Manley® Complete Bundle

Manley® Complete Bundle

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Manley Complete Bundle

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B. Laan

December 13, 2012


i was told that the Manley was THE plugin to have
but i hardly use it because it does'nt work the way i thould it would i sometimes even wonder if it functions
sorry to say

A. Walker

August 5, 2016

Looked forward to this one, but not getting it yet

Great, a unison channel strip with built-in de-esser, I've been thinking this was wanting.

However, I find the de-esser is not very effective. In fact, I may not be a hardware engineer, but isn't placing the EQ before the de-esser poor thinking? I'm not about to boost the high end and enhance the esses going into the de-esser. I'm probably naive, but it just doesn't seem right.

This plugin doesn't solve my esses, I still have to use an insert for that purpose.

Still waiting for the unison channel strip with de-essing.

S. Gilroy

January 3, 2015

Bout Time

I seriously hate compression. I guess the perfect mix would need no compression.
Most samples nowadays come mastered and rock and metal guitars need no compression. Other than channel strips, the only compressors I need are the neve 33609, fatso and this vari-mu (and precision series) I can't stand 1176, any story you have heard about how great this compressor is is false, their 1176's are completely modded to their specs. Same thing with the Fairchild and Pultecs. You will never get THE sound you want without spending$$$$. I trust Manley products and own their hardware. You won't be sorry. Vintage gear is well,vintage. Manley products are like the next generation, not exactly better but more refined.

W. Mcwilson

November 19, 2014

Magnificent emulation of the hardware!

I absolutely love this on the mix bus! Best sounding emulation of the real thing to date!!

M. Sesto

June 17, 2011

mai sentito un equalizzatore fare ciò che il Manley è in grado d fare. Dopo aver provato la demo l'ho subito acquistato senza attendere offerte speciali sul plug-in. E' incredibile, anche alla massima esaltazione delle frequenze il suono è limpido, delicato, mai fastidioso. Un miracolo nell'equalizzazione digitale.

N. Galea

December 17, 2018


Love the Eq. it's ace when it comes to the mids & low mids! try a bit of distortion before it as well & the fun really begins!

n. jean-pierre

December 15, 2018


Manley VOXBOX apporte une couleur supplémentaire à ma musique surtout en unisson sur la voix et la basse , j'utilisait le neve 1073 jusqu'a maintenant et avec Manley d'autre possibilité de son s'offre à moi .Je conseille vivement ce plugins qui est vraiment extraordinaire ! Et j'ai pas fini de connaitre tous ces capacités .Merci encore UAD

D. Amaro

December 15, 2018

It´s not you. It´s me

I was the one who expected something else...but at the end of the day you are just another one, like thousand else...
Maybe my mistake was trust so much...or maybe I get hypnotized for your colors or shapes. I do not know, but ours is not working.
Please follow your own way...I will follow my own.

T. Stankiewicz

December 15, 2018


So far so good , using for all my vocals.

D. Chueca folch

December 14, 2018

like it!

not for everything but sounds good, love the d-esser on female vocals!

T. Urbanski

December 14, 2018


I was lucky to have Manley VoxBox included in a promo package when I purchased my Apollo Quad.
As I never really used vocals in my productions before getting Apollo, after trying this plugin I now use more and more of them as VoxBox makes it very easy to fit them in the mix.
It's very intuitive and pleasant to work with.

UAD User

December 13, 2018

The magic of Manley

These are something special. Very easy controls, very musical results. Like a shortcut to elegant and balanced sound.

UAD User

December 13, 2018

Got Glue

Mu is straightforward, easy to use. Adds glue to your mix. Nice unit to have in the studio.

UAD User

December 12, 2018

Enlightened vocals

Just the right controls, with hyper-musical sounds and responses.
This makes my vocals super smooth with just a few broad strokes with mouse. But, if you want you can dig in deep.

r. pullara

December 12, 2018


Adoro questo plugin, lo uso praticamente sempre per le voci, da morbidezza al suono, vellutata!!

J. Napolitano

December 12, 2018


Amazing love it

B. Zdravkovic

December 11, 2018

Master EQ now and always!

He has become the eq standard on my master channel.
Very easy to use. That`s a great gear!

A. Krasavtcev

December 11, 2018

My Favorite Vocal Plugin

I really liked this plugin. Diesser and the rise of the top on vocals in a pair work just fine, for me. I have not heard more live and clear vocals than with Manley VoxBox. By the way, I bought the plug-in after seeing an analog device from a colleague at a concert.

E. Ohlson

December 11, 2018

Instantly and evenly flexes muscles in big, big mixes.

I purchased the Manley bundle exclusively to master a post-black-metal album I've spend months producing - and am thrilled that I did: Wonderful, analogous, and without a doubt - massive. Coupled with, among others, the Oxford Inflator (delicately used) in the master chain, it instantly and evenly dialed in a 36-channel mix in ways that I didn't think were possible. Insanely impressed with this plugin for metal mixes.

S. Lockwood

December 10, 2018

Just great.

Such a good plug-in. Does everything its meant to with ease. As soon as you turn it on everything just gets better.

61-80 of 868 Results