Marshall Legends Bundle

Marshall Legends Bundle

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Marshall® Legends Bundle

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UAD User

November 29, 2015

Sounds not digital at all...

I love this amp simulation with its warm tone, it makes you almost forget that you don't play a real amp. Well done job supporting the unison functionality and really easy to use. It responds very authentic to different guitars and your fingers. And the amazing versatility of the different possible sounds gets even more variety with the very good mic and room simulations. It uese quite a lot of dsp power, but I like to record wet, and this works well with apollo twin.

B. Chapman

November 25, 2015

Nailed it.

There is only one amp that delivers that classic 80s heavy rock sound. The Marshall Silver Jubilee. Softube has done it again, with a home run of an emulation. I also really like the addition of the delay option for the room mic. AND, perhaps a lesser known secret, you can actually get an amazing, sparkly clean tone out of this amp!

The Unison integration is awesome. I'd like to see some Unison retrofitting of some of the other amp emulations, too, in coming updates. Also, hopeful that Softube will be able to work with Fender in the future.
As a user of real amps, every amp plugin ever made, Axe FX Ultra, etc., this is the new gold standard in emulation. Buy the bundle. They are all spot on.

Thanks, UA!

j. york

November 22, 2015

not impressed

In general I love UAD- the neve EQs seem great to me, as do all your compressors etc. But then again, I don't own anything like the hardware versions. I do, however, own a pile of amps, including a hardwired plexi clone that sound fabulous. These Marshals sound nothing like my real amp. The Bluesbreak sounds muddy and poopy and the plexi sound harsh and all edgy and brittle. Am I doing something wrong? I can't for the life of me even get a passable sound out of these plugins, and it makes me wonder about the whole digital modeling game. Maybe amps are just way more complex than a preamp, compressor, or EQ, or maybe all of these plugs are way less authentic than I have been led to believe. Stock Logic pro X amp models sound better...


November 21, 2015

Sounds like HOME!!!

I grew up through the seventies with Marshall stacks towering over me. I am blown away that these amps sound and do exactly what each Marshall does. Unbelievable what these plugs sound like. My 1970 Les Paul Custom and these make me feel like I am at home with my sound. It is hard to get this right. This is the first time I felt this way without using the real amp. I have tried most of the emulations and never felt I was playing with a true Marshall, until now. I can't say enough. Just amazing!!!

U. Borjesson

November 21, 2015

In Unison Slot.

Completely Amazing, I have done a preset of my own called Glam Rock, I just can´t stop play, it is truly amazing, and the dynamics from the guitar volume button, less distortion but same groove... the Unison slot and how it works with the guitar ohm load, WOW!
The only amps that can compete is the 1962 Bluesbreaker:-) which I use as soon as the suits and platform boots gets off!

E. Halterman

November 21, 2015

Wow, Just like y ole Jubilee Amp!

I was shocked at how great this sounded. It instantly reminded me of my Jubilee I had purchased back in the late 80s. I cannot believe how great UAD's technology is... just stellar!

R. Dodd

November 19, 2015


I reviewed the this and posted under the Silver jubilee, my only wish in that review was for an input control, which as you will see this has.
Great sound. Wonderful control of room and mic and effects

N. Hall

November 9, 2015

Love this!

Second only to the Bluesbreaker combo in my opinion, although that's probably got more to do with my personal preference than the (very high) quality of this plug in. It's superb....thanks UA.

N. Hall

November 9, 2015

Yep, it works...very well.

This is what I've been waiting for - beautiful sounding amp sim, that's responsive, detailed, and just sounds right. A bit heavy on DSP, but I've been recording wet, and if you had a real one, you'd only be able to use it one track at a time. Old school modelled kit needs old school recording discipline (take note all that moan about only being able to use 4 Fairchild compressors at a time....I've never been in a studio that has had more than one of the hardware ones!).

D. DiPietro

November 9, 2015

Close enough

I started playing guitar in the late 70's and bought my first 2 JCM800 stacks in '82, that led me down a road of Marshall's throughout the 80's. To my ears, this is about as close as you can get without the extreme volume. The downside is you're locked into one speaker cab. I favor the 70 watts speakers that was loaded in my cabs from '82 and that's really what this plug-in lacks to be perfect.
Like most all presets from every company, the presets are useless. A little experimenting and you'll start cataloging your own useable presets that will be convincing enough for just about any Marshallesque guitar tone you need.

Y. Worontschak

November 9, 2015

Great Plugin

Really sweet sounding plug. I like it because it's so simple and because it sounds so much like a Marshall. UAD are doing a fine job partnering with great plug makers and have just smoked Avid and Waves- who's plugs are sooooo last century:-)

D. Baker

November 7, 2015

Best Amp Sim I've tried.

Fantastic amp sim, the best I've ever tried at this point.

UAD User

November 6, 2015

Feels surprisingly good.

Wow, I can't get enough...
It's the first time with any digital device I feel like playing through a real tube amp!
I have never thought that could be possible - I had tried some UAD amp plugins, but there was always something missing which might be normal in digital issues.
But today I plugged my Les Paul in and can't stop rockin. I'm gonna buy the Silver Jubilee plugin right now, though I've never been a fan of Marshall amps. Universal Audio really changes my approach to music production!
Nevertheless I have my real tube amp going into the Apollo via Palmer ADIG-LB, too, so I can use both devices simultaneously for a cascade of fat sound!

B. Ackley

November 5, 2015

3 for one? get the bundle!

just ridiculously awesome. Plugged in my les paul and it felt like the real deal. I love the room sounds too. Just awesome!

UAD User

November 4, 2015


Three is better than one...

UAD User

November 1, 2015


I tested the demo - and had no chance not to buy it :-). After i got a 50,- voucher (Thank you, UAD) i bought it and don´t wanna miss the plexi anymore. Just amzazing.

A. Suanlarm

October 20, 2015

Awesome amp!

I think this amp sim captures the Marshall feel quite well. This is the tone that I'm looking for when I want to record a Marshall. Of course, it can't do a Vox or Twin, but that's not why I bought it. Please make more amp sims. If they're as good as this one, I'm definitely buying.

D. DiPietro

October 14, 2015

Another tool....

and I mean that in a good way. Did a quick demo when it first came out and found the presets useless. When my demos got reset after picking up some more plugins I spent a little more time with it. It doesn't sound like my only Marshall to my ears, but after tweaking it a bit I slowly came to appreciate that it's close enough and my ears don't take a beating.
Really my only negative point with most of UA amp plugins is not that they're not realistic or true sounding, it's that they seem to forget that 4x10 cab's exist also........

s. kgr

October 12, 2015

The sound is correctly Marshall.

I used this plug-in electric guitar line recording. The sound is correctly Marshall. Sound that sounded the cabinet in the studio is the fun make easily. In addition, enjoy the variations since even choose microphone, this is Marshall system if there is I think that's okay.

H. Lemke

October 12, 2015

TOP 10 Guitar Plug-in

One of the best guitar software in the last 3 years!

281-300 of 326 Results