Marshall® Plexi Super Lead 1959

Marshall® Plexi Super Lead 1959

Unison Enabled


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Marshall® Plexi Super Lead 1959

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D. Shacallis

November 8, 2016

Superb JMP emulation

Doesn't get any better than this. Has to be one of the closest plug ins I have heard aside from standing in front of the real thing. Very versatile as mentioned. Who said Marshall is a one trick pony?

A. Pesic

November 4, 2016

Great Amp sim

Ok , first of all i have never owned or played Plexi Marshall, so i cant be much of a help when it comes to A/B this stuff, but i ve been around amps, you know. I own house friendly amps such as SL 5, and Fender Mustang Amp. .Anyway, i always wanted to find a great amp sim, so i could get rid of one of the amps ( Fender lol) and i think i have finally found it !:) . This simulation is amazing and gives me everything i need- kinda reminds me of those Marshall microamps, but finer, ofcourse.You can play with settings all day long, but presets work just fine for me. This is everything i need for practice at home + it got me really curious when it comes to rewiring and blending it with real Marshall.
This one is the champion. Great job UAD.

K. Davies

September 8, 2016

Outstanding! One of if not the best out there.

It's hard to describe how good this plugin really is. I've used so many amp modelers that are the current rage in the market and the all have their unique abilities, but this just straight up sounds like you are plugged into a genuine Marshall Plexi.
This is not my favorite amp emulation, it is one of my favorite amps! It sounds that real.
You don't need to do anything more then put it on a channel, plug your guitar in and strum.It sells itself.

B. Ward

August 15, 2016

Marshall Plexi Lead is the one

This model has the sound and feel of the real thing. I played through my Marshall amp for many years and the Plexi Lead sound is spot on. I'm not sure how, but my guitar thinks it is the real thing when played in unison mode through my Apollo 8P. UA claims impedance matching on the Hiz input is what that does the trick. I checked the sound against many other plugins and UA simply nailed this one. Just get it and don't waste your time with the others.

G. McTaggart

August 13, 2016

Great to mid-gain, not for anything higher.

Love this for medium gain crunch. Doesn't hold up when cranked. One of my favorite tones is a plexi with most settings on 10 like early Van Halen. This doesn't do it. Still looking for a good way to get that tone on UAD. BE-100 is probably the closest, but is way too compressed.

T. Benjamin

July 20, 2016

Le vrai son du Plexi

Pour moi tout simplement la meilleure simulation d'ampli. Il sonne vraiment « Marshall » !!!
Je n'est jamais entendu de simulation aussi convaincante. J'ai adopté les simulations depuis le POD et utilisé toutes les versions d' Amplitube, GuitarRig, BiasFX … Rien n'arrive à ce niveau de réalisme. Merci Softube et Merci UAD.

M. Niemczyk

July 12, 2016


I tried for so long to get a sound close to Jimi with my MESA/BOOGIE until i realized its not possible.
Than i tried this plug and bang here it was. Its actually the only simulation on earth that i enjoy to play with as much (maybe even more) than thru a real valve amp.
Serenely when it comes to specific sound, I´ll still like to see a simulation of Mesa/Boogies Stereo Simul-Class 2:Ninet or 50/50 power amp (and use TriAxis as preamp) along with some of their great EV and Celestion Cabinets, but thats more something for a humbucker based Guitar.
This plug and a Stratocaster and you are in heaven!

S. Basham

July 5, 2016

Best Amp Simulation So Far

For many years I've used Line6 emulations, VOX Tonelab EX, Fender Mustang, and more recently a Kemper Profiler, but this model is the best sounding and most inspiring to play. Partly this is due to the Unison technology. I tried the demo of all the Marshall UAD models and this one was easily the best according to my own taste. At a fairly clean setting (which always seems to be a big challenge for software models) it's very good indeed. I think the different microphone options really add a lot of variety and flexibility to the sound, without overly complicating the interface. I still prefer to use real overdrive/fuzz pedals in combination with a modelled amp. I'd really like UAD to work on more amps at this level of realism. Superb.

