Manley® Complete Bundle

Manley® Complete Bundle

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Manley Complete Bundle

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T. Field

January 29, 2013

Simply Awesome

The Massive Passive is one of my favorite EQ plugins ever. I've used it on just about every single mix since I purchased, and I don't see that habit going away any time soon. So smooth, so's one of the more dsp-hungry plugins, but it's so worth it!

T. Reis

January 17, 2013

What can I say that hasn't bee said ?

It does what it says on the box, a superlative eq, wish it didn't take up so much dsp (it is the reason I added an octo to my system). Wouldn't be without it. A great reason for buying into UAD plugins.

C. Presnell

January 17, 2013

Pro sound before you touch a knob!

I can't speak to the accuracy of the plugin to the hardware but this plugin is amazing. It's great on the master bus but I was really amazed when I put it on acoustic guitar, WOW!!! It sounded absolutely pro! Using a preset and then a low-end tweak (cut instead of boost) and I had a sound like "Nothing Else Matters" by Metallica (A/B'd very similar). Nice, and it was so easy to configure. I can't wait to try it in other places. It is processor intensive so I'll be printing instrument tracks/busses to a bounce track (since Pro Tools doesn't have a freeze command) but it's worth it. I think I see an Octo (or several) in my future.

I LOVE this plugin! Thanks UA!

AT-4033 (original from around 1990, not reissue) _ UA Solo/610 _ Pro Tools

M. Ciscato

January 16, 2013


1 word: Buy it.
This plug is incredible!!!
I use it for mix and mastering and the sound of this plug-in is amazing, very musical, smooth and sweet.
Thanks UA.

Industrial Studio

E. Gryder

January 14, 2013


MMP is the easiest most effective tool I've used. AWESOME job, Universal Audio!

Edd Gryder
Recording EDGe

S. Bisesser

January 14, 2013

Manley Massive Passive

Soundwise it is great. Works very good for mastering and bus eq. However even though this should run from UAD-2 DSP cards, it still consumes 37-41% of your host CPU? This is a big turn off. That;'s su[[osed to be the reason to step on the UAD2 train, to unload the burden of your host CPU. Biut seems not all plugins are programmed to run 100% from the DSP's. However this may be a bug in the 64 bit version of the UAD software for which UA may release an update.

A. Anyn

January 14, 2013

Perhaps the most impressive EQ from Universal Audio

I used the Massive Passive on various instruments and got great sounds on drums, bass, guitars, and vocals. On the mix bus, as well as in mastering sessions, it was clear and bright.
The only downside to this plug-in is the massive amount of the UAD-2''s CPU it uses, but it''s worth the strain. The Massive Passive will not replace all of your other more surgical or more colored EQ plug-ins; however, what it does sonically, it does incredibly well. I''ll never do another in-the-box mastering session without it, and it brings me one step closer to wanting to mix exclusively within my DAW.

J. Manes

January 13, 2013


Go to Sweetning eq, having used the real version of this, I can't say they are exactly the same. But the air this thing gives is extremely similar.

J. Pacheco

January 13, 2013


How did I live so long with out the Massive Passive???? I'll never know!

Crazy Eq. Really! I don't think you can make anything sound bad with this thing....

Although I'm sure I'll find a way to.....

A Big Cpu Hog... but... A must in any arsenal...

UA does it again!

F. Calle

January 12, 2013


This EQ it's just amazing, so versatile and powerfull. A little "CPU" heavy but really wonderfull.

D. Barzen

January 10, 2013

Good job! We compared to hardware version!

We were able to compare, because we own also the hardware version. From our point of view(ear) the UAD Plugin is 85-90% close to the Hardware version. Really good job UAD!
BME Studio Germany - Cologne

S. Hlavsa

January 9, 2013

Manley Massive Passive

The sound of this plug-in is amazing, very musical, smooth and sweet. It´s one of the best plugins made by UAD.

H. Zwarts

January 6, 2013

awesome EQ!!!

This EQ sounds amazing. Smooth and warm.
Be aware its a dsp-killer.

M. Scarafoni

January 4, 2013

Un gran EQ

Un gran Eq. Sutíl y detallado. Es difícil hacer que algo suene mal, aún llevándolo a los extremos. Ideal para buses y Mastering.
La única contra es que consume mucho DSP. Si no tienes varios DSP, puedes usar como alternativa el precision EQ.

Q. Michael

January 4, 2013

Super Son !

EQ très doux , rend le son très agréable , même dans les réglages extrémes .

V. Nguyen

January 3, 2013

Manley Massive Passive EQ plug-in

I just wanna know that this plugin is for both Mono and Stereo.It is correct?
When we adjust one channel and the other will follow automatically.So we can not adjust them separately Am I correct? Thank you

K. Péter

January 1, 2013


Intuitive, crystallclear, pure warm sound.

Uses an icredibly lot of dsp power, and, the price is also very hihg, but, for vocals, drum bus, mastering it is a must-have.

Brr: the best I ever used :)

A. Smith

December 30, 2012

Very impressed

You need this for sure in your mixing arsenal, along with the Harrison. There's thousands of eqs out there for surgical sculpting, sound coloring and so on. But the Manley gives you that perfect mix between the 2. It makes your sound expensive. Get this, not your average eq!!

S. Berujanyan

December 28, 2012

Manley EQ best EQ Plug-in

This is amazing!! It gives me everything I am missing in my mixes,best EQ sound I ever heard .Manley® Massive Passive EQ Plug-In is the best EQ plug-in for the final mix. It is transformed your final cut into the next level of the pro audio. I really love the deep and crunchy sound that come out of this EQ processor.

V. Borda

December 22, 2012

Beautiful EQ

Beautiful sounding EQ. I used the demo on an album. Loved it. Kept thinking about it, missed it, wished I had it, so I came back and bought it. For me, this excels at bringing out the best in pristine clean material. Acoustic guitar. Synthesizers. Voice. And in the mastering chain.

Some EQ's, maybe you only use for what it does to the top or the bottom, or how it pulls out good mid-range, but on this EQ each band is excellent. The curves that Manley chose are exactly what you need - distinct, right on the money each in their own way.

One of my favorite UA plugins for sure!

1321-1340 of 1417 Results