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Manley Complete Bundle

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B. Laan

December 13, 2012


i was told that the Manley was THE plugin to have
but i hardly use it because it does'nt work the way i thould it would i sometimes even wonder if it functions
sorry to say

A. Walker

August 5, 2016

Looked forward to this one, but not getting it yet

Great, a unison channel strip with built-in de-esser, I've been thinking this was wanting.

However, I find the de-esser is not very effective. In fact, I may not be a hardware engineer, but isn't placing the EQ before the de-esser poor thinking? I'm not about to boost the high end and enhance the esses going into the de-esser. I'm probably naive, but it just doesn't seem right.

This plugin doesn't solve my esses, I still have to use an insert for that purpose.

Still waiting for the unison channel strip with de-essing.

S. Gilroy

January 3, 2015

Bout Time

I seriously hate compression. I guess the perfect mix would need no compression.
Most samples nowadays come mastered and rock and metal guitars need no compression. Other than channel strips, the only compressors I need are the neve 33609, fatso and this vari-mu (and precision series) I can't stand 1176, any story you have heard about how great this compressor is is false, their 1176's are completely modded to their specs. Same thing with the Fairchild and Pultecs. You will never get THE sound you want without spending$$$$. I trust Manley products and own their hardware. You won't be sorry. Vintage gear is well,vintage. Manley products are like the next generation, not exactly better but more refined.

W. Mcwilson

November 19, 2014

Magnificent emulation of the hardware!

I absolutely love this on the mix bus! Best sounding emulation of the real thing to date!!

M. Sesto

June 17, 2011

mai sentito un equalizzatore fare ciò che il Manley è in grado d fare. Dopo aver provato la demo l'ho subito acquistato senza attendere offerte speciali sul plug-in. E' incredibile, anche alla massima esaltazione delle frequenze il suono è limpido, delicato, mai fastidioso. Un miracolo nell'equalizzazione digitale.

D. Webb

March 17, 2018

Vocal control in one easy tool

This plugin has become my all-in-one vocal control tool. It is a modern wonder. Excellent control in either line-in or live mic'ing. I'd recommend it to anyone having difficulty with vocals, acoustic instruments and electric guitar shaping. Class A preamp is the center of control. It's nice having access to the plugin version of the Voxbox as the hardware is well beyond my finances. Manley makes amazing tools and the Voxbox is one of their star players. Thank you UA for placing this into the hands of the bluecollars! You folks are to be applauded for your dedication! God Bless you all!

C. Vang

March 16, 2018


It’s subtle, but in a way that’s very beautiful. Highly recommended.

W. Georges

March 9, 2018

I have My Mu Back

Had a Vari-Mu in my racks for years. Long story short I had to part with it knowing full well I would pick one up again. Well I have with the UAD plug-in. So close to the hardware. Still have my Slam and will never part with it but if UAD comes out with the Plug-in version I will pick that up as well.

L. Vogle

March 4, 2018



e. hartwell

February 23, 2018

Manley Voxbox

Have a project with a big voice,,,, Voxbox Voxbox Voxbox
I just bought the Manley Voxbox plug in dropped it into a current project and bam, worked perfectly. The lead vocalist has a strong powerful voice.l, featuring a ton of plosives and s words... found a preset for male vocals in seconds, adjusted the EQ a little and the deeser to taste ... so happy!
Although I’ve just begun to scratch the surface with the Manley Voxbox... this plugin puts a smile on my face. Seriously the deesser is worth the price alone!

P. Alves

February 20, 2018

The best for mastering

No eq plugin is better than this on to boost eq for the master bus!

E. Clinton

February 9, 2018

This is it !!

Druckvoller Sound. Das Beste was ich je hatte und dann in real time.

S. Rammer

February 4, 2018

Sold one to get the Apollo and got the plugin

I loved my VoxBox. Great for vocals and bass especially. Had a chance to A/B with an Avid interface and the VoxBox hardware and then the plugin from UA with an Apollo 18x24. Sold the VoxBox and bought the Universal Audio Apollo with the plugin and bought extra plugs as well. Never looked back!

a. wyszkowski

January 25, 2018


In the early 2000s, I had the pleasure of doing some contract mixdown/mastering work at a studio with some nice kit I could never afford. The Manley Massive Passive was a standout, and changed the way I use EQ. Thanks to its parallel routing and gentle curves I likened it to sending a channel to four sends, each with a buttery Pultec on it and summing them back together.

Haven’t done an A/B, but the plugin works/vibes similarly. Dig into mixing cuts & boosts in the same range, or stacking shelves with different center frequencies. Lovely stuff!

b. jung

January 19, 2018

sweetest channel strip ever

great sound.

T. Spillmann

January 17, 2018

Great sounding plugin

I'm using this on pretty much every vocal track. Would recommend this to anyone!

O. Marts

January 17, 2018

Manley VOXBOX Channel Strip

This plugin has a mild, beautiful, analog sound. I am very pleased to have bought it!

B. Green

January 15, 2018

Must have

For vocals this is the go to for warm analog feel and sound #flatout

S. Kastanis

January 14, 2018

Great product

This is a great plug in in my opinion for acoustic guitars and vocals! Something I was longing to buy.

A. Tanonov

January 14, 2018

Uncompromising musical equalizer

When mastering my last musical "Master and Margarita", I for a long time could not find a "magic" combination of sub-low and low frequencies. Manley® Massive Passive EQ allowed me to achieve the necessary "devilish sound" phonograms. The sound of this device falls in love at first sight, once and for all.

61-80 of 749 Results