Marshall Legends Bundle

Marshall Legends Bundle

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Marshall® Legends Bundle

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B. Miles

August 8, 2015

Love the natural compression

I've used a few different amp models, and this one definitely makes me believe in software guitar amps... (Never thought I'd say that... still don't really want to). Downloaded the demo and was blown away by its quality and versatility. I'd still love to be able to switch out the microphones and move their positions, but all in all, it sounds great. Most amp models, the louder you get, the worse it sounds because there's no real speaker compression that's been emulated like when playing on the real thing. This model's compression sounds similar to the natural compression when you crank up a vintage marshall. At the end of the day, if I'm working on a big project, I'll mic up some real amps, but for writing and demoing songs, this is it.

M. Chennells

August 8, 2015

Best amp sim to date.

This amp sim is the best one I've tried. It feels like playing through a real amplifier. It really has only one sound, but if you want to get that famous Marshall Plexi sound this is it. Maybe the real thing sounds better, if you have a great room to record in and a collection of great mics and plenty of experience as a sound engineer.....but most of us don't, so for about £100 this is just too good to miss. Great job by all concerned in producing this plugin!

S. Woolgar

August 5, 2015

I love the sound...

It takes a lot of tinkering, but the range of sounds you can get out of this plugin is rather incredible. Watch the video though, a few tips and tricks goes a long way to getting a good sound (like turning down the trim on input all the way).

Very happy with this plugin. I feel that this combined with the Chandler, The ENGLs, and the Friedman amps, I have a great selection of sounds at my disposal.

B. Williams

August 5, 2015

really good

Wow it's great it's the best amp simulation that I've used

C. Carr

August 4, 2015

Love my new Amp.!!

The Plexi is the first amp sim that actually makes me feel AND sound like I'm playing an amp. It has a learning curve to get both clean and dirty sounds. Using the RAW on the Unison slot adds more options. I've used many sims over the years and I can get great sounds with most of them but the UAD Plexi makes you feel like you are playing through an amp. When bending a note or hitting a bar chord hard this sim makes a BIG difference. There's something about this sim that I've never been able to do with other sims...
When you demo this plug be patient and experiment with ALL levels...( your guitar volume/tone.

s. Rollinson

July 31, 2015

Stus Rollins

I remember the 90s when I had a Marshall stack. This bit of software really takes me back. With other guitar software you always have the same sound at the end of the day. but this and I must say the Engel, it is really hard to tell the difference fro the real thing. The bass tones are fat and healthy and really cut through the mix. I would recommend the Marshall plug in to any guitarist. Just hit some pre-sets and you are good to go. The sound really cuts through the mix but it s the bass end that does it for me well done UE.

S. Shrimpton

July 31, 2015

Right now this is the best amp sim on the market!

A great amp sculpts your playing, the way a great guitar does. I've never seen an amp sim capable of capturing that kind of character, until now. The other amp sims on the UA site are really good compared to much of the competition, but they are still miles from competing with thier real life counterparts. This thing however comes bloody close!! It's not quite 1for1, but your not going to get any closer to authentic tube amp tone, or a genuine Marshall plexi sound in 2015 unless you've got a great mic collection & the real thing. The presets are a bit rubbish, & it would have been nice to have independent mic selection like the ocean way plugin. You have to watch your input level. Otherwise easy to use & currently the best at what it does.

J. Jude

July 17, 2015

This plugin ROCKS

I am not one to write reviews but I am so impressed that I had to put my 2 cents in. First off I have to say unless you own the real deal you won't be disappointed, so I don' understand any rating that's not a 4 or 5 star. One of the nice options is the 3 different mic choices. You can use 1 or all 3. At that point like everything else in music this always becomes a subjective matter. All I can say is salt to taste. I wish UAD would permit me to leave a link to soundcloud of a song I just finished using the UAD Marshall plexi plugin then you could hear what I was able to get out of it. The UAD's video's of the Elite Pro's demoing is great and very useful, but I would love to hear what the small & home studio sound like using the UAD plugins

s. curtis

July 16, 2015

Stunning in Every way.. Thanks UA!

Finally - we have an amp that sounds and behaves like the real thing! The close mics and room are really the icing on the cake that take this to a whole other level. Sounds stunning combined with UAs Ocean Way room if you want to go Bigger ;-}

C. Edmonds

July 11, 2015

easily the best amp sim i've ever heard

I can't honestly believe people are giving this fewer than five stars. this is the ballsiest, most convincing software amp emulations i've used. it's really good. i'll be buying it before long i'm sure.

m. goey

July 7, 2015


If you consider what it cost to get a 59 and mic it this plug is in huge saving...for the price and what it does it is hard to beat and sounds pretty close to the real thing.....obviously it is not going to completely replicate the real thing but if it is the real thing you want spend the coin...Cheers MG

T. Yamada

June 23, 2015

A cool distortion like Jimmy Page.

But the list price is high. Let's wait whether it is discounted until a coupon is sent. It is hard to look at the button of the middle.

J. Rostrup

June 9, 2015

The new standard.

If this is the new standard, Im very excited for whats coming next...

This plug makes my desert island list.

From smooth clean to dirty gritty and without sounding like the coils are wired wrong, when you turn it up.

Best amp sim to date.

B. Herle

June 1, 2015

So Sweet!

I used to own a marshal TSL-100 and JCM800 and take it to nice studios and get some killer sounds out of it. Tried the demo of the plexi to do a song I was working on and I'm super impressed! With the use of a couple other plugs in the signal chain (RAW!) I was able to get a tone just as believable as when I used to mic my cab, maybe even sweeter. It shines incredibly well doing some softer sustainy stuff, but also digs in really nicely. I used to have a Les Paul Std to play through my stack, and now I just have a cheap Mexican Tele, so to be so happy with the outcome using about 10% of the gear cost.... I mean wow! I can see where some people are saying there's a little something left to be desired, but the core sound is stellar!

J. Mignard

May 27, 2015

Very GOOD Plexi !

Magnificent sound , it rings as no other competitor (IK , NI & the others ...) did not manage to make it !
It is really the Marshall with this Inimitable sound
Congratulations to all the team which made this work !
And especially , Thanks to UAD to offer us always more !

A. Spinato

May 27, 2015

Amazing Dynamics

This is the best amp plugin I have used to date!! I've been playing for 20 years and have always had time consumption recording guitars. This has eliminated the annoying process that comes when trying to stay in creativity mode.I use the Hi z function in my Apollo and dial in a sound and I'm ready to go! What a great Gritty tone!. Universal Audio is by far the best on the market, I wish people would understand that not having to worry about a bad cable or electrical interference and especially bothering neighbors is something unheard of 20 years ago, without spending money on a big budget studio. Keep it coming UA!

301-316 of 316 Results