Magnetic Tape Bundle

Magnetic Tape Bundle

Exclusively for UAD and LUNA Recording System


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Customer Reviews

Magnetic Tape Bundle

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R. Silich

April 16, 2020


Always use on every channel, sounds amaaazing!

L. Cohen

April 15, 2020

Sweetens the mix

Adds nice saturation and enlivens the midrange without the hiss and latency of the venerated alternative. Perfect for mastering.

A. Feygin

April 14, 2020

Beautiful saturation plugin

I love under the hood configurations. They are just wonderful

J. Underdue

April 14, 2020

UAD Magic, WOW!

If you don't have this, you should, a mastering MUST have!

N. Mieczkowski

April 9, 2020

Awesome saturation!

Ampex ATR-102 brings a kind of saturation I couldn't achieve with any other plugin - it adds life to the entire mix being very subtle at the same time. I wasn't sure about it at first because I thought tape saturation won't be suitable for digital/electronic music I produce mostly but currently it's a must-have in my plugin library!

D. Stanchev

April 4, 2020

magic plugin

Very serious plugin. Suitable for groups and master . Managing these small buttons is a little tricky, but once you find the right settings - it's priceless! Adds a lot of density to digital recordings .

UAD User

March 31, 2020

Great for saturation, compression and suprise.

Alsways does something cool to your mixbus. Saturation and compression and with the element of suprise. Jump between presets and try out different settings.

J. Romero

March 29, 2020

Mix downs and mastering must!

For the width and warmth from the original 2 inch recordings.... This is your Huckleberry !

J. Daranowski

March 22, 2020

Golden tape

Insert on every channel, gang’em up and everything sounds better ;)

m. coles

March 19, 2020

A quite handy tool!

This product is such a versatile tool to have in the toolbox. Not only can it give the saturation and glue to a mix, the delays and harmonic distortions are just right to fit into a track.

R. Whitney

March 18, 2020

Sounds Good

Adds a little harmonic shizzle and compression going in so I can forget about adding it in the mix (because I like to emulate the old days of recording to tape without the actual hassle). I keep it pretty subtle but do think I like what it adds to electric guitar and bass at least, which is all I've used it on so far.

T. Lippai

March 13, 2020

Analog boom

I read a lot of reviews before I bought it when it was discounted. I paid around 140 bucks for it. Does it worth the price? Yesss!
It's not just about the analog warmth that everyone is talking about. It gives a lot of headroom, space and character (if desired) to any track, or to the complete production.
Just be gentle with it, always use before/after comparison, and keep the HUM and HISS under control. It's very attempting to use them everywhere, but then it will add up in undesired noise floor.
So if this plugin is used wisely, it can lift your production to another level. Even EDM tracks may benefit it (if something is too clear, it's not so attractive...).
I'm looking forward for Luna, and using the Studer there as "mixtape".

A. Kashimov

March 12, 2020


A fantastic tool that just lifts up sound quality of a track in so many different ways

P. Polkovykh

March 5, 2020

Обязательно для мастеринга!

Необходимый инструмент для мастеринга, аналогов очень мало!

s. Roa Brith

March 1, 2020

Mode d'emploi

Pas mal, mais avec un mode d'emploi sur internet en Française ou en Espagnol ou un video tutoriel sur YouTube ça serait encore mieux.
et aussi la même chose pour le Ampex ATR-102.

C. Doerschlag

February 23, 2020

Nice warmth

I really like the warmth and character this gives my music

D. Warren

February 18, 2020

Must have

I thought I was good just with the oxide tape but the student a800 just has more options and control over the sound. I pulled the plug right on time for Luna!

P. Howells

February 12, 2020

Brilliant Analog Tones

Been using the demo for weeks and just committed to buy. Use this on almost everything!

A. hall

February 4, 2020

Studer A-800

works fine.. well done

G. Koppány

January 31, 2020

A must have ingredient !

Using some kind of a musical glue is almost obligatory in music production. No wonder that UAD has implemented Oxide Tape in LUNA as a basic approach. I've been using Oxide Tape the same manner on each channel. Takes very little of the resources, easy to use and sounds great. I use Studer/Ampex on the master with refined settings. The only reason i consider buying a Mac is LUNA itself, lol.

381-400 of 1716 Results