Moog® Multimode Filter Collection

Moog® Multimode Filter Collection

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Moog Multimode Filter Collection

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P. Uszyński

June 3, 2019

Yes, this IS a Moog filter!

Owning a hardware Moog filter, all I can say is that this plugin sounds like a genuine Moog. I'm using it mainly do saturate/drive my signals, along with three analog units - Moog filter from SubSequent37, Analog Heat MKII and AcidBox III. Each of them (Moog/Heat/Acid) has got its very own characteristics and the advantage of my UAD Moog Filter is that it can process and step sequence my stereo signals, when SubSequent37 can only work as a mono filter. And this is still a huge advantage worth its price for me!

O. Lipskis

May 3, 2019

Not just a filter

This is an amazing creative filter. Not your ordinary filter. Sounds superb, Drive sounds really analog, the sequencer adds a whole other dimensions for using it. The presets are great. Must buy !

D. Binnall

April 5, 2019

Bring Forth the Holy Hand Grenade!

A must have for producers of electronic music. The XL is a very musical filter. The Sequencer opens up a world of possibilities with absolutely creamy Moog filtration. I ran a Dave Smith Mopho x4 through it and the results were stunning!


March 30, 2019

Super awesome best I use so far !

Super awesome!

R. Deacon

March 27, 2019

I love it much inspiration tool for boring nights

R. Beld

March 25, 2019

Nice update to the legacy version

Really dig the step sequence edit mode!

S. Allí

March 24, 2019

Color movement moooggg

the best emulation maybe , i try other version and this for me it is more close the original

J. Oliveira

January 28, 2019

Better than my Virus TI

It sounds more analog than my Virus TI because it´s really one step forward in terms of warmth and distortion. I´m very happy at purchasing this Plug In


January 19, 2019

irst and foremost moog

every synth performance within this release thanks again uad staff

A. Andrade

January 17, 2019

Brings all synths to life

One of the best purchases for sure. If you want to give your virtual synths an analogue touch and lots of character look no further. Moog Multimode Filter Collection has become an essential part of my productions.
The different versions you get are super well thought and a pleasure to use.

M. Łuczak

January 14, 2019

Moog Filter

Sound great! Analog and fat!

A. Warren

January 14, 2019

Moooooog filter

Do what they do. Not much more to say. Sound great. Already on my 3rd composition inspired by latest bundle purchases.

M. Korovenko

January 13, 2019

Moog + UAD = Love

Makes soft synths sound like analog gear, really love it and sounds great on my Arturia Matrixbrute as well.

M. Truzman

January 12, 2019

Beyond smooth

These are by far the best & most musical filters you can get...a must have

I. Kappers

January 9, 2019

What more can you ask for?

One of the best filters around. Moog is famous for it’s filter and this plugin doesn’t let us down. Smooth, silky filter with an analog feel. What more can you ask for?

T. Dimomeletis

January 9, 2019

Using it for everything

Is amazing and im using it almost for everytrack

B. Rico

January 6, 2019

2 Thumbs Up for Moog and UAD

What a great plugin. If your a synth-head, sound snob, hi-fi audio geek interested in music that features the Moog sound, be prepared to be amazed. Plenty of things to explore and the filters are great on this thing. Really happy that I added this plugin to my UAD collection of plugins.

A. Arce Torres

December 31, 2018


Es un plug-in muy vesatil, tiene mucho caracter en sus filtros, estoy muy contento con esta nueva compra!

K. Gorski

December 23, 2018

Rhodes magic

This is by far my favourite in conjunction with my 1975 Rhodes Suitcase. Ols and new come in together and spill magic with every touch of the key!

V. Skadorva

December 21, 2018


Nice bundle. Thanks to him, I expanded my possibilities in creating new sounds and effects!

61-80 of 183 Results