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Maag EQ4® EQ

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J. Barry

July 13, 2016

Adds life to your mixes!

Especially guitars and vocals -- WOW, just wow. It's subtle and musical just gorgeous and sweet. Works for bass and snare. It's not surgical like other EQ's but it gives such life that I consider it more essential than some of the more popular and expensive EQ's. I can't mix without it.

Z. McLeod

July 10, 2016


I have known about this EQ for years,but really could not afford it . With the recent UAD sale, I got it at a great price ! Very good sound,very close to the analog unit. Loving it so far.

C. vonSneidern

July 5, 2016

Useful EQ

The EQ frequency points are in good places. Like the Harrison 32C EQ, it's simple enough to use on the fly when keeping moving in a mix, instead of opening a parametric and possibly getting lost in choice. Of course the Air band is something to explore. I've used this on vocals, guitars, drums, whole mixes- powerful but musical, so it's not likely to ruin anything.

S. Tib

July 3, 2016

Great, simple, musical and easy to use

I used a lot the free alternative in the past in my mastering,
But I finally decided to A/B the maag 4 to lkjb_Luftikus, I prefer the maag EQ.
I got on special +25$ voucher, it's worth 75$
It's great to have as a final touch on vocal and instrument that need a lift and more oomph on the low end.
It's so easy to use it !

E. Field

June 28, 2016

Two words: AIR BAND

This might be the most immediately useful plug I've gotten my hands on from UAD.

It is so easy to dial in useful and musical sound with this little blue wonder, which has become my go-to. Have tried using it just about everywhere and it almost always makes things sound better, quickly and with little fuss.

But the real secret weapon here is the Air Band. Wow. Just the right kind of air / sparkle / sheen to open things up beautifully without getting honky or harsh. Amazing.

It's a steal right now. So glad I picked it up.

Most satisfied UAD purchase yet...The crew at Brainwork is TOP NOTCH

D. Manik

June 23, 2016


I love this one in my vocal...!!!

J. Leary

June 20, 2016

Subtle but musical

This is a nice EQ, it is very musical. It is fairly subtle though in the Air band range though, at least that is what I have found. Compared to other "Air" type EQ's, like the Clariphonic and Clariphonic MKII DSP, this doesn't add quite the same audible clarity boost at the top end.
The only other criticism I have is that it is a bit tricky to level match this. You have to fiddle with the output level a lot to ensure that the volume is the same before and after using Maag EQ 4.
But if you want a musical EQ, this is a nice EQ to have in your arsenal. A level matching option would be nice in a future release.

ł. kalinowski

June 18, 2016


Excelent for vocals and giving the air in all kinds of material! If Pentad and Protelesi do it why i cant do it ? ;D check it! i love the air band ! its giving me the clarity. excellent

n. sonmez

June 15, 2016

maag eq

as always very usefull tool for everything.who ever says anything bad about any uad plugins are the ones who cannot afford it.massage for them is... put your money where your mouth come on and give me more coupons so i can buy more stuff.
nedim sonmez

UAD User

June 15, 2016



Y. Park

June 4, 2016

세일할때 사야해요

음..229불은 넘 비싸고 세일할때 사야해요
솔직히 AIR 하나보고 사는건데 호호

R. Boyce Jr

May 18, 2016

Air band is out of this world

This one of my favorite Eqs, the air band adds that little extra something that other eq's just don't have. I use it on every mix.

G. Postorino

April 10, 2016

The air up there

Maag doesn't call it an "air" band for nothing. If you want that wispy high end, the vocal track that breathes, this is the EQ. The other fixed bands can be really helpful too. The 160hz band is great for adding punch to kicks and snares. Or you can use the 650hz to smooth out your mids on a piano. I also love using this EQ on bass, specifically after a compressor. You can restore some of the lows and sub with the 160hz, 40hz and "sub" bands should you lose any after the compressor. Great work UA!

S. Ghadaban

March 19, 2016

The best vocal finalizer and polisher!

There is no other eq you can boost the hi frequencies with it so much that it sounds still great and lovely after.
Very smooth and expensive sounding plugin. It really earns the 5 stars! Since from that day on I used the Maag the first time I never used and would use the hi frequency band of other eq's on vocals. If you need highs on your vocals then use the Maag!
It's so smooth and beautiful sounding.

K. Nielsen

February 16, 2016

Great on vocals

Very smooth sounding EQ - using it particularly for my vocals, but does a great job on synths as well!

D. Arey

February 6, 2016

Very nice

This eq is very intuitive. The air band is really a joy to work with. Opens up the high end on anything you put it on, without sounding harsh or cringe worthy. I was pleasantly surprised that the bottom end was tight and punchy when I needed it on drums. It's one of 3 or 4 eq's I immediately reach for in the plugin realm. Just buy it, you won't regret a moment of it.

S. Xenokottas

January 27, 2016

well done!

Wonderfull sound, with those "high - fi " highs and rumble low end, very well chosen frequencies made this eq unique and very easy to use from mixing to mastering, congratulations!

K. Asknes

January 26, 2016


Love this little EQ. It tends to find its way on acoustic guitars, synth pads and other instruments that need that extra push up top. Also really cool on bass. But if you have a full lead vocal, just add some air and body with this bad boy and you're golden. Love it!

m. walker

January 16, 2016

Simple and shiny !

Lovely eq, simple to use so you can just get on with the job. The air band is great on vocals, makes them shine with out being too sibilant, very useful. I recommend.

D. Caruso

January 15, 2016

Maag EQ4® EQ Plug-In

This EQ is quite a surprise. Low overhead on resources and adds a big dose of air or openness to my mixes, It can be used on tracks or on the Master buss. I didn't think it would be much, but my acoustics love this thing. A great EQ. UAD you hit the mark again!!

181-200 of 289 Results