

T. Van

March 2, 2013


just bought it. Just tried it for a while.
YES this is my missing link!
Add master space and width, without adding reverbs or rooms.
The reverbs mostly drive trhe sound to the back..
Not so the K-stereo! it makes you look up and smile...

G. Starr

February 28, 2013

My favorite UAD plug

This one makes everything come together in the same room with natural sounding depth. A true gem here

E. Gorski

February 22, 2013

open your mix

I have been mixing for a long time looking for something to remove the "box" from my recordings. sucking out some frequncy at 240 or so sometimes helps and then other times it does not but the prescision k is a sure fix. untouchable, just can't do without this . you can spend the next 20 minutes reviewing more of these notes, but i'll save you the time. it is worth it and buy it now!

M. Scarafoni

February 17, 2013

Simple and effective

Very good. Simple. More space and depth.
Muy buena herramienta para lograr mas espacio y claridad en las mezclas. Sencillo de usar.

M. Hitchcock

February 8, 2013

Effortlessly Musical

Don't underestimate this plugin. It processes sound with sophistication, allowing me to widen or narrow (lots of plugins do that), play with Mid Side balance (plenty of plugins do that), to focus, refocus or de-focus sound as needed (a few plugins do that), and to fine-tune sounds in terms of their 3D behaviour (more and more plugins can do that). What THIS plugin does however, is to do it without adversely affecting timbre, harmonics and overtones, captured quality or other musical factors. Just brilliant. It will never turn coal into gold so if you are looking for a fix-it tool for a mistake this is not the plug for you. It IS the first actually musically useful plugin that doesn't sound like it is processing sound. I love it !!!!!

E. Gorski

February 8, 2013

R U Kidding ME?

This lives in my mastering chain on every mix I do. It opens the field and I have not used any piece of equipment ever that does what this does. And it is not like I can say that it does this or that sonicaly, it just opens the stage in a way that is way pleasing to the ear. this is a gotta have !

D. Schiffman

January 31, 2013

Special K for Drums

The Special K was a big jump for my drum balance.
Using the deep parameter and rolling the slightest bit of bottom off in the eq section just opens up the imaging and maintains awesome punch.
Thanks UA! Another home run.

M. Blue

January 22, 2013

K licious

The precision K lives on my master buss : period. I am completely satisfied with it. It allows you to finesse your sound insubtle and beautiful ways. It also has extremely useful Presets for groups and individual tracks. A powerful tool i recommend. !

161-180 of 196 Results