Manley® Complete Bundle

Manley® Complete Bundle


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Manley Complete Bundle

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N. Production

December 10, 2019

Great Product

I Love This Bundle Know I Can Master My Track

C. Nowak

December 10, 2019


Bin begeistert von der Qualität dieses Channel-Strips und der intuitiven Bedienung. Wie die meisten UA Plugins 5 von 5 Sternen.

g. jerald

December 9, 2019

Manley review

All of my Manley Products shine above all the others. you just can’t go wrong with manley.

Y. Picard

December 8, 2019


Very very good EQ

B. Schmidt

December 7, 2019

Really good plugin! Big little difference.

When i use this plugin - particularly the mid/ side function, my mixes really gain both cohesivenes and improved articulation of instruments. Even at pretty extreme settings this thing sounds good. Tapping into the headroom knob, as well as the sidechain shelving yields really interesting options particularly when drawing distinctions between the treatment of the mid and side sections. Very fun to work with!

R. Mletzko

December 7, 2019

Der wohl beste Unison Channel Stip

Wie der Titel schon sagt, meiner Meinung nach der wohl beste Union Channel Strip. Im Vergleich zum 610 oder 1073 klingt der Manley detaillierter, aber dennoch voluminös. Dennoch clean, schwer zu beschreiben. Er ergänzt sich perfekt mit einem Shure SM7B, auch mit einem TLM 49 konnte ich exzellente Ergebnisse erzielen. Der integrierte De-Esser ist weltklasse. Normalerweise betreibe ich eher post-processing, aber mit der VoxBox geht jede Aufnahme schon minimal ,vorgeformt' in die DAW. 10/10

J. Moore

December 4, 2019


I love this plugin on my master buss for mixing my beats! Sounds amazing!!

G. Music

December 4, 2019

Watch Out

Don't buy plugins unless you can afford to. I can't but I still bought this.
I bought it cos it was making my mixes and masters better - it has the best lpf I've ever heard for a plugin, and it sounds great and musical.

UAD User

December 3, 2019

Can't fault it. Great for mastering

I bought this to help up my Mastering game. I mainly do 100% in the box mastering. This gives me a little taste of analog sound and clarity in the box.

R. Boddendijk

December 2, 2019

Best EQ Plugin

A Very Good EQ which sounds great on anything and no artifacts.

C. Smith

December 1, 2019


Bought a fretless Jbass recently and have been loving it! Tried out the bass sim amps but it was too noisy... the sound was pretty good but starting a song out with a bass riff didn’t sound clean. The Voxbox is magic on bass, such a warm clean tone and pushing the distresser a little gets insane slap in the most beautiful way! Brings out the low end and shakes you to the core, instant daft punk/justice sound just by tweaking a preset a tiny amount. I like it on vocals too but prefer LA2A compressor and/or the Avalon channel strip

M. Petrillo

November 29, 2019

The Master Passive Mastering Equaliser

This thing is so good you barely know it's there. Very transparent, musical, and versatile. Great for final masters, and even your final mix. Must have.

G. Livingston

November 28, 2019

This eq emphasizes the heart of your sounds

I have used this on many tracks in many different applications. It adds air and cuts so cleanly.

G. Livingston

November 28, 2019

Great preamp

awesome use of unison technology. So good to have an onboard compressor & onboard eq.

Q. Davis

November 28, 2019


Real happy with the sound. This is my new go-to for vocals. It sounds warm and tight. My main genre is Hip-hop & R&B.

A. Adams

November 27, 2019

A gamechanger for mastering

Outstanding. I use it for mastering and it has a sound of it's own especially in the top end. Really smooth.

B. DeRenzo

November 26, 2019

without question, the best of UA

Firstly, I thank Max for the quick response to my email. I had purchased the plug only 6 days before the last advertised sale. The quick of it is that all is well and UA stepped up in seeing I was taken care of. As for the Manley: You simply cannot do without this plugin in your arsenal. This is the FIRST one to purchase. I was amazed a the smoothness and body of the sound. I am privileged to have had my hands on the Massive hardware in a major studio. This is REAL close. I used in on the main buss and on lead vocals. No de-essing, minimal comp on the vocal . A significant difference on the main buss as well. Just superb. I find myself using less and less plugins these days going for more organic sounds and taking a more careful approach on the way in rather than fixing in the mix. Having said that, this is the one plugin that cannot be overlooked. Try the demo as I did and see if I'm relaying the truth. This is UA's finest of the lot

W. Peche

November 25, 2019


Si quieres un Eq con precision y que agregue suavidad a tus pistas estas es una muy buena opción!

V. Mishakov

November 23, 2019

Пожалуй один из лучших микрофонных преампов

Огромное спасибо Uaudio за такой прекрасный подарок.

K. Joshi

November 22, 2019

Simply amazing!

Real tube compressor.

61-80 of 1104 Results