Manley® Variable Mu Limiter Compressor

Manley® Variable Mu Limiter Compressor

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Manley® Variable Mu Limiter Compressor

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UAD User

December 28, 2016

Gospel Beats

Great sounding compressor. Have not had it long enough to play around with it and push the controls, but simply just placing it on your audio track, it very transparent, compression with actually hearing the music being compressed.

M. Diaz Velez

December 24, 2016

So real so good

It sounds like the "real" thing and everithing that goes trhought this beauty... gets better. If you wanna use it to add "magic" to your mix or track just put a liitle of it... not too much. Great device.

F. Batiste III

December 22, 2016

Vari Necessary

The first thing I listen for when I instantiate any plugin is whether or not I lose sonic detail, or if the plugin smears my sounds. This is especially true of software compressors. UAD gets it. This compressor controls the sounds without melting them. It glues them together while retaining their sonic images. I'm loving UAD right about now.

R. Remus-Nicolae

December 22, 2016

Manley Variable Mu® Limiter Compressor

I have compared other two Variable Mu compressors with this one:
NI/Softube Vari Comp and Klanghelm Mjuc.
Manley Variable Mu is subtle but It is not superclose to the hardware.
I find it almost useless for me and I regret that I have bought it.

j. trammell

December 21, 2016

The best compressor emulation that I have seen so far!!

Awesome compressor here! To my ear this is by far the best emulation of an analogue compressor that I have seen. Incredible job UA!

T. Matsuda

December 2, 2016


I got a processor I was longing for.
I use it for a mix bus.

J. Fashe

November 29, 2016

Classy and Classic!!!


M. Davis

November 24, 2016

Great Character!!!

Warm, punchy, very flavorful. Killer if you want some mid smack. Has more of a vintage frequency response, I throw it on most of my masters to give my digital mixes more analog feel. Definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a great mastering compressor.

UAD User

November 22, 2016

Manley Vari-Mu is Awesome

Perfect box.
Perfect for recording, mixing and mastering.

P. Braux

November 8, 2016

Comme dans un rêve !

Je possède la version hardware, et je peux enfin en mettre sur plus d'une stéréo !
Il faut trouver son réglage à l'oreille pour atteindre une quasi similitude entre le hard et le soft.
Merci !

A. von Schroeder

November 4, 2016

What a glue!

Title says it all. Simply amazing on the Mix Bus. Thank you for this wonderful plugin Universal Audio.

R. Dawkins

October 24, 2016

Nice Indeed

From the moment I put the Variable Mu on my mix buss, I knew it was a must-have. It imparted an analog warmth to the mix better than any other plugin I had ever used. So many other reviews used the word "glue" to describe the effect that the plugin has on a mix. That is definitely the right word. This plugin will get a lot of use on the mix buss or in my mastering chain.

G. Bicalho

September 30, 2016

Beautiful sound!!!

We make a side by side comparison with this plugin and the original, and in some materials can not hear any difference!
Congratulations, impressive!

S. Skelton

September 29, 2016

Dominator for sale

After using the Aphex Dominator for years I've been hooked on tri-band limiting. The Manley tri band is just a wonderful placement and upgrade. I love the open air sound it gives while kicking the frequencies that need it. Try it once and you will love it.

m. Steimer

August 15, 2016

Simply the best compressor plug-in you can put in your stereo buss….

The Manley VariMU plug-in is installed by default in my stereo Buss. I turn it on as soon as everything is ready to lay the basic rhythms mix (bass drums) because the primary feature of this compressor is that it will strengthen the grave and a lightly dip mediums. The VariMU is actually cut to operate on the entire mix and its impact is both very penetrating and very subtle. This is why it must not wait too long before switching on or we might have everything to start over ....
The VariMU brings the binder (paste) the link (interactivity) and movement (reactivity) between the different sources. When we find the right balance, it happens some organical stuff that I do not manage to get differently.
Must have !

A. Berkut

June 7, 2016

Adorable compressor

I do not regret that bought this wonderful compressor!
I like him to hang up or on the group of instruments or for the entire mix.
It gives a cool coloration and vibe, perfectly glues together mix. Thanks UAD for this tool!

D. Hatadi

June 1, 2016

Sublime 2 buss polisher

I confess to not having experience with the hardware device this emulates but when it comes to that final sprinkle of magic audio dust., Manley along with UAD are the masters in the land of plugins. Between this and the Neve 33609 I'm pretty well set on the master.

UAD User

April 24, 2016

Natural sound

I use this compressor in every song. It makes soft compressions and natural sound.

c. Mitchell

April 21, 2016

Good slow attack hard to over to compress

If it wasn't so DSP heavy I would put it on every track that needed compression. I love the smooth sound that just gives low-end instruments. Ads of thick texture to the music but doesn't change the sound. Never used a real manly before now I understand why they are one of the leaders, an excellent plug in

G. K.

April 19, 2016

Manley Variable Mu® Limiter Compressor : Great Mastering Tool !

This is one of the PlugIns where you definitely need to read the manual first to understand how to use it properly. Once you get an idea how to approach this Plugin correctly for mastering you can achieve (subtle but very) effective results that really make a difference for your Final Mix . 5Stars

81-100 of 175 Results