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Marshall® Legends Bundle

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p. meeks

October 9, 2015

UA Marshall Plexi Plug in is outstandin

The UA Marshall Plexi plug in, is off the charts !!! The sounds, funtionality, and options with different Mics, levels adjustments, and choice of Mics, is to say the least "Fantastic"....I was shocked to hear how great this plug in sounded. I have several Vintage Marshall Amps and cabs . I have used them live and recorded with them.... With this plug in, I do not have to set them up, mic them and so on. The libray / pre-sets that comes with this plug in is outstanding.I can use many differnt ones as a staring point, or as I have done many times already, just picked a pre-set and went with it.... I am very picky about the tone, feel, and flexibility of my of all my gear....just like most other players. This plug in delivers fully.

m. aissa

October 6, 2015

Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959

vraiment un super plugin c'est un plaisir de joué avec pour moi c'est le top des amplis en plugin magnifique

J. Seung Heon

September 21, 2015


this + synth = brutal tones
never heard before..

S. Hyland

September 13, 2015

Marshall law declared!

'X' many years ago, I gigged in front of a Marshall stack, and now I can feel a warm glow in my heart as I tweak and find every tone that I used to love, right here in my DAW. Great, great job from Softube, and UAD here.

Routed correctly, into the console with, say the SSL channel strip and the AKG spring reverb out on a stereo Aux., and who could ever want anything more.

The dream will be complete, when a classic Fender combo, with tremolo follows suit.

As an aside, the excellent tone tips that can be found on UAD's YouTube channel really get you straight to the cream of this excellent plugin. Great job guys.

A. Klyushnikov

August 26, 2015

Plastic Sound

Not even close to the real thing. Sorry.

E. Moore

August 19, 2015

A Jimi-ian We Will Go...

I wanted a guitar model for my UAD system. Plugin your guitar. 610B to get the level up. Then this plugin. OceanWay Studios on the aux send. Throw in the Reflection engine for a little room ambience... bam nails that early 1970s crunchy guitar tone you've heard on a ton of albums. With a Stratocaster your get that really nice Hendrix tone where the tone just about breaks into distortion. When you hit and bend strings it gives you those nice harmonic overtones. You really can't believe your listening to headphones. The microphone emulation of the cabinets is incredible versatile too. Nails so many textures on those old won't be disappointed.

R. Best

August 13, 2015


I just recorded some lead guitar with a Gibson Historic Les Paul SG Custom through the Marshall Plexi. Not having a lot of time, I scrolled through the presets and came upon a lead tone that was probably the thickest, creamy, musical tone that I have heard since Slash. I can't imagine that a more useful guitar amp plugin exists. I have a couple of Marshalls, and have toured and recorded through them for years, so I am used to them. The sweet thing about this plugin, is that the modeling of the mics and the management of the high volume levels of the real amps save time and effort, and it lets you get right to the music.

All I can say is, this is one UA plugin you can't do without! Great price too!

R. Hill

August 13, 2015


Best amp sim I've tried! Love it :) Just plug in and play...

R. Cambony

August 11, 2015

Marshall Plexi 1959

My best amp so far...what about a CLEAN FENDER TWIN REVERB ?

M. Fraser

August 10, 2015

What magic is this?

Hair-tingling, pulse-ploding, toe-curling, criminally-creamy, pure tone. In a tiny box? 10 minutes of tweaking and this is better than most Plexis I've played cos you don't need mics or a 4x12. The settings are good and the mic selection is limited - but that is how it should be!!! Real world, people. Anyway, I have clearly lost the ability to communicate sensibly, because of how awesome this emulation is. Maybe it's not the same live as a stack, but who cares? Best of British - the land that brought us Harry Potter. I think that's no coincidence...

P. Verhulst

August 10, 2015

Use it on keys!

I'm not a guitarist, but I love guitar FX and amps on keys. The presets need a little bit of work as the gain is set for guitar levels. But then, this truly shines. From subtle break up to screaming leads. Maybe, the last thing you'd expect is running a Wurlitzer EP through a Marshall but it works and sounds truly amazing. The cabinet mic select function adds a huge range of sonic flavors. So now my Quad is also an amp modeler (besides FX rack, pre-amp, audio interface, ...).

