Marshall® Plexi Super Lead 1959

Marshall® Plexi Super Lead 1959

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Marshall® Plexi Super Lead 1959

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E. Valencia

January 27, 2016

Sounds good to me!

I bought this plugin obviously not to replace my real amp but for coloring, and so far it works amazing. I have used this one where I had 2 guitar tracks with the same amp and guitar and it did a great job at separating and making them sound distinctive. Tip: It helps to have really good recordings to be able to use this marshall plugin to it's full potential. Either way, you can use this with a DI guitar and it still sound really in a mix. Thanks UA!

M. Petrillo

January 16, 2016

The Goods In Spades!

The latest version of this plugin is smokin' awesome! Pair it with the Tube Screamer in the Unison slot and you get immediate Gary Moore and Alex LIfeson...From their 'Prime Tone' periods! Love it! Add a little Steve Hunter and Dick Wagner 'Rock N Roll Animal' era tones from Lou Reed, and all the rest of them...This thing is incredible! Five stars!

UAD User

January 15, 2016

Sweeter than sweet

I have used a Pod HD desktop for my amp sims.They go alright but the don't quite capture the way the low E, A and D strings sound through a real amp. This emulation has a thing about it that sounds real. I love the way it sounds, so emotive and so much vibe. It inspires me to record more. My only wish is that you could use the cab without the head so that i could run other emulations from the Pod though it.

UAD User

January 15, 2016

Sweeter than sweet

I have used a Pod HD desktop for my amp sims.They go alright but the don't quite capture the way the low E, A and D strings sound through a real amp. This emulation has a thing about it that sounds real. I love the way it sounds, so emotive and so much vibe. It inspires me to record more. My only wish is that you could use the cab without the head so that i could run other emulations from the Pod though it.

J. Mage

January 10, 2016


It's responsive. It has character. I like when stuff feels human and imperfect, and when the character of the guitar comes through. Not too hyped. That's what drew me to this amp. But at the same time, it's larger than life, has dimension. Thins really opened up for me when I got unafraid to turn the guitar way down...great clean tones that way. Also, playing with the combinations of inputs leads one in some inspiring directions. I love it. I have tried lots of other amp sims, from waves, NI, and amplitube...and I find this the most responsive and organic.

j. rytlewski

January 6, 2016

best guitar sim yet!

Well I have tried them all. And this is the first one that doesn't have what I call digital fizz or put it another way the bee in a jam jar!
up till now the only way i could get a good rock sound was a 57 on a 5 watt valve amp but still to loud for my neighbours.yesterday
together with a regular client we used the Marshall to overdub a new guitar track in logic through my apogee system the latency was acceptable and the sound was f**king great. best of all it sat in the mix. yay at last!! well done ua and soft tube.

L. Herve

December 16, 2015

A true guitar amp

This plug sounds really amazing !! My LP plugged in the front jack it's very fast to make a good 70's sound and feel like Jimmy Page. The speaker section is very easy and you can bypass it to use another plug (like the Two Notes WOS) in your DAW for another cab emulation, if you want something more flexible for the mic placement.
The DSP consumption is big but it's the price of the good quality. I wait with impatience a Fender Twin version.
The only bad point for me is the price at 199€, it should be the price of all the Marshall Bundle.

W. Keskey

December 15, 2015


I've been eyeing this since when it first came out

I actually am playing MORE guitar the Keyboards lately

I feel like my "SONIC" Palate is COMPLETE... as in EXACTLY what I hear in my head,
not "tinny" metal amp plugin substitutes

Its the "sound" that inspired me to want to be a musician in the first place.
EVERY preset, triggers a recollection of a song that wad GREAT.

I'm in LOVE!!!!
(certainly one of my TOP SHELF plugins)

H. Eriksson

December 15, 2015


Sounds like a Marshall Plexi.

M. Meyer

December 14, 2015

Sounds great....

No doubts this one sounds great and I bet many couldn't tell if it's an amp or the plugin they hear.
Including me.
once again the presets are a good starting point to find the sound u r looking for.

