Marshall® Silver Jubilee 2555

Marshall® Silver Jubilee 2555

Unison Enabled


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Marshall® Silver Jubilee 2555

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UAD User

June 6, 2016

very impressive

if you have ever used a Jubilee , you will appreciate how good this plug in is

M. Niemczyk

April 13, 2016

Nice Sound - Missing bypass pre amp feature!

A nice sounding simulation BUT - where is the bypass pre amp feature from the ENGL amps?
This simulation is really a great one but real tube pre amps has still a greater dynamic range. Thats why the best results can be only achieved with the combination of real preamp and power amp, cabinet microphones simulation (at least in a neighbor friendly environment).
Its so sorry that SoftTube didn't provide one additional switch to turn of the preamp section ;(

UAD User

March 2, 2016

Great amp!

Awesome plugin. With the Tube Screamer in front of it, you can get a great rock sound. Has the feel of a real amp.

H. Tremblay

February 15, 2016

Most realistic sounding amp plugin I have played on

This is a really nice sounding plugin, not only does it sounds right but it feels right. Really versatile also. The fact that it works with Unison is a big plus. Already recorded many tracks with it for multiple projects.

C. Anderson

February 13, 2016

Too Close!!!

I just happen to own a Silver Jubilee and I am here to tell you guy's it is so close it's scary. I bought this only for the reason to compare em and except for the difference I hear due to my ol ragged out speaker cab. My cab. is not broken or anything it is just old and very well broke in. I recorded two lead tracks and played them for a very good player friend of mine, one on my amp and one with the plug-in---------WOW! my bud could not tell the difference and he is a seasoned player as in over 50 years playing guitar. So all I have to about that is Damn

J. Flynn Dale

January 30, 2016

Fun with Universal Audio!

If you know anything about real recording, you understand
What fun and excitement it is to record on the UA platform.

You will simply have the time of your life cutting through the
Apollo and UAD plugins.

I purchased my first Apollo in 2014 and as of Jan. 2016 I have
53 plugins. My studio goals for 2016 is to have every plugin UA
In the store.

Long live Universal Audio!

J. Flynn Dale

January 30, 2016

UA is on fire!

I personally believe this is the best audio company in the world!
You will always have access to very knowledgable tech support.

The plugins UA is releasing is simply on fire! The best is yet to come in 2016-17!

The Marshall Amp's blew my mind back. The first time I tried the Marshall amps I jumped
Like a kid in a 24/7/365 Christmas Day!

Purchase every UAD plugin you will not regret it!!!!!

M. Hentschel

January 27, 2016

What I Like About YOU...

You really know how to dance... ok, seriously. What I REALLY love about Universal Audio is that they allow us to demo a plug in, in the comfort of our own space. To twist and tweak till our hearts content, without the pressure of a salesman hovering over us pressing us about buying the damn thing already. Honestly within a few moments of starting the demo, I KNEW I had to have it. I can go on and on about it but hearing is the truth. Here's a YouTube vid I using the Marshall SJ

M. Julien

January 1, 2016


I tried every VST amp simulation during the last decade, and this one with the UNISON technology is by far the most realistic one. My best investment with the APOLLO interface. The workflow is amazing. Apollo, Ampeg SVT-VR, Marshall Jubilee, Studer A800. High quality sound at any time and anywhere. Amazing.

E. Gettinger

December 24, 2015

My mind is blown

Just because this is a high gain amp doesn't mean you can't get incredible clean tones from it! This is quite possibly one of the best sounding amps I have ever played. You can dig into it and it will actually respond, I plugged in my tele and literally made me want to cry with joy. With the rhythm clipping on it will give you lushes clean but if you dig it will sing.... Quite literally sing. After demoing the Plexi and Bluesbreaker, I bought this amp because it covers both amps in one... and not just is a good in-between, I think it slaughters them. I now have my whole array of sounds in a single plugin. Clean to top your face off dirt... I have a bruno underground 30 and a 65 amps Monterey that might not be getting mic'ed up anytime soon.

UAD User

December 21, 2015

Great - tested the demo and will buy it :-).

It really works. I would not buy to much Plug-Ins this year anymore. But once i tested the demo, i will :-).
It´s fantastic as the plexi and the bluesbreakers is.

Thx UAD.

UAD User

December 14, 2015

signature sound

Very useful plug-in for guitar players recording music in a home studio. You can achieve a signature sound

T. Feswick

December 11, 2015


Sounds very close to the real thing. Bite and dirt when needed, yet tame and clean when ordered.

D. Bires

December 9, 2015

Holy Marshall Warm Smooth Transient Tones!

All I can say this is my favorite amp plugin. One big reason is there is no brittle highs in this emulation. Just smooth warm Analog Transients going on all day. Soft tube and UA nailed it just like other people have mentioned here. If you are a Marshall head you will understand. I love to record my Marshall Amp and play through it and I love this emulation just as much. Now I can go portable with my laptop, Apollo duo and my SG and record anywhere. Make sure you purchase the Tube screamer Overdrive plugin. You will get even more versatility than you could ever imagine. I hope that Softube can do a couple more like this maybe and older mesa. All I know is you will not be disappointed. Thank You so much UA for making Bad Ass Plugins...

B. Chapman

November 25, 2015

Nailed it.

There is only one amp that delivers that classic 80s heavy rock sound. The Marshall Silver Jubilee. Softube has done it again, with a home run of an emulation. I also really like the addition of the delay option for the room mic. AND, perhaps a lesser known secret, you can actually get an amazing, sparkly clean tone out of this amp!

The Unison integration is awesome. I'd like to see some Unison retrofitting of some of the other amp emulations, too, in coming updates. Also, hopeful that Softube will be able to work with Fender in the future.
As a user of real amps, every amp plugin ever made, Axe FX Ultra, etc., this is the new gold standard in emulation. Buy the bundle. They are all spot on.

Thanks, UA!

j. carmo

November 24, 2015

Very good emulation

I Play with Jubille amp for 30 years. My favorite amp. I Have the silver 50w combo and the Slash 100w stack (same jubilee circuit). After demo this emulation, i can say it really sounds like the real amp that i´m used for 30 years. Congratulations SoftTube team...i will buy it for sure

U. Borjesson

November 21, 2015

In Unison Slot.

Completely Amazing, I have done a preset of my own called Glam Rock, I just can´t stop play, it is truly amazing, and the dynamics from the guitar volume button, less distortion but same groove... the Unison slot and how it works with the guitar ohm load, WOW!
The only amps that can compete is the 1962 Bluesbreaker:-) which I use as soon as the suits and platform boots gets off!

E. Halterman

November 21, 2015

Wow, Just like y ole Jubilee Amp!

I was shocked at how great this sounded. It instantly reminded me of my Jubilee I had purchased back in the late 80s. I cannot believe how great UAD's technology is... just stellar!

R. Dodd

November 19, 2015

Diito Rizzo

A Rizzo nailed it, I could add that that the addition of an input gain would make it perfect!

A. Rizzo

November 12, 2015

Great all round amp sim.

Lovely clean tones. Great driven tones & the room/mic simulation works extremely well in helping to shape your sound.

Add an H910 straight after this and you have the sound of Rush... If that kind of thing is your bag.. baby.

Great amp sim. Thoroughly and wholeheartedly recommended!

81-100 of 103 Results