Maag EQ4® EQ

Maag EQ4® EQ

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Customer Reviews

Maag EQ4® EQ

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K. Nielsen

February 16, 2016

Great on vocals

Very smooth sounding EQ - using it particularly for my vocals, but does a great job on synths as well!

D. Arey

February 6, 2016

Very nice

This eq is very intuitive. The air band is really a joy to work with. Opens up the high end on anything you put it on, without sounding harsh or cringe worthy. I was pleasantly surprised that the bottom end was tight and punchy when I needed it on drums. It's one of 3 or 4 eq's I immediately reach for in the plugin realm. Just buy it, you won't regret a moment of it.

S. Xenokottas

January 27, 2016

well done!

Wonderfull sound, with those "high - fi " highs and rumble low end, very well chosen frequencies made this eq unique and very easy to use from mixing to mastering, congratulations!

K. Asknes

January 26, 2016


Love this little EQ. It tends to find its way on acoustic guitars, synth pads and other instruments that need that extra push up top. Also really cool on bass. But if you have a full lead vocal, just add some air and body with this bad boy and you're golden. Love it!

m. walker

January 16, 2016

Simple and shiny !

Lovely eq, simple to use so you can just get on with the job. The air band is great on vocals, makes them shine with out being too sibilant, very useful. I recommend.

D. Caruso

January 15, 2016

Maag EQ4® EQ Plug-In

This EQ is quite a surprise. Low overhead on resources and adds a big dose of air or openness to my mixes, It can be used on tracks or on the Master buss. I didn't think it would be much, but my acoustics love this thing. A great EQ. UAD you hit the mark again!!

K. Boaten

January 14, 2016

Maag EQ

Took some time for me to grasp how to use this plugin but when I got the just it simply rocked. Adds a lush sheen to my vocals.

M. Niemczyk

January 14, 2016

Nice Air

I can`t tell if the eq is really the most musical one or not, i use it for the AIR band. It works. I also don´t get why people need a difference to the Plugin Alliance version and hope the cooperation goes on. The prices are nearly the same and obviously synced, the only difference is regarding running natively or dsp-powerd, where both has each advantages/disadvantages. I hope some day, we have one big Plugin Store, where you buy a plugin and get it in both versions, DSP powered and Native. Also you don`t have to download multiple bundles when setting up a new computer. This is my dream ... and a DSP powered H3000 Factory ;)

R. Robertson

January 10, 2016

R Robertson

Clean - air-band detail comes out nicely in the mix.
I like that you can use it on a lot of tracks before your DSP starts to fail.
I Like this EQ..

M. Kartashev

January 10, 2016

Magic box!

This one is the thing to go when you need some additional air added to a sound without any noticeable EQ feel.
the air band is brilliant and the whole eq feels clean and a tiny bit "warm" sounding.

J. Farley

January 9, 2016

Amazing EQ!

I reach for the MAAG eq for every vocal, every time!

S. Shrimpton

January 6, 2016

If Cinderellas Glass slipper was an EQ....

This is a great little EQ! A real gem in the UA catalog. I'm having to watch myself, because I can't help keep putting this on everything! It's very very good with individual drum channels, groups/busses, bass, and brings out the perfect amount of grit from guitars. The sub and air bands really make this one a little special. Its limited to its preset bands, but these seem to work well on almost anything I throw at it, and it's overall tonal characteristic is sharp but not harsh and crystal clear. It's by no means my favourite UA EQ, (that goes to the Trident) it is however fast becoming my most used EQ, and for £30 in the Xmas sale with all those vouchers. Thank you UA! Your plugins are the cornerstone of my mixing toolset.

m. haslam

January 5, 2016

Maag EQ4

absolutely love just hits the spot!

P. Cheeseman

January 4, 2016

Add a little air!

Perfect EQ for adding a little air to Female Vocals, Acoustic Guitar and complete mixes. The fixed points work well on most things.

A. Wentz

January 3, 2016

Fits in perfectly..

The EQ4 is just dialed in at the perfect points. I used to own a Night Pro EQ3D and somehow missed this UAD version. Well its a real pleasure to have this back, and as many as my CPU will handle! I see folks complaining here, but I got mine for $54 over Christmas, and I would prefer saving my main CPU resources for other things. This thing sound fabulous! Its a tool I must have.

UAD User

January 1, 2016

Very good

Very colourful my eq collection!

R. Mora

December 31, 2015

Great EQ

works very good in acoustic instruments and vocals, great color bass and clear trebles and the air band is great!!!

C. Lamm

December 29, 2015

Still trying to find a place for this one

I have no experience with the original hardware so can't comment there. For my mixes, I am still searching for the right place for this plug in. It's not proving to be the slam dunk, try-it-first-every-time plug in for EQ that say the LA2 emulations are for peak reduction, at least for me.

Maybe with some time I'll figure it out. The "Air" feature is interesting, but sometimes sounds a bit harsh to me. Still waiting for UA to bring on an EQ that I'll go to first time for whatever I need to do, don't think this one is that one.

T. Koeroglu

December 27, 2015

Sounds Like AIR...Super!

Vocals and Acoustic Guitars Opens like a you are in Heaven:) Native and Musical Analog Plug in. Thanks UA....Happy New Year!

S. Arts

December 27, 2015

Best post mixing eq

The Maag EQ4 instantly showed me which direction to go. Great on drum sounds, post-editing and or giving edge and harmonic drive to your tracks. The air lift is fantastic. UA did a great job emulating this from the original hardware! Tops

181-200 of 275 Results