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Manley Complete Bundle

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V. Basyul

December 9, 2021

Make clean sound

My fav vocal chain

J. Herberman

December 9, 2021

Manley VoxBox

Fantastic on vocals, REALLY fantastic on bass. Not as in-your-face as the Avalon 737, but very smooth, controlled and natural. Pushing it gets some nice colour. Only beef is that I needed to get another quad so that I could use more than a couple of instances.

S. van Servellen

December 8, 2021

I do really like it for recording synths

People complain about business model and pricing here. Honestly, I think UAD plugins might only make sense for well funded professionals. The pre-amp does have value as separate unit from VOXBOX and I happily use it when recording synths. Depending on what flavour sound I need, I now have several pre-amps to choose from.

J. Geary

December 8, 2021


Not sure why everyone is so salty here. While it does sound extremely similar to the voxbox pre, UA definitely didn't just copy paste here folks. Run it through its paces and you'll quickly start to hear the subtle improvements they've made. This can also easily be verified through plugin analysis software. I agree, Id love for UA to release more high end tube gear emulations but in the meantime, having this little insert is super handy for when you need just a bit of life. BTW, to the manley owners not down to pay for this..... cmon now, this isnt your first rodeo. Theres always sales throughout the year that can be combined with the substantial upgrade discount and coupons. Yall can easily grab this for a SUPER fair price

K. Thura

December 8, 2021

Great Sound!

Great for vocal,love it.

D. Davis

December 7, 2021

Really great sounding EQ for mixbus and other uses. Manley is cool.

What more can be said, great tone. The top end of this EQ is really cool sounding, as is the thump of the low end. Really like both versions. I bet I could just run the signal through this plug without turning a knob and stuff would sound better. lol.

D. Davis

December 7, 2021

Good, but not great.

Cool tone when you lean into it, but the EQ section just never seems to dial in right, and the compression is never quite right either. If I use it...I just run the plug without the EQ or compressor and go for's ok. I personally prefer the Neve 88RS which I have and is my fav.

D. Davis

December 7, 2021

One of my very favs for vocals

I pop this thing on vocals after something a bit faster to round and even things out, or even on the two bus and it's got a beautiful tone that I could listen to for days. Really phenomenal. I love what this thing does. No regrets and would buy again.

A. Sandino

December 6, 2021

Beefy Vox

I was wondering how much of a difference virtual preamps like this will make. But this one definitely blew me away! i have only played with the "real life" unit ONCE in the studio after listening to take after take for about 2 hours of vocal tryouts..... I can't tell you that I remember how it sounded..but i can tell you that i really really loved the way female vocals and a few guys' vocals sounded through this unit. I cannot now or ever afford this real life unit...and thanks for to UAD, selling this plug in for this excellent price- I, now have access to this piece of art and can take it anywhere i please. Thanks UAD.

M. Shannon

December 6, 2021

Manley, yes, but I like it too...

This is a cool plugin but it's a bit complicated. So far I've found that it either is the right plugin for a vocal, replacing a chain of other things, or it isn't. As a hardware emulator, it has some set parameters that are not as flexible as you'd get with purely digital stuff, but it does have its charm. Hit and miss, but when it's right, it sounds great.

E. Cheang

December 6, 2021

Great for vocal

It is so warm for vocal.

H. Nguyen

December 6, 2021


Very good product

L. Weisz

December 6, 2021


It's very good plug in.

P. Chernyshov

December 5, 2021


UAD team! what's going on with you? better release access virus

Y. Kim

December 5, 2021

What a warm!

Great on vocals

F. Popp

December 4, 2021

Why have I to pay for?

I own Voxbox, so why have I to pay again for a cranked down Plugin?? Its a shame....

G. Descoutieras

December 4, 2021

Voxbox Users Should Get This Update For Free

Feel a little duped...If I paid for VoxBox, UA should give this one as a free update.

M. Leys

December 3, 2021


UA VOXBOX plugin owners should be able to get it for free!
You did the same thing for the API pre,
Dear UA, please DO NOT disappoint us!

Best regards,

UAD User

December 3, 2021

There is a difference

More fullness with clarity (even more with mic input compared to line input option) compared to Voxbox and I liked it better at least for the particular song and rap vocal tested. I used same settings for both plugins on the same vocal and song at same integrated LUFS. Easier to hear any of UA preamp differences with a good mic sound (clearer) or in my case used the mic settings on the Townsend L22. Without the L22 the differences are harder to make out.

Automatic LUFS or any automatic level makeup/match would make it 5 stars because the look and sound are nice. Worth the about $25 dollars I’ll get it due to December sale of $49 and $25 dollar coupon.

b. village

December 2, 2021


If you own the voxbox and think you should be getting a completely different plugin for free you should be at work not getting paid to do a job you were at yesterday right?
This is not the same preamp from the voxbox.

241-260 of 1688 Results