B. Miles

August 8, 2015

Love the natural compression

I've used a few different amp models, and this one definitely makes me believe in software guitar amps... (Never thought I'd say that... still don't really want to). Downloaded the demo and was blown away by its quality and versatility. I'd still love to be able to switch out the microphones and move their positions, but all in all, it sounds great. Most amp models, the louder you get, the worse it sounds because there's no real speaker compression that's been emulated like when playing on the real thing. This model's compression sounds similar to the natural compression when you crank up a vintage marshall. At the end of the day, if I'm working on a big project, I'll mic up some real amps, but for writing and demoing songs, this is it.

M. Chennells

August 8, 2015

Best amp sim to date.

This amp sim is the best one I've tried. It feels like playing through a real amplifier. It really has only one sound, but if you want to get that famous Marshall Plexi sound this is it. Maybe the real thing sounds better, if you have a great room to record in and a collection of great mics and plenty of experience as a sound engineer.....but most of us don't, so for about £100 this is just too good to miss. Great job by all concerned in producing this plugin!

S. Woolgar

August 5, 2015

I love the sound...

It takes a lot of tinkering, but the range of sounds you can get out of this plugin is rather incredible. Watch the video though, a few tips and tricks goes a long way to getting a good sound (like turning down the trim on input all the way).

Very happy with this plugin. I feel that this combined with the Chandler, The ENGLs, and the Friedman amps, I have a great selection of sounds at my disposal.

B. Williams

August 5, 2015

really good

Wow it's great it's the best amp simulation that I've used

C. Carr

August 4, 2015

Love my new Amp.!!

The Plexi is the first amp sim that actually makes me feel AND sound like I'm playing an amp. It has a learning curve to get both clean and dirty sounds. Using the RAW on the Unison slot adds more options. I've used many sims over the years and I can get great sounds with most of them but the UAD Plexi makes you feel like you are playing through an amp. When bending a note or hitting a bar chord hard this sim makes a BIG difference. There's something about this sim that I've never been able to do with other sims...
When you demo this plug be patient and experiment with ALL levels...( your guitar volume/tone.

s. Rollinson

July 31, 2015

Stus Rollins

I remember the 90s when I had a Marshall stack. This bit of software really takes me back. With other guitar software you always have the same sound at the end of the day. but this and I must say the Engel, it is really hard to tell the difference fro the real thing. The bass tones are fat and healthy and really cut through the mix. I would recommend the Marshall plug in to any guitarist. Just hit some pre-sets and you are good to go. The sound really cuts through the mix but it s the bass end that does it for me well done UE.

S. Shrimpton

July 31, 2015

Right now this is the best amp sim on the market!

A great amp sculpts your playing, the way a great guitar does. I've never seen an amp sim capable of capturing that kind of character, until now. The other amp sims on the UA site are really good compared to much of the competition, but they are still miles from competing with thier real life counterparts. This thing however comes bloody close!! It's not quite 1for1, but your not going to get any closer to authentic tube amp tone, or a genuine Marshall plexi sound in 2015 unless you've got a great mic collection & the real thing. The presets are a bit rubbish, & it would have been nice to have independent mic selection like the ocean way plugin. You have to watch your input level. Otherwise easy to use & currently the best at what it does.

J. Philippi

July 26, 2015

By far...

... the best and most dynamic sounding amp plugin I've heard! Some presets sound a little boxy, but with the really well caught micing settings you can get really great sounds. With this plugin it's becoming really hard to tell whether you hear a real amp recorded or the plugin in a mix! Please do the same with a Fender Bassman and a Vox AC30!! :)

M. Ballenger

July 23, 2015

Sounds like my Plexi

I have a Plexi in my live room and I've tried several amp sims over the years (great for guide tracks and quick utility work when bleed is an issue). There awesome good ones out there, but the all fall short- especially capturing the character of the low E and A strings. This gets as close as I've heard. -1 star for lack of flexibility on the cab IR. I'd like to be able to separate those two modules a little easier for mixing and matching, but regardless this is a tool I'll use often when the real thing is too much.

441-460 of 486 Results