B. Garfinkel

June 18, 2016

ehh. it kinda rocks....

i actually meant to get the jmp2203 plug and got this one on accident. it works well however the microphone channels strip isnt as good as the 2203. the mics seem to go out of phase when blended and the signal is very small sounding compared to the other one. seems like the other has more bottom end to it. maybe i shouldve gotten the marshall bundle. or ahould not have ever sold my marshall in the first place. darn. anyway it does work and sound ok. it could be better tho. com on ua give us an updated plexi with better channel strip section. THANKS

B. Schimmel

June 8, 2016

a real tube amp is a real tube amp...

...but this simulation feels so natural and sounds so close to the real thing – if you don´t know it you can´t tell the difference.

S. Swanson

April 25, 2016

Pretty good

Still struggling to get any of the UAD guitar plugins to be perfect
This sound good direct in in unison slot
Haven't quite sorted revamping
Have to keep input levels low
I'll get there but not as useable as I would have liked

M. Niemczyk

April 13, 2016

Great Sound - Missing bypass pre amp feature!

A great sounding simulation BUT - where is the bypass pre amp feature from the ENGL amps?
This simulation is really a great one but real tube pre amps has still a greater dynamic range. Thats why the best results can be only achieved with the combination of real preamp and power amp, cabinet microphones simulation (at least in a neighbor friendly environment).
Its so sorry that SoftTube didn't provide one additional switch to turn of the preamp section ;(

B. Chiaravalle

April 12, 2016

Best plugin for guitar I've heard!

This really is the best modeled guitar amp I've heard. As soon as I plugged in I was ready to go. Really a useful tool!

j. motta

April 1, 2016


The best amp simulation i ever heard!! super live sound!!!

P. Bacsalmasi

March 27, 2016

Marshall Plexi

All in all, pretty mediocre.
Sounds is hollow. Sorry guys, there is no replacement for the real thing, a good mic or two on a good speaker cabinet.
The digital version sounds hollow, thin and basically unusable.

D. Sokolov

March 25, 2016

It is of the best

The best emulation combo I've ever heard !!! Thank UAD

B. Tochilin

March 24, 2016

Sounds like the real deal

It is scary how much this sounds like a real 1959. I used to have two Marshall 1959 as well as many other Marshalls. They did a damn good job emulating this plugin. This has nothing to do with the sound of the plugin so I a not going to knock off stars for this.

1) this plug in is too large it should be about half of the size and the LA3A plugin should be about double the size.
2) the Mid knob is missing. Yes, you can use the text readout in the top left but it is annoying.
I hope UA fixes these two problems in a new release.

Just like the real Marshall you need to run this thing through a pedal. When I had all my original Marshalls I had two Klon Centaur pedals. UA needs to emulate this pedal!!!

S. Connor

March 19, 2016

Fantastic Tone

Although I have never played a real Plexi I have heard its characteristic 'scooped' growl sound on so many great records- please folks, don't buy this plugin expecting it to sound like a Mesa Boogie, I think many people disappointed with this plugin just have a false expectation- listen to Duane Allmans solo in Statesboro Blues by the Allman Brothers, this thing loves slide! Push this into the Studer A800 to tame the highs=heaven! To my ears and my fellow band members it sounds simply fantastic- I have done many comparisons with other amp sims and this always notches ahead. I would advise that you turn off the room mics when you start out as they are throwing many people off- room mic signals are usually only used for the mix stage anyhow!

S. Lees

February 24, 2016

Very Authentic

Like many here I have owned a number of Marshalls in my lifetime amongst many other amplifiers like Fender and Mesa Boogie's. There is a certain magic about the Marshall sound and this plugin captures it very well. More so than anything else I have heard, the deep bottom end of a Marshall head and Quad box is replicated here in an extremely authentic way, and the guitar reacts the way it should to that setup. Great job guys.

S. Shirey

February 13, 2016


I've been looking for something to replace my marshall amp for a while. I sold it long ago and have been trying amp emulations since then only to be disappointed. I've tried most of the UAD emulations as well and they are decent. This one is no disappointment! From cleans to distorted, it does so well. I've been running my synths through it as well. Big Win!

81-100 of 146 Results