Manley® Variable Mu Limiter Compressor

Manley® Variable Mu Limiter Compressor

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Manley® Variable Mu Limiter Compressor

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C. Jaramillo

April 5, 2019

Great mix tool!

I love this plugin. I know the hardware as I used to work with it... Now I have it back!

I always put it at the end of the mix bus chain of inserts. I am kind of using a 670 to a EQP1 (hardware or plugin) to the ATR-102 and then to the Manley Vari Mu...

... then I have this cohesive thing off the speakers. I think this is when it shines going for 1,5 reduction, give or take. I love that popping sound while transients get tamed and enhanced.

T. Willis

March 20, 2019

Love the Vari-Mu

This plugin was recommended to me by the great Ken Lewis himself. Now I won't finish any mix without it! The way this glues a mix is AMAZING. It has one of the most transparent, most polishing sounds I've found in a plugin.

T. Brooks

March 16, 2019

New Go-To for Mid/Side

I'm still new to the Universal Audio world, but I've played enough now with UAD's Manley V-Mu emu, the Waves Puigchild 670 emu, the UAD demo for their Fairchild emu, UAD's K-Stereo Ambience Recovery demo, and the Left-Only/Right-Only/Mid/Side options in Logic's stock Channel and Linear Phase EQ's. To be completely honest, I couldn't hear much difference between Waves' Puigchild and UAD's Manley V-Mu at comparable settings (and perhaps only heard a transparency difference between the Puigchild and UAD's 670). But after playing with the Manley's Attack and Release controls, Dual Input and Headroom controls, L-R linking, and side-chain filtering, oh my goodness -- I instantly knew the Manley would become my go-to. As a producer and engineer constantly moving between different genres and styles, having this much control serves me greatly and UAD has modeled a powerful unit that can provide that control.

Also, UAD's Manley V-Mu gave me better review of the Fairchild emu plugs I'd been toying with prior (i.e. Waves Puigchild, UAD Fairchild 670): the Fairchild is without a doubt a masterpiece of a classic compressor, and like the old saying goes there's creativity in limits. That is, the Fairchild's six-option time constant system is an extremely useful set of presets if you're trying to get in the ballpark of mix-sound, if not just to "feel" the variable-mu compression behavior along its elastic range from "punchy" to "buttery." But if you want to explore the V-Mu flavor more deeply, you need more than time constants. That's where the Manley gives you more levers to pull. And while I don't have any experience with the hardware unit, I know the UAD model is incredibly transparent and solders Mid and Side channels into a beautiful, sheeny composite that feels good on individual busses and whole mixes. 5 out of 5.

Applications-wise, I feel like UAD's Manley put my mixes in the same vein as Afta-1's "Quest," Nujabes' "Peaceland," Nicolay's "Tight Eyes," Little Dragon's "Cat Rider," Bonobo's "Cirrus." I also think there are some beautiful applications for this kind of compressor as far as jazz and soundtrack music, as well as less traditional hip-hop and R&B tracks. For pop, funk, folk, and more traditional hip-hop and retro, I might either combine the Manley V-Mu with a tape emu (e.g. UAD Ampex ATR-102, UAD Studer A800, Softube Tape) or saturation emu (e.g. UAD Fatso Jr./Sr., UAD Culture Vulture, Soundtoys Decapitator or Echoboy, Sonnox Oxford Inflator, anything UAD with a Neve preamp stage). If trial and error yields nothing, I'll reach for UAD's Fairchild, UAD's Shadow Hills, and the SSL G Buss emus from Waves or UAD. In the latter case, I'm definitely using the UAD Manley V-Mu as my point A.

K. Lima

January 23, 2019

musical and natural...


k. abadie

January 12, 2019

Great Manley Unit

Great 2bus compressor ! I am loving it so far

J. Poole

January 10, 2019

Comes in handy...

I find if I use this last in the mastering chain before the limiter I get most of the Manley sound and a little of the's like a tube/presence 'in your face' effect...

P. Uszyński

January 4, 2019

Another beauty from Manley & UA

Dont't know the original unit, but this thing - together with Massive Passive - got my latest mix work & shine right away. I'll say goodbye to my PSP MasterComp, I'm afraid, Variable Mu did it just better and in a more musical way!

M. Sudhakar

December 18, 2018

Perfect for Mastering

I was working with the Hardware and Software. The Plugin is sounding the perfect alternative for me.

N. Antonio

December 18, 2018



UAD User

December 13, 2018

Got Glue

Mu is straightforward, easy to use. Adds glue to your mix. Nice unit to have in the studio.

D. Dake

December 10, 2018

It’s got kick

Love this plugin, tightens up my mixes and gives em weight. I have no experience with the real hardware, but the software is worth every cent .

M. Kourilov

December 6, 2018

Manley variable Mu review

Very happy with that plugin. Sounds like a real thing. Got some friends who’s got the real hardware, you wouldn’t not believe but they selling it since they got plug-in version from UA. Can’t blame them

D. Perini

December 6, 2018

Manley Variable Mu® Limiter Compressor

The Mu on master is indescribable great!!!

V. Gerasenkov

December 5, 2018

Must have for MSTR!

This is an unusually powerful, indispensable mastering tool that will leave untouched sound tonal image that you lined up during mixing.
UA, you are the best!

A. Jones

November 28, 2018


I love this thing.

M. Martini

October 5, 2018

Like the real physical outboard

This plugin replicate itself in the physical world. I'm appreciate it’s effectiveness in all Daw contest, where the sound control is fundamental. The selector that allow to switch to comp or limit is very useful. So you choose what you need at glance.
A “must have” in your Daw!

M. Martini

October 4, 2018

No compromise: 2 in 1

Precise, easy to use, extremely effective. You can choose the limiting or compression function with a simple switch. Adjust the best threshold for your mix or single audio or Vst tracks without any compromise. Fantastic!

C. Kaliampakas

August 2, 2018

Really dope!

It works perfectly on slow tracks, i love the sound of tubes on that comp. Secondly i use it a lot on Basslines

R. Alvarez-Torre

July 22, 2018


I love using this for voice. It’s such a clean tool.

A. Lopes dos Santos

July 14, 2018

Isn’t there a “6 star” rating?

Well, what can I say? If you have ever used the “real thing”, I really believe you’ll be amazed. Try the “slow hug” preset and... smile! I did it... The beauty of the transients passing through thr Vari-Mu is not comparable to anything else, I believe - and this plugin does that same kind of magic, on this “ITB” I now live in. Delicious!

81-100 of 257 Results