Not tried it on many different guitars yet - interesting to hear how the sound will change then.

Tip: record in "monitor mode" with your uad interface insert the plugin and and then sent it to an aux channel.
In your daw you can then record the aux channel with the amp settings from console and dry with your main channel from console.
Gives you freedom in the mixing session.

T. Caudron

December 13, 2015

Très bon rendu des nuances de jeu

Ce plexi est la meilleur simulation que je connaisse. La seule pour ma part qui me donne l'impression d'être branché sur un véritable ampli. Les nuances de jeu sont incroyablement bien rendues et la partie console, avec les trois sets de micros, permet d'obtenir assez rapidement le son voulu. C'est un peu cher pour un seul ampli mais par rapport à du hardware c'est quand même très raisonnable.

s. monette

December 12, 2015

Quick and good!

Easy to use and easy to dial in the sound I need! Quick and good results!

D. Laney

December 5, 2015

Good one!

I recently sold a '76 non-master volume 100-watt JMP that was my touring amp for years. Beforehand had a '74 50-watt non-master volume head. This plugin version sounds absolutely spectacular and captures the essence of the amp. By far the best amp SIM that I've ever played through. I think I could actually record an entire album with this and people wouldn't know the difference between the SIM and the real thing. And that's crazy... My only one suggestion would be the ability for different mic combinations. Not crazy different, but a modern "standard" on this amp would be a dynamic (57 or M88) combined with a modern ribbon (Royer 121 or so). It would be fantastic not to be stuck in one valve/ribbon/dynamic world. Nonetheless, great job UA!

m. matatquin

December 2, 2015

Pretty damn close if not spot on..

I own a late 60s marshall plexi, an early 70s jmp super lead and a 50w marshall plexi reissue and I have tried various 'plexi' emulation plugins and this one blows everyone out of the water and sounds soooo good it it actually making me think about selling my real plexi haha! I was amazed at the low end chugging palm muting thing it replicates as if playing thru the real thing. The cab tone is realistic- very impressive.
Listen for yourself.

G. Martin

November 30, 2015

Better then Axe FX II??

I've been tinkering with getting great tones with my Axe FX for quite some time now. I must say, when I first inserted this into my Unison slot, I was blown away. Some tweaking to my taste, and I got better tones then my Axe FX, which also blew me away. I'm a bluesy player who loves both Fender and Marshall tones. This plugin emulation is my new fav for my guitar. With some more tinkering...I'm now using my Axe FX II with amp and cab sims OFF, link in the FX Loop and I've got 4 channels (or 2 stereo) of different guitar tones to record with. I can insert ALL 4 Marshall Plexi's each with different tones into each Unison slot!! (I've got 2 Apollos) Insane tonal possibilities with this setup. Demo it, you'll like it!

UAD User

November 1, 2015


I tested the demo - and had no chance not to buy it :-). After i got a 50,- voucher (Thank you, UAD) i bought it and don´t wanna miss the plexi anymore. Just amzazing.

A. Suanlarm

October 20, 2015

Awesome amp!

I think this amp sim captures the Marshall feel quite well. This is the tone that I'm looking for when I want to record a Marshall. Of course, it can't do a Vox or Twin, but that's not why I bought it. Please make more amp sims. If they're as good as this one, I'm definitely buying.

D. DiPietro

October 14, 2015

Another tool....

and I mean that in a good way. Did a quick demo when it first came out and found the presets useless. When my demos got reset after picking up some more plugins I spent a little more time with it. It doesn't sound like my only Marshall to my ears, but after tweaking it a bit I slowly came to appreciate that it's close enough and my ears don't take a beating.
Really my only negative point with most of UA amp plugins is not that they're not realistic or true sounding, it's that they seem to forget that 4x10 cab's exist also........

s. kgr

October 12, 2015

The sound is correctly Marshall.

I used this plug-in electric guitar line recording. The sound is correctly Marshall. Sound that sounded the cabinet in the studio is the fun make easily. In addition, enjoy the variations since even choose microphone, this is Marshall system if there is I think that's okay.

H. Lemke

October 12, 2015

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