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Little Labs® IBP Phase Alignment Tool

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I. Papagiannidis

September 17, 2012

Great tool!Very easy to use!

Its one of the most useful tools for music production and recording! great result!
The most important thing is that its really easy to use! No waste of time. you can do everything with two knobs!
Absolutely Great!

(John Jeff Touch)

C. Knafelz

August 14, 2012

Great tool. I've been eyeballing the hardware version of the IBP for years. I recently added the plug in to my system and it's a perfect little utility for aligning multiple mic sources that weren't quite placed in phase correctly. Also, it's cool for purposefully shifting sources in and out of phase.

M. Prikryl

August 5, 2012

Powerful and useful tool not only for phase corrections but also a good "toy" for sound tweaking.

M. Spannenkrebs

July 31, 2012

sometimes i use it to find the right phase correction for my pa speaker .......... very handy

C. Weingarten

July 24, 2012

Very easy to use. Reduces the effort of nudging tracks or visualizing phase problems and let's one focus more on listening for phase correction while turning a simple knob or two.

As for all UA plug-ins, the sound is not compromised or colored when not meant to be and always sounds great when used correctly. Best sounding plug-ins!!

N. Palmer

June 19, 2012

A little gem!
Sure it doesn't have the drama of the Lexicon or the MXR but if you work with different mic combinations (I use this when miking my Bechstein) it is not only great for solving phase issues but also for creating space and depth in your recordings.
Essential little tool for recording reality!

K. O'sullivan

June 10, 2012

If you record drums, you need this plugin. Much more useful than just reversing the phase as many forums suggest. My kicks and snares have never sounded better mixed with overheads. This plug almost negated the need to worry about mic placement.

L. Rosson

June 4, 2012

really useful and simple. I use it to correct, when happens, errors in mic position for live multitrack recording

T. Reis

May 1, 2012

I record a lot of acoustic guitar with 2 mics. This tool is an invaluable time saver and very simple to use. The first Plug In I bought with my $100.00 voucher so it was free as well (sort of).
If you record anything with two microphones, get this plug in, place it on one track and have a play, you will not be disappointed.



C. Silva

March 3, 2012

Indispensable. Period !

No more manually nudging my tracks to make them in phase. !

(never used the hardware IBP but now, i don't need one !)

Five stars.

A. Thomas

February 5, 2012

This plug is completely invaluable for acoustic music recordings. I use it on any multi-mic scenario: drums, piano, live/single room band recordings, and bass. Kick drums come to life and have way more body and sub when aligned correctly with the OH mics; there's less need to shelf out the LF on the OH mics because now it helps add to the sound of the kick instead of taking away. Snare drums come into focus with more clarity and less need for volume and eq. Pianos sum to mono much better, have more focused and full bottom end, and have better clarity overall. It's also a champ on live sessions; I recently used it to 'magically' remove a good amount of piano from an acoustic bass track by reversing the phase and delaying it a bit - worked far better than trying to eq it out and left both bass and piano sounding better than before. I wouldn't want to have to mix without it.

B. Jester

January 12, 2012

I will never have to fight to get a track to come out in the mix again. I put this on a snare and kick drum that was lost in the mix because of phase issues, it blows my mind that something that is 26%-49% out of phase can get lose as bad as the tracks I was working on. So I put it on the bottom snare track did some small tweaking on the delay and phase and BLAM there it was. Then I hosted it on the kick having a hard time getting the boxiness out of it without have the attack kill me, tweaked on the phase a bit BLAH a kick drum that sat PERFECT in the overheads and the room with the 2nd kick mic. This Little Labs IBP Phase plugin is a must have for the secret tool box to fix some not thought of but serious issues in tracking! I SAY WOW to Universal Audio and Little Labs on this WOW!

D. Hrivnak

September 26, 2011

When I first tried this on a stereo recording of a guitar, I couldn't notice a difference at all, and then I realized I wasn't using it correctly. I separated the stereo file into two mono files and applied the plug-in to one of them, and voilà! Everything came to life, and this instantly became one of my most useful production tools.

It really is a great plug-in if you do any multi-mic recordings at all, but I also found it to be useful as a special effect by duplicating a mono recording and phase shifting one of them.


September 3, 2011

good tool to compensate the stereo image in the mix with bad phase recordigns.

M. Thomas

June 30, 2011

I've only used it a couple of times on double-mic'd acoustic guitars. It really helped to bring the guitar into proper alignment.

S. Mikolai

June 18, 2011

very interesting tool! not very simple and sometimes very subtle, but it can help you get some "professional" sounding bass frequencies for your instruments, especially on drums. put it on one of your two bass drum or / and snare mics and turn the knobs. you will hear changes in the whole frequency range. just stop at your preffered point and feel the punch. as with micing drums at its best you can put in much time to correct all tracks with that plugin. it's always worth a try

A. Bjorn

June 17, 2011

only UAD plugin I'd really like to return . complete error purchase

F. Anklam

June 17, 2011

Very, very useful for recordings with multiple microphones. I use it in the side-band of MS stereo recordings. The natural room acoustics become more transparent. Better localization of the instrument. The recording does sound more "real life".

J. Vergères

June 17, 2011

The must have tool when you mix files that you didn't record ;) Repair a poor mic placement and create funny phasing effects is no more a pain...

C. Soulos

May 29, 2011

Oh the amount of dodgy loops out there I've saved form the audio scrapheap with this thing!
It's really a useful tool when you get painted into a corner by some bad stereo recordings.
I watched the video and found it to be a very hands on phaser effect as well.
Once you realise what it does you can make instruments soud like they're coming form outside the panning field.
I'll leave that up to you to discover.
And very reasonably priced for a tool thats also fun.

241-260 of 261 Results