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Maag EQ4® EQ

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December 12, 2015

Maag EQ 4

MAAGnifique!!!!!! Hi ends sublime


December 12, 2015

Maag EQ 4

MAAGnifique!!!!!! Hi ends sublime

B. Skeens

December 12, 2015

Not owning this could be considered a crime!!!

This might just be the best eq on the UA platform. If you're a console type, this plug just feel's so familiar. An absolute must!!

R. Saunders

December 11, 2015

Just try this on the 2 bus!

You've got to try this amazing EQ on your 2 bus. With a few small movements, things really start to clear up and come alive, it's outstanding.

T. Liljegren

December 3, 2015

Pure magic!

Amzing on vocals, ackoustic and eletric guitars - or what ever source you wanna improve, you just can't live without this one.
No mixes from me not including Maag EQ4. A must buy!

G. Hardman

November 28, 2015

Maag EQ MUST Have

This is a jem had a few tracks in mind when I bought it and the maag has come thru. It excels at adding air to the upper end of the eq range 10k and above. Simple terms it lets you move things to the front like vocals, piano, cymbals and acoustic guitars. I love the way it lets you play with the depth of vocals and the like that live in the upper mid range. Very musical sounds real and doesn't sound processed or overcooked even at high settings. I have fab filter pro q ,everything Steven Slate makes, waves mercury and most plugins worth having. Nothing does what this plugin does IMHO. Does it do all things perfect No but the Vocal is the most Important part of the mix and I have yet to find a vocal this doesn't improve by wide margin.

J. Moreland

November 13, 2015

Yeah, you gotta buy this

I know, you're thinking "Do I really need another EQ?". No, you don't. But this isn't just another EQ. Nor is this the only one you should own. It doesn't work for every situation. The static frequencies on this equalizer are probably the last ones I would have thought would be useful (10 Hz?, 40 kHz? - who does that?). But I have gotten some of the most fantastic kick & snare drum, bass & electric & acoustic guitar sounds through this EQ - Ever. And what this can do for vocals is miraculous. Clear and punchy - and when this thing suits the source, no other EQ comes close.

J. Hammad Magnusson

November 12, 2015

Simple yet Luxurious

Incredibly simple to use and perhaps the most luxurious sounding top you can add to your vocals, piano... or whatever really. Unveils and add presence to the tracks in the mix with simple tweeking you feel instantly. This is a cleaver one

J. Barriuso

October 25, 2015

Very good

Very simple EQ but with a superb sound, the air zone is great, but also in lows and mids it adds a very colorful sound, very musical.

T. Kidjemet

October 16, 2015

I can feel it coming in the air tonight

Sound really nice on vocals, the airband on 20 or 40 can just give that extra sparkel.
Also on EDM drums works wonders on the low end.

M. Ballenger

July 23, 2015

Perfect for vocals

This EQ doesn't add a ton of color, but it does sculpt tracks in an extremely pleasant and musical way. I'm finding this is the first thing I reach for these days on vocals. The air band really enhances clarity but never gets shrill even on extreme settings. The lows are very warm yet natural. I didn't think I needed another EQ, but this proved me wrong.

J. Rostrup

June 9, 2015

Easy and good.

Easy to use.
Very good on rhodes and virtual instruments.
The air and sub is very useful.
Could not live without it.


June 8, 2015


Hands down, one of my favorite EQs ever. It brings added life and dimension to individual tracks and on the bus. Never harsh

J. Nathaniel

April 10, 2015

Really Musical, the holy sh*t premium package!

Seriously great Eq. Boosting with it is an instant eargasm. The air band is lovely. Like anything, handle with care and moderation. But it adds serious mojo to hip hop vocals and strings. I still have to try it on other tracks, but I'm giving it 5 stars!

M. Narain

April 7, 2015

Maag EQ4

This is the sound I've been missing... It's worth every's so easy to dial in a great sound because of the quality & I love that u move the db's in half steps.

S. Gouillard

March 19, 2015

Nice and easy!

Very simple to find what you need with this eq.

A. Weiss

January 17, 2015

Great for enhancing high frequencies naturally

I had a bass line which I needed to significantly increase its high frequencies in order to break though the mix.
Neither other EQ's nor even exciterrs made the job as good as the MAAG EQ.
Great EQ, worth every penny.

M. Popoola

September 29, 2014

Yes, Maag EQ4 and UA DSP

My review may be pointless, D. RADICATI wrote the review for me. He claimed he tested the Plugin Alliance version with the UA version of Maag EQ4 and they are the same. This is the reason I am buying the UA version. I also like him have the Alliance Plugin version, but I needed the UA DSP. I know the plugin is good but I would rather run my plugs through the DSP and be able to use it at the Front through my Apollo if necessary.

I however wish that Plugin Alliance could give a discount code to use on the UA website to those who already have their native versions. I have 14 Plugin Alliance software and I already purchased 3 of the UA version and will purchase the others if UA makes them.

F. Ulloa

July 14, 2014

Djungel Pancho

Very nice....shiny tops and phat lows.
Sets the shit in the mix were i want it to bee...

P. Gharapetian

June 29, 2014

hits the right frequencies.

this plugin is great. it's a great eq unit that just hits the right frequencies to make a mix or channel sound better. great job emulating the hardware.

201-220 of 257 Results