LUNA Creator Bundle

LUNA Creator Bundle

Exclusively for LUNA Recording System

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LUNA Creator Bundle

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e. tiberi

March 22, 2022



R. Gilligan

March 22, 2022

The promise of Luna!

It's has been a slow process for me, adding all the pieces of the puzzle that create the promise of LUNA. Getting a full analog emulation, from tracking to the final mix, has been the promised land and the Studer A800 purchase has brought it all home for me. The end product is greater than the sum of it's parts and I now have the best sounding mixes of my career!

D. Fox

March 22, 2022

Great saturation!

This really works a lot of times on the Master Bus - in fact, I'm yet to find a situation where it would have been detrimental.

A. Ferfecky

March 16, 2022

Most real Mini Moog

Look there is no beating around the bush. This is simply the best emulation. I mean, what did you expect? :)

M. McCoy

March 9, 2022

If you want the best...

I love this thing; Dr. Dre has this hardware, so I know its good I only need to get under the hood to explore the possibilities.

U. Apel

March 7, 2022

The search for the perfect Mini Moog emulation has come to an end

We tested the plugin directly against two Mini Moogs (1977 and a D Reissue 2017) . The Moog - LUNA plugin and the Moog Hardware has been listend through a Apollo 8X which were connected to a pair of Genelec 8260 Monitors.
The fact is that the Moog/ LUNA version can replace a real Mini Moog -soundwise- 100% . There is no difference to be recognized between Software and the well know Hardware sonic charakteristics of a Mini. To me the Plugin sounds like another revision of an old Mini replica. I consider it the best 70´ies Mini sound I´ve ever heard. It sounds better than the D reissue, and it sounds fantastic also compared to our 77 Model.
Sure, a plugin will never replace the real instrumet, and the haptics and tactile elements of playing a real Moog has tons advantages. However just from the sound quality played single style or as part of a full mix, there is no disadvantage soundwise by playing the plugin.
And btw. the UAD Mini sounds different compared to the iOS Mini. Not sure what UAD did, but there are sonic differences , and I always preferred th UAD plugin in direct comparison. But thats just a side note.

V. Baranov

February 17, 2022


I use A 800 in every project! Gives shine and transparency to the mix!!! A great option for saturation on tracks.

C. Valentine

February 2, 2022


Sounds so good and full. Best Minimoog Virtual Instrument by far. If you use Luna it’s a must have.

J. Anderson

January 22, 2022

Sweet and Hot!

I love the sound of this thing. I like to pop this on my bass and kick and vocs, and also sum the mix with this. I have the API and I like that some songs sound great with Neve, and some with API. It elevates the mix.

F. Angelini

January 17, 2022

It changed my mixes wonderfully.....

wonderful ... I have no other words ... I radically changed my mix sound making the song more "real" ... I can't help it ... Fantastic in the final Down mix ...

M. Renzetti

January 15, 2022

That saturation!

Throwing this on the master is amazing

S. Lontano

January 15, 2022

The perfect tape for your channel

This is the best tape you can use on every channel of your mixer to add analogue tape warm and character.
I use the Studer on my orchestral stems (Strings, Woodwinds, Brass) to glue all of them together.
A must have

S. Kuusk

January 15, 2022

You just feel it.

Bit demoing and moments later, Studer was sitting pretty in my cart and never left. Was also considering the Ampex but Studer has way lower DSP footprint in comparison, making it perfect for even live tracking just about anything. Sound wise, it adds weight! It is subtle and it is magical. 1-to-1, Oxide felt thin and had the same sound throughout whereas Studer just gently fattened up every source, making it fuller without muddiness. And it gets more fun the more you drive this thing. Works as a simulation or as an effect, you choose. Ah and did I mention that it looks super cool in Luna tape slot. Amazing plug!

D. Lombardi

January 14, 2022

Best tape anywhere!

For multitrack style tape machine use, I just haven’t found better. I wanted to, believe me! I tried several cheaper ones before springing for this one finally on a great sale. The others were just a waste of time and money, IMHO.

A. Hicks

January 13, 2022

OMG Tape Never Sounded So Great

If I didn’t know it was a plug-in used, I would assume it’s the real deal.

M. Truzman

January 12, 2022

Pure Magic

This is the real deal.

UAD User

January 11, 2022

A must have!

The crunch and weight this emulation gives is subtle yes, but essential.

K. pentecost

January 10, 2022

Warm saturated glue

The Studer plug in is one I use on just about every track I run. Using less DSP than the amped (I use only on the bus), it helps glue everything together and gives it that beautiful warm saturated tone that you buy the UA gear for. The ability to chain them together is phenomenal as well. Should be one of the first UA plugins you buy.

Z. Bonnie

January 9, 2022

Love it !

Have a lot of tape emulations, but this one is definitely coming up to the top of my list - really nice saturation fx.

R. Mannucci

January 8, 2022

Bottom end

I like it for that bottom end but mixed with that ampex this plug in is a go to.

21-40 of 862 Results