Marshall® Bluesbreaker 1962

Marshall® Bluesbreaker 1962

Unison Enabled


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Marshall® Bluesbreaker 1962

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P. Martinez

July 4, 2016

Best Amp Sim

I have tried a bunch of amp sims, and I love this one because of the bass response. I always feel like other amp sims always lack bass.
Thank you UA and Softube for making this available!

P. Matthews

July 3, 2016

The heart & soul of my new blues project

Started playing with this plug and before I knew it I was writing new stuff, and the time flew by. It was like arriving at the studio to find your assistant had been up all night perfectly placing microphones for your session. When a friend (and fellow guitarist) came over I jokingly told him I had an amp set up in the spare room. All he said was "sounds sweet can I go see". I told him sure, and when he returned he asked if I had rooms in my apartment he wasn't aware of. Took me slightly longer to explain how I was getting that sound with a plugin! Unlike a lot of plugs that are complicated and things can go horribly wrong, this one makes a ton of great sounds and you just have to audition them and pick which great sound works best.

H. Zwarts

June 30, 2016

Fijne sounds mee te maken

Hele fijne sound. Ik kan het niet met een origineel vergelijken maar ik kan hier hele gave sound mee creëren. Absoluut een aanrader.

J. Toy

June 27, 2016

Marshall Bluesbreaker sim

I have been finding this amp sim the most useable so far. Sounds great for jazz style, grant green / kenny burrell tones and works really well for lower gain rock stuff. It does seem a little dull to my ears but this can be worked around and maybe it is just me getting used to the tone controls a bit more. The room verb is really nice and sounds great when the guitars are in the track. I really want a Fender Deluxe Reverb Custom now please!

N. Christie

June 21, 2016

Classic Marshall Tone ITB

This is a amazing recreation of the original that puts the Marshall Tone at a price point we can all reach.
It sounds great and importantly it feels and reacts like playing through a real amp.

M. Niemczyk

April 13, 2016

Great Sound - Missing bypass pre amp feature!

A great sounding simulation BUT - where is the bypass pre amp feature from the ENGL amps?
This simulation is really a great one but real tube pre amps has still a greater dynamic range. Thats why the best results can be only achieved with the combination of real preamp and power amp, cabinet microphones simulation (at least in a neighbor friendly environment).
Its so sorry that SoftTube didn't provide one additional switch to turn of the preamp section ;(

UAD User

April 5, 2016

Marshall Bluesbreaker 1962 Plug-in

If you like Marshall Amps and The Blues, then this product is for you. You can play your Blues chords, notes, bends, etc on this vintage Marshall Amp Plug-in and sound great! Ultimately, it's the artist creating and playing The Blues, but this Marshall Bluesbreaker 1962 Plug-in makes for a great accompaniment to your style of playing.

S. Hemker

February 4, 2016

Marshall® Bluesbreaker 1962 Plug-In

The best sounding guitar amp emulation I´ve ever heard! (Svobodan, Singer/Songwriter/Producer)

UAD User

February 3, 2016

Love the Marshall Blues breaker plug!!

This amp simulation has it's own voice and character. I'll be reaching for it often! Just get it.

UAD User

January 18, 2016

enfin un rai plug de simul d'ampli

utilisé en live via l'apollo twin, ce plug est vraiment bien foutu! j'ai quelques pédales en amont (drive, boost, fuzz, wha, etc ...) et je rentre dans le plugin vers un son clair,légèrement crunchy.
ce que j'adore c'est l'amplitude du son avec le potard de volume de ma telecaster, vraiment bluffant!
je note quand même que les preset sont très sourds, bizarre... et que le plug a tendance à saturer, donc bien faire gaffe au gain d'entrée.
l'utilisation en mix est très interessante également, les simuls de micros avec les options de panoramiques sont bien faites, bref, un gros son comme j'aime.
pour info, je ne suis pas métaleux, mais plus pop, funk, blues

S. Hlavsa

January 14, 2016

Fantastic Guitar Amp

Playing through this plug in is just great. Rich and smooth with very good string detail. I really think this is one of the best amp plug in.
Highly recommended.

T. Vines

January 7, 2016

True to the original

This amp sounds great and best of all it sounds Marshall! With the great amp emulations by UA there really is no need to mic up amplifiers anymore. We plug straight into the board and record. It's awesome!

UAD User

December 21, 2015


It really works. I would not buy to much Plug-Ins this year anymore. But once i tested the demo, i will :-).
It´s fantastic as the plexi and the Jubilee is.

Thx UAD.

UAD User

November 29, 2015

Sounds not digital at all...

I love this amp simulation with its warm tone, it makes you almost forget that you don't play a real amp. Well done job supporting the unison functionality and really easy to use. It responds very authentic to different guitars and your fingers. And the amazing versatility of the different possible sounds gets even more variety with the very good mic and room simulations. It uese quite a lot of dsp power, but I like to record wet, and this works well with apollo twin.

D. Bowman

November 27, 2015

Not bad

I love this amp so much I own 2 of them; one for the studio and one for live gigs. I could pick out the sound of these amps in my sleep. This emulation is pretty damn close, though the real amp is a bit richer in those awesome pre-clipping harmonics its known for (nothing beats real tubes IMO). While I've never been a fan of amp sims, this one surprised me. While I'll stick with the real thing, those who want the Bluesbreaker sound in a sim, you'll like this.

U. Borjesson

November 21, 2015

For all guitar work, except Glamrock.

This amps in Unison slot do make my kit complete, no hardware amp needed anymore more then live of course:-)
The plug is truly dynamic and works towards the guitar as the real thing.
To clear my review title, I use the Jubilee Amp for my Glamrock playing but for all else more contemporary stuff this 1962 does it completely amazingly!
One little thing I would have loved if the room mic could been routed to a separate input in my DAW, but I can live without it as the plugin is so great.

R. Dodd

November 19, 2015


I reviewed the this and posted under the Silver jubilee, my only wish in that review was for an input control, which as you will see this has.
Great sound. Wonderful control of room and mic and effects

E. Moore

November 13, 2015

For Blues Sake...

I guess a purist who actually has one of these amps could tell the sim from the real thing. You won't. If you have a penchant for blues and rock and roll, this plugin brings it in spades. Within seconds, I was revisiting my youth banging out Yardbirds and Aerosmith first album like tones. The microphone emulations are incredible and really provide versatility to the sound. In conjunction with Neve 1073 in the unison channel, Ocean Way Studio and a little Echoplex and a smidge of the LA3 and you'll be blistering tracks well into the wee hours of the morning.....

N. Hall

November 9, 2015

Yep, it works...very well.

This is what I've been waiting for - beautiful sounding amp sim, that's responsive, detailed, and just sounds right. A bit heavy on DSP, but I've been recording wet, and if you had a real one, you'd only be able to use it one track at a time. Old school modelled kit needs old school recording discipline (take note all that moan about only being able to use 4 Fairchild compressors at a time....I've never been in a studio that has had more than one of the hardware ones!).

41-59 of 59 Results

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