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Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb

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T. V

January 31, 2017

Lexicon® 224 Digital Reverb

Works great to liven up my snare, and overheads, in a dry room. Slight adjustments in the hall settings totally change the sound dynamics and feel, and then playback with the mix will make you work harder to find the right setting, if you want to work that hard, for a digital reverb. Guitar tracks are a little tough to find, so pull the decay way back. Lexicon still has some of the best large hall settings.

UAD User

January 26, 2017


I use the 224 plugin for my main room in the mix now. It`s my new go to !!!!!

J. Kervinen

January 22, 2017

Standard reborn

This is definitely going to be my go-to bus and channel reverbs that I'm going to use in my productions. The tail of the reverb is so lovely, that you just want to hit a note on keyboard and listen to its sparkle. Just amazing! Can't wait for more reverbs to come out!

A. Milyukov

January 17, 2017

Great Reverb!!!

The best emulation!!!!

I. Lombardo

January 15, 2017

Great great!!

fantastic reverb, same as the original one. Absolutely to have (I've buyed only the UAD reverbs)

a. howard

January 14, 2017

Lexicon classic sound

I used this plugin on a big project as of lately and it worked perfectly on vocal and everything else. It gave that classic sound that I was looking for.

L. Fernandez

January 13, 2017

Brilla en cualquier pista con pequeños ajustes

Me encanta este plugin, me costó mucho comprarlo pero por fin lo tengo, es de lo mejorcito que hay en reveb para mi pueblo de vista junto con las ETM. Son superiores estos plugins.

K. Young han

January 13, 2017


I have not tried lexicon 224. However, the classic effect seems to have exceeded the level of repetition. Repeating to noise.

D. Zaidi

January 7, 2017

The Reverb!

I've tried a lot of reverbs mainly for vocals this is the one to my ears.

y. kogashiwa

January 7, 2017



M. Hernandez

January 6, 2017

As you seen on Tv! Really Fantastic!

Do you need a serious Professional plugin Reverb? This is the correct one! Very friendly and immediately you have a lot of possibilities, and the classic sounds of sour favorite records.
Make some adjustements and then quickly found the sound that you wanted!
Thanks Universal Audio !

F. Batiste III

January 6, 2017

Real Reverb

Right off the bat lemme say Im a happy owner of the Lexicon Total PCM Bundle. UADs 224 is every bit as good as Lexicons own reverb plugins. One advantage the 224 has is every different room or space type is in one easily edited plugin. Sound wise UADs version can sound warmer. But honestly I could recreate the same space in either package. I have other reverbs that claim to have the Lexicon sound. None come close to UAD.

M. Pearson

December 30, 2016


One word......LUSH

r. banerji

December 29, 2016


A perfect foil to the EMT sound

r. banerji

December 29, 2016


A perfect foil to the EMT sound

E. Wee

December 28, 2016


A killer reverb that I've been using on another UAD system of mine.

Been venturing to using this live (stereo) together with my Lexicon PCM92. Best combination ever.

M. Swain

December 28, 2016

It's all been said ...

... about what a great emulation this is - and with a few extra features it is, for me, 'the boss'. If you want a reverb to stand up and say 'Heh - listen to me!' 224 is your solution. It's not so much a reverb as the sound of a huge chasm waiting to happen!'

M. Olsen

December 27, 2016

This buries all other 224 emulations

It has analog soul and grit. I've bought a few 224 knockoffs such as the NI RC 24, which are nice in their own right (you can never have too many reverbs), but they sound smoother and less analog by comparison. This plugin seems to have unique non-linearities in its DNA, which make it feel more lively. Whatever the reason, I love the sound of it and have started reaching for it a lot more frequently.

J. Banfield

December 26, 2016

The classic 224

Heard on countless albums from the 80s and beyond. This is an essential reverb tool. Such beautiful color. Everything from minimal spaciousness to humongous halls. I use it on guitars, vocals, synths, and even mixes. Great all around effect. Has a permanent home in my send bus. In fact, it has been so satisfying, I haven't even tried the other UA reverb options yet. The Lexicon 224 is my go-to for reverberation. A must have!

J. Alvarado

December 24, 2016

Excellent !!

If you want that 80s and 90s Reverb sound without the real thing $ !! This is the one you need ! Incredible sound ! 2 thumbs up !

321-340 of 772